How To Increase Traffic for Your Website

How To Increase Traffic for Your Website

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Every marketer wants the same thing — to attract more customers. More traffic usually follows attracting more customers and the marketer’s list of goals goes on. Although most of them dream of having huge amounts of website traffic every day, only some of them make it happen.  Now you’re wondering what their secret weapon is. The answer is proven marketing techniques applied consistently. Luckily for you, we’re going to let you in on their secrets, so you too can increase traffic for your website. For instance, one of these secrets is that you can boost engagement using push notifications.

Write Catchy Headlines

One of the most important elements of any content piece is its headline. It’s what captures the reader’s attention and drives them to click on it and read more. The rule of the thumb is it must be catchy. Otherwise, your content will remain unread. According to HubSpot, you should think of 5-10 different headlines for every topic. Then, ask your colleagues for their opinion and ultimately decide on the one that captures the reader’s attention best. After the headline, you can create the rest of the content to keep the attention throughout its length.

Embrace Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way of driving traffic to your blog or website. Find reputable blogs from the same or similar niche that have a domain authority of at least 40. When you find a blog, you can pitch your guest blogging idea to the person behind it. Make sure to present your idea professionally and follow the blog’s style guide when creating the content. Once your post is up, you’ll be able to notice the amount of traffic your blog or website gets from a single guest post.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media is an essential tool in increasing traffic. Whenever you post content on your website, you can share it across all social media platforms. Not only does it expand your reach but also makes readers come back for more. To leverage social media presence, there are a few tricks. For example, support your content with suitable hashtags to increase its visibility. Then, you can tag influencers or industry leaders who might be interested in what your content has to offer. Also, you can single out the most prominent pieces of information from the content and spark the user’s attention.

Build a Community

In the virtual world, users want to speak their minds and share opinions on subjects that matter to them the most. You can allow them to start a conversation and express themselves within your site or social media platform. Including a commenting section or using the existing ones encourages visitors to ask and answer questions and connect. If you’re a business owner, you can motivate your employees to take part in building the online community. Let them share insights like customers and engage to ensure continuous traffic. Also, they could monitor the comments and make sure the participants are aware of your community’s etiquette. Find out more here about inclusive communication.

Use Internal Links

When creating content, you don’t have to rely on external links to boost website traffic. You can let internal linking do the trick instead. Chances are you have covered a few comprehensive topics in a series of several content pieces of similar length. Why not resort to internal linking and ensure your website gets more traffic? As you boost your traffic, you’ll also be improving your SEO efforts. When it all comes together, your website will provide a unique and valuable experience to the users.

Leverage Email Marketing

Every day, more and more businesses are sparing no effort on social media and content marketing for attracting customers. Meanwhile, rarely does anyone remember to leverage email marketing for the same purpose. This method also allows you to get creative and experiment with different visuals and templates. If you decide to send a newsletter and drive traffic, you should keep a few things in mind. For instance, it’s a great opportunity for personalization. The users should be able to access your newsletters across all devices, especially smartphones. Instead of revealing the entire content, try giving the users a sneak peek and including a link to your website. This way, they’ll be able to read more if they’re interested.

Repurpose Content

The fastest way to acquire more traffic is through repurposing content. Instead of putting all your efforts into creating unique content every now and then, think about repurposing the existing pieces. Almost any content piece can be turned into a perfect infographic, tutorial, guide, blogpost, or even podcast. After all, every user consumes content in their own way. Some prefer written content while others enjoy visual formats. It’s also important to keep in mind the channel you’ll repurposing the content for as well as its limitations. YouTube is suitable for videos, Instagram for pictures and shorter videos, while Twitter allows straight-to-the-point posts.

Engage on Quora

Quora is one of the most famous sites for questions and answers. Anyone can ask or reply to a question. This means the site allows you to establish yourself as a leader in your niche and appear in search engine results by answering users’ questions. By doing so, you’re also directing some traffic to your website. The key to building authority and increasing traffic this way is answering the right questions the right way. You should answer the questions with high traffic volume and then use your copywriting skills to woe the readers into taking the action you want.

Participate in Online Discussions

How many websites relevant to your organization do you visit every day? Probably many. But do you ever join the discussions in the comment sections? If not, you should because it can generate a significant amount of traffic to your website. Whenever you see a chance where your knowledge shared through content on your site can help, don’t think twice about joining in. It goes without saying that you should participate only in those discussions related to your niche. Otherwise, your business might be flagged as a spammer and irrelevant.

Wrapping Up

Marketers and business owners come from different industries, but they’re all after the same goal — high website traffic. It isn’t an easy goal to accomplish, but it’s an attainable one with these techniques. Give them a try, increase your website’s exposure, and prepare for all the traffic to come.

Author bio: Jess Cooper is a part-time journalist and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She is an energetic, creative, highly motivated person with plenty of interests. The most prominent areas of interest include makeup and cosmetics, fashion, style, event organization and decoration, healthy food, fitness, learning languages as well as home improvement. Jess loves learning about new things and having the chance to combine those insights with her ideas and spread them to the world. She enjoys having a mindful and well-organized, healthy life, filled with all kinds of different activities and interwoven with close friendships.


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