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Despite witnessing a constant increase in your website traffic, there may be times when the traffic does not increase at the same pace and declines consistently. The reason behind this can be lack of customer engagement. The question that arises here is: Is your business keeping users engaged with the website even when they are not present on the site? People don’t often buy in a single visit instead they do it in multiple visits. Therefore, you need to work on re-engaging your visitors to convert them to regular customers.

Why Push Notifications?

Push Notification is one of the best tools to engage customers. As compared to any other engagement tool, it’s easy to use and offers higher ROI. Various case studies show that eCommerce websites get more than 10% of conversion by engaging visitors.

In recent years, there has been a major decline in email because of the rise in the usage of the internet. Thus, Browser Push Notifications has been the most influential lately.

Push Notification technology helps in delivering messages to users’ devices from a website even when the user has not opened the browser. The message that pops out on the user’s screen is clickable, therefore enhancing the chances of getting viewed.

Here is our list of effective Push Notification campaigns to boost customer engagement:

  • On-Boarding Campaign

This is the very first step you should add to your push notification setup without second thoughts because whenever any new user subscribes, you need to keep them engaged and bring them back to your site.

You need to create an onboarding campaign using the Drip push notification, a robust way to engage customers. Whenever someone subscribes to your push notification, it gets triggered automatically. This gives your business an option to provide users with information about your brand and product.

All you need to do is gather what you want to share with your subscriber and create a series of push notifications for the onboarding campaign to be sent at regular intervals. 

  • Inventory Campaign for out of stock products 

Hot selling items often face the issue of getting out-of-stock and it is a common thing. But this doesn’t stop people from coming to your website looking for that particular product because they are highly interested in it. As customers are engaged, influence them to subscribe to get updates on the product. It helps in increasing your subscriber base and keeps your subscribers engaged.

Once your product is back, customers can instantly get an update through an inventory alert push notification. You can also update users about the number of products available at a time through inventory alert campaigns. It helps to boost your user engagement, and also increases your revenue.

  • Abandoned shopping cart

Abandoning shopping carts is a very common issue of every online business. This can happen for a variety of reasons but you can easily re-engage such users with cart abandonment push notification campaigns.

This is one of the most engaging campaigns. After you have set up a cart abandonment campaign, it will run in auto mode. You can use various cart abandonment templates to create a series of push notifications.

  • Price Drop Alerts

price drop
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Price plays a major role in customers’ buying decisions. Customers do a lot of price comparisons and are willing to wait for the price to fall before they buy the product. They even compare the price with other different websites.

These customers are determined to buy the product but the only factor that stops them is price. This is an ideal opportunity for your business to boost customer engagement by alerting them about any slight price change using push notifications.

Then, whenever there will be a price drop, it will automatically send a notification to the subscribed customer. You can decide the price drop level at which you want to send a notification.

  • Action Based Campaign

Any website can have various touchpoints. Focus on which ones are the most important to your business. You then have to create push notifications based on customer action to increase engagement. It gives your website the flexibility to design any campaigns based on customer action. You can create your own set of triggers and enhance the campaign.

  • Personalized Message

A personalized push message has more impact on the customer than the regular one. Reportedly, it increases customer engagement by 25%. Various studies proved that a majority of consumers respond to a message from their favorite brand if it turns out to be a personalized one. That is why, you can check out automatic segmentation features by using a  personalized message.

  • Schedule notifications related to location

Customers might get irritated if their mobile gets a notification during the odd time. So, if you happen to schedule the messages based on their local geolocation it might make things sensible.  To achieve this you need the customer timezone feature. It will help you to send a notification based on the subscriber’s timezone.


If you are seriously considering increasing your customer engagement, then you must start using push notifications. It helps your business to boost customer engagement and increase conversions. 



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