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“As an ed-tech company, we look forward to upskill 20 million learners in multilingual courses by 2025.”

Arpit Mehrotra (DGM – Online Business, iJaipuria)


Incorporated in 2018, iJaipuria is one of the emerging online platform backed by Jaipuria group that has been at the forefront of education in India. Padma Bhushan Seth M. R. Jaipuria set up The Jaipuria College in Kolkata in 1945. It is this unique heritage spanning 7 decades and 4 generations that sets iJaipuria apart from other educational institutes. Today, Jaipuria group educates 35,000+ students across its 45 schools and 4 management institutions. 

In a short span of 4 years, this edtech company from this group has carved a niche for itself amongst corporate professionals and as well as students with its unique and custom content for skill development. To facilitate the career growth of young professionals, iJaipuria offers several courses that are highly skilled-based and application-oriented. It offers a bouquet of relevant, customised programs designed exclusively by highly experienced industry professionals to help learners upgrade their core competencies, broaden their perspectives and re-energize their careers.

This online learning initiative aims towards making learning easy, relevant, and accessible for everyone. Its plethora of courses in the management domain helps in enhancing leadership acumen through decision making, emotional intelligence, and strategic approach.

iJaipuria prepares students and young professionals with market-ready skills that are required to excel in their domain. The company provides academic as well as corporate solutions.

“In corporate solutions, we help organisations to invest in teams and unleash their full potential. Our discreetly created Workplace Ready Program understudies the business certainty and sets them up for the 21st-century work environment. We provide contemporary yet a flexible structure for online courses,” asserts Mr Arpit.



iJaipuria was launched in 2018 with quality professional courses across spectrums of sectors and organisations. In their B2B business model, they followed a hybrid mode and introduced iJaipuria courses in their offline management development programme.

After the success in the B2B market, iJaipuria ventured into B2C segment in July 2020, offering complete online learning solutions to directly engage with the learners.

Now, iJaipuria has more than 40 thousand users skilling up for growth. The company is making its way to becoming one of the top online platforms that provide professional courses. 



iJaipuria offers skilled courses that change the world of work. The courses make learners think strategically and develop micro-habits for effective decision-making. The courses are designed for working professionals, to help them make successful transitions in their careers. Some of the top-rated courses iJaipuria offers are:

  • Sales Mastery

The programme which is available in both Hindi and English offers the skills related to maximizing the selling probabilities and sales closing techniques. The programme proves to be useful for those who are seeking careers in sales. 

This course is designed and delivered by a well-renowned Sales Coach and Tedx Speaker – Mr Achal Rangaswamy. He is also the author of 4 books on building a fulfilling career, managing time, and success in selling.

  • Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

To work effectively it is important to communicate, trust and make decisions with a positive approach. To foster a healthy workplace environment iJaipuria provides an ‘Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence’ course, that works on the person’s emotional intelligence and motivates them to face any situation with a positive approach.

 This course is created by Ms Shruti Swaroop, who is a certified ICF & Marshall Goldsmith Coach. She has closely worked with various CEOs, HR professionals, and mid-level executives across geographies.

  •  Fundamentals Of Business Analytics

Business always needs strategies for its growth, and strategies without data analysis is incomplete. ‘Fundamentals of Business Analytics’ programme, from iJaipuria prepares skilled business analysts and professionals. This course trains individuals in making data-driven decisions and predicting customer behaviours.

The Creator of this course, Mr N. M. Sharma has over 30 years of corporate experience and has trained over 5000 Analytics experts globally.

  • Design Thinking For Innovation

It is essential to be innovative to prosper. Design thinking is a dynamic process of uncovering and understanding hidden customer needs. This course explains the tools and techniques that create value through systematic innovation. It also gives an in-depth study of how to use design thinking and the various approaches to design thinking through real-life case studies of organisations.

This course has been developed by Mr Rohit Swarup, a well-known Corporate Mentor with over two decades of practice in nurturing Innovation through Design – Technology – Business interventions for Corporates, Universities, and K12 schools.

Discussing on the product portfolio, Mr Arpit says, “We also offer other relevant job-oriented short-term courses. Our courses are not only focussed on B2C but also designed for Institutions.

To add in our offerings are so learner-centric and engaging that 8 out of 10 students who take up these courses with iJaipuria believe that they have changed their careers.”



