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“We agree to only what we can deliver and no false commitments. We suggest solutions that would fit the customer’s budget and strictly adhere to the designs, amount & timelines that were committed and ensure there are no deviations to it.”
Kumarvel G (Founder and Interior designer, ORGO Lifespaces)

ORGO Lifespaces, established in 2014, is an end-to-end Interior Designing, Consulting & Execution firm dealing with homespace and workspace solutions, offering customers a ‘One-Stop shopping’ advantage from concept to completion. At their design studio, they offer personalized interior design services that are tailored to the unique needs of the clients. 

ORGO Interiors is a highly renowned and award-winning interior design firm owned by ORGO Lifespaces that flawlessly makes your life and lifestyle exceptional. Kitchens that are ergonomic, wardrobes that organize clothes & accessories, living spaces that look welcoming, a study area that’s appealing to spend time at, and workspaces that make us wanting to go to – are some of the services that ORGO Interiors provides.

ORGO Lifespaces


When asked about the USP of the company, Kumarvel said that developing innovative homespaces/workspaces by using avant-grade designs, materials, and finishes is their USP. ORGO Interiors keeps itself updated about various materials available in the market, learns about any new material that’s being introduced, do a trial work on the product to check its durability, finish, and unique nature that was promised for that new material. Once the company is convinced, they propose that material to the customers based on their usage and requirement.


ORGO Lifespaces understands the client’s specific requirements and aesthetic preferences and, thus tries to make every interior exceptional. The company provides many services like:

1. Bedroom Design Solutions

As ORGO interiors believes that the bedroom is a sanctuary of peace, it designs bedrooms with utmost precision by keeping them spacious and delightful according to the client’s needs. It provides bedroom solutions like custom designs for wardrobe, dressing table, wall-floating shelves, under-the-bed storage, TV units, elegant lighting, and wooden flooring.

2. Living Room Design Solutions

ORGO Lifespaces knows that the living room is the place where guests spend all their time; a place that speaks who you are. The company provides living room solutions like custom designs for TV cabinets, false ceilings, wallpapers and decors, multi-purpose shelves, and floating shelves.

3. Kitchen Design Solutions

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The key requirement that inspires anyone to cook hassle-free and easy is the entire space’s aesthetics and functionality. The company provides kitchen solutions like custom designs for modular & adjustable shelves, space-efficient accessories, tandem boxes, hobs-in built and over the counter, chimneys, and vent fittings.

4. Other Essential Services

From the mesmerizing false ceiling to handrails, wallpapers to wooden flooring, contemporary toughened glass balcony to bath cubicles, the company offers all classy and convenient design services.

ORGO Lifespaces Design


As a policy, ORGO Interiors agrees to only what it can deliver and does not give any false commitments. It suggests solutions that would fit the client’s budget and strictly adhere to the designs, amount & timelines that were committed and ensure there are no deviations to it. This is the reason why their clients are happy and contented. Some of their prominent clients are Mahindra Lifespaces, Deluxe Apartment and Building Corporation, Newry Property Private Limited, Shriram Properties, Lancor, Muktha, BBCL, Arun Excello, KG Developers, and Promoters, Hiranandani, Adroit, and many more.


“For any business to survive, it should be customer-centric and our company’s culture is built on ‘Win-Win-Win’ i.e., Customer Wins and is happy – Company Wins and business grows – Eventually every employee Wins and grows along with the company.”, said Kumarvel while talking about team ethos of the company.


The pandemic situation that started in March 2020 had hit many industries very badly and the Interior design field is no exception to it. ORGO Lifespaces also faced a lot of challenges but they overcame all the hurdles by coming up with two solutions:

  1. They learned the art of remote management and took the assistance of software tools like CRM.
  2. They started focusing on projects/products that support make-over or face-lifting of the space to suit Work-From-Home requirements.

To top it, each customer has a different budget to spend. Providing solutions to the customer that suits their budget and taste is very important in this industry. 


According to Kumarvel, “Success is not a destination to reach but an ongoing journey in which a balance between work, health, family & friends, wealth, attitude, perfection, and social life needs to be maintained.” He further mentions, “I’m still in the process of mastering this balance but the journey is beautiful.”


Mentioning the awards and milestones, Kumarvel proudly says, “Our customers are our awards and their testimonials are the milestones. Their supportive words had kept us going and thrive to do even better.”

The company’s presence in online search engines, Google listings, and social media has increased a lot in recent months and started getting inquiries from these sources. It sees itself growing multi-folds with more new branches in the next 5 years. With that said, ORGO Lifespaces is emerging as one of the best interior designing companies bringing out the true essence of any space. 


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