How to Give Your Room a Refresh for Fall

How to Give Your Room a Refresh for Fall

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No matter the size of your bedroom, investing in its comfort, decor, and overall styling is crucial to your wellbeing. As your personal sanctuary, a well-done bedroom not only pays off in terms of aesthetic, but also contributes to a better state of mind. 

But giving your room a refresh often becomes a daunting challenge. This is especially true if you are doing the overhaul to welcome a new season. Fortunately, being mindful of a few suggestions can help you pull off this feat in an effortless way. 

With the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice coming our way, here’s a lowdown on how to give your room a refresh for fall.


Use a Themed Color Scheme

If you are refreshing your bedroom for the season itself, it’s necessary to follow the fall color palette. This provides you with an overall theme to integrate, while also bringing in the seasonal flair in all its glory. As a result, it becomes easier for you to renovate your bedroom without crossing the boundaries of the season’s theme.

Once you have paid attention to the essentials of housekeeping and cleaned your bedroom, you can start putting together your decor with shades of fall. This includes the usual slew of maroon, brown, orange, and yellow. But you can also go with showstoppers such as purple, red, and green. 

Redo Your Bed 

Needless to say, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Due to this reason, you need to focus on it as the center of attention during your redecorating activities. From buying the best mattress to purchasing the most comfortable sheets, you can take various actions to turn your bed into the magnificent spot that you deserve.

While tackling this task like a pro, make sure to do something about the empty space above your headboard. Typically, a fall canvas print can go exceptionally well with the themed decor. But you can also move forward with buying a tapestry as a wall hanging. 

Change Those Curtains


Apart from reducing energy costs for businesses and homes, window curtains are also known for changing the whole outlook of a room. Having the same curtains all year round may work for some people. But when you are embracing seasonal decor, your old curtains are one of the first things to take their bow. 

You can choose from a variety of curtains that showcase the beauty of fall in different ways. These choices range from digitally-printed silk to one-tone velvet and everything in between. To tie everything together in a perfect way, select a leaf finial curtain rod. This makes sure that your fall aesthetic is established in a flawless manner.

Switch the Rug

If you already have a rug in the bedroom, this would be the time to change it for fall. But if you don’t have a rug to begin with, it would also be the perfect moment to buy one. The right rug not only holds the power to blend decor together, but also stands out on its own as a decorative accent. 

But that’s not all. You may also use the rug as a place to dine, seat guests, and hang out. This also makes it a functional part of your room. Using your fall color palette, you can choose from a variety of shade choices. For optimal results, use a shaggy rug that exudes comfort in the chilly weather. 

Invest in Lighting

You may have lighting accents in your bedroom from the get go. But in order to fully welcome the fall aesthetic to your room, you need to advance further with this measure. By getting string lights, brass lamps, or bronze sconces, you can easily get the soft lighting that’s perfect for fall weather. 

If you want to go all out on your decor, make sure that the lighting you select has some seasonal theme in terms of leaf shapes, autumn colors, and even pumpkin forms. This projects fall decor in a multifaceted way, and turns your room into a celebration of everything that the season has to offer.

Looking into these tips helps you welcome the fall season in an optimal manner. This dispels the usual dullness from your surroundings and lets you enjoy the time of the year to the fullest.


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