To widen further the product base, after a deep research on skill gap, iJaipuria is planning to launch some new programmes that are in demand:

  • Negotiate to Win
  • Sales Leadership 
  • Business Analytics & Machine Learning 
  • Six Sigma & Lean 
  • Finance for Decision Making


The trust iJaipuria has created since 2018 is evident in the diverse clientele of the company. Apart from 40k users, it includes reputed organizations like Power Grid Corporations of India, POSOCO, Solidaridad, IMS, Bhutan, NHPC, SJVN, Kriphco, Balmer Lawrie, PFC, Ginni International, Airport Authority of India.

“We value our clients and make sure that each and every learner gets enriched with skills and knowledge that they can use to further contribute in their work,” says Arpit. 



iJaipuria stands apart from the crowd with its unique and strategic approaches. The key values that make iJaipuria a preferred platform are:

  • The focus on customized learning is the utmost priority. Learners can choose among the variety of well-researched programs according to their needs and the area they want to excel 
  • The courses also concentrate on teaching cognitive, emotional and social skills, that is essential but generally taken for granted every time 
  • The courses are designed by the industry stalwarts and subject experts, thus implanting the topic with pertinent industry experience and mastery 
  • The company has already started offering courses in Hindi, and is all geared up to enter regional language spaces, so that the content will be accessible to everyone



Investment in skills is what the company believes is going to be the biggest asset for any professional or student. So it is essential to keep updating skills through continuous learning. The self-paced and on-demand courses make it easier for the learners to learn according to their own comfort. 85% of iJaipuria students complete every skill development course within 30 days. Here are the few methods adopted by the company to enhance skills:

  • Prior to the development or designing of courses, thorough research is done to analyse the areas of concern a professional undergoes 
  • Every course designed by the company is comprehensive and encourages the environment of holistic learning and development 
  • The focus on the development of ‘tiny-habits’ and ‘micro-habits’ propagates successful behaviour change 
  • The blended-learning approach evaluates learning in an assortment of routes through evaluations, pre-and post-appraisals, and score upgrades 
  • The approach is not only constrained to learners. It even trains its experts to design the curriculum based on its research and industry insights



The core values and beliefs iJaipuria has faith in are:

  • Learning is a continuous process and individuals should keep learning to remain updated
  • Skills are for all, irrespective of domain, economic background and regional barriers
  • By supporting professional development, iJaipuria strives to make society a better place



The company believes that India’s youth has the potential to achieve any success it aims for. Leaders like Sunder Pichai and Parag Agrawal are already making India proud and many more are yet to come. iJaipuria aims towards making the youth skillful. The company prepares its learners for the marketplace and better job opportunities globally. iJaipuria’s vision is to make India a Global Talent Hub by providing skilled and highly qualified people.

“We believe that we are a part of the global village and want to build a global community of learners and educators that support and lift each other,” reiterates Arpit. 



The major hurdle in the market for EdTech Industry is that, it is highly competitive. The online space is flooded with content, people are overloaded with free informations. Secondly, the market is still dominated by the traditional way of learning. This makes any edtech company to make a mark in this space a daunting task.

To carve a niche in edtech ecosytem iJaipuria is planning to launch courses in other regional languages like Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, and many others.

The other challenge that keeps coming is technology. Since edtech is a mixture of education and technology, it is very important to take care of both aspects parallely. The company makes sure that it always makes the necessary technological updates to function smoothly in the Edtech industry.



According to Arpit, Success means knowing that you did your best to bring some value to the world.

“At iJaipuria, we believe in ‘Skills for All’. We believe that irrespective of where you come from, or how different you are, you deserve to achieve your full potential and live your best life. We believe in celebrating differences and encouraging an environment of continuous learning,” says Arpit.



To build a brighter future by providing a result-driven digital platform for educators and learners.

The future is a blend of technology and learning and iJaipuria is looking forward to creating revolutionary changes in the EdTech industry.

iJaipuria is passionately making the EdTech industry grow by introducing a variety of skilled-based courses that businesses and professionals need, to enhance the core competencies. iJaipuria is moving forward with its aim to make businesses boom with skilled professionals.



iJaipuria Team

Envisioning the mission to have skills that are relevant and accessible for all. iJaipuria consists of a team of renowned and seasoned domain experts clubbed with young, exuberant, and dedicated professionals working together to design and create skill-based courses that are industry-relevant and accessible to all irrespective of the profession. The team is led by the visionary and strategic leader Arpit Mehrotra.

“Our team is focused on providing all the solutions that a learner expects for enhancing his skills set to grow in his career. I am proud to mention that the highly skilled and competent team at iJaipuria is working day and night to take the company to skyrocketed heights,” reiterates Arpit.

iJaipuria is developing an ecosystem where the teachers and learners are equally benefited; An open platform where experts from different domains are welcome to be a part of the journey. The platform already has over 200 experts delivering varied courses.

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