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“We, at Infinity Learn, aspire to create an immersive and measurable learning system and achieve physical classrooms’ engagement levels in a digital setting.”

Ujjwal Singh (CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya)

The evolution of the Edtech Sector had begun before the pandemic hit the entire world but at a snail’s pace. As the pandemic accelerated the use of digital screens and computer-based studies in schools and institutions, the world witnessed the rise of new ways of learning.  

The tremendous growth in the Indian educational landscape due to technological advancements pushed various educational companies to introduce new ways of learning and focus on outcome-based learning. Sri Chaitanya group, a reputed name in the education industry launched Infinity Learn, a blend of artificial intelligence and practical teaching and learning methods. 

Infinity Learn is a protege of Sri Chaitanya in the Edtech space. It was started with an aim to completely transform the digital learning landscape. Driven by a digital-first approach and led by the industry’s best digital talent, Infinity Learn is on a mission to impact every learner’s life. 

With over 36 years of experience in the education domain and highly versatile leaders, the platform understands the needs of every child and how to bring their dream to reality. 



A tech enthusiast and innovator, Ujjwal Singh, the CEO of Infinity Learn is a strong believer in modernising education and breaking the barriers of conventional education systems. Ujjwal stands for the values of ideation, innovation, constant improvement, and inclusivity.

He is currently heading Infinity Learn, an outcome-based learning Edtech start-up by Sri Chaitanya Group. At the company’s helm, Ujjwal is responsible for the overall management and operations of the fast-growing brand, ensuring that its mission and vision are successfully implemented across the operations.

With his 22 years of experience in the education domain, he has successfully delivered business value through frugal product development with two patents filed in his name. Before Infinity Learn, he was associated with Pearson, where he successfully built businesses to scale from scratch and implemented education programmes across different geographies. At Pearson, he has served in leading roles like Chief Product Officer and Vice President. So far, he has created multiple innovative digital-first education products that have received tremendous positive customer responses. 

He believes in being a better self each day and encourages and supports his teams to outdo themselves consistently and pushes them to the highest level of self-actualization, thereby helping the growth of the organization. An empathetic leader, a design thinker, a serial entrepreneur, an inclusivity advocate, a customer-centric product developer, and an IDEO certified rapid prototyper, Ujjwal masters the art of donning many hats with ease. He brings with him, an experience of over two decades in the education industry. His career straddles management and product development in equal stead and he always enjoys a challenge, especially if it is a timebound one.

Through Infinity Learn, he aspires to create an immersive and measurable learning system and achieve physical classrooms’ engagement levels in a digital setting – A New age Platform for a New age Learner. 

Recently, Rohit Sharma has launched the flagship App of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

  • The app comes equipped with Learner centric features like 2-way interactive video classes, 24X7 Instant doubt solving, Self-Learning, Assessment, Detailed performance reports and much more.
  • Infinity Learn has also introduced the unique ‘4A learning Module’ to help add success to the learner’s Journey.



Infinity Learn offers a unique 4A model designed after 20 years of excellence to ensure learners are successful in their preparation. 

  • Assessments

The first and foremost element of this model has been designed to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and the gaps they may have in their learning. Assessments at Infinity Learn are integral to teaching and are, therefore, dynamic. 

“Students can enhance their preparation with our All India Test series & free mock tests. They can also get detailed reports and analysis to improve their learning,” explains Ujjwal.

  • Assimilate

Teachers are the ones who provide the power of education to today’s youth, thereby giving them the possibility for a better future. Infinity Learn has the right bunch of mentors who are always ready to provide suggestions and recommendations Here, the teachers strengthen learners’ necessary internal motivation by creating a positive attitude towards lessons. 

  • Live ClAsses

Masterclass Infinity Learn

Infinity Learn organizes fun and interactive live classes to allow two way communication wherein learning is synchronous. This model is highly effective and yields great results because as per the company, teachers can modify their lectures and solve doubts in real-time depending upon a student’s progress, goal, and level. Infinity Learn uses videos and animations as it enhances the creativity of learners and motivates them to explore complex dimensions of knowledge. Furthermore, students also get gamified experience with courses created by the experts at Infinity Learn. 

  • Ask

Learning is an ongoing process. Therefore, Infinity Learn connects young learning minds with professional educators anytime. It provides 24×7 support as it commits a comprehensive understanding of each and every concept a student learns. No student’s inquiry or concern goes unanswered. Any student can solve all the doubts with the company’s 1 lakh+ repository of step-by-step solutions. 

“The key to our success is about focusing on building the unicorn Edtech in India and enhancing learner performance through our digital talent & new-age technologies. At Infinity Learn, we believe in getting substantially more for less, optimizing and multiplying the results of our key success factors with optimal efforts,” says Ujjwal Singh. 



Education is the pioneer of success. It has changed the lives of millions around the globe. In the world of smartphones where everything happens with a click, now getting education in just one click is something that is benefiting a lot of students. Infinity Learn is making significant progress since its inception to improve the learning outcomes for the students, especially the critical masses of India. 

“We are making continuous efforts to help critical masses to move up a ladder, unlock their potential, and get into one of the top institutions in the country. That’s how we envision contributing to the society,” says Ujjwal.


By 2024, Infinity Learn aims to guide Two Million K-12 learners globally to produce demonstrably improved learning outcomes through hybrid and personalised products and services built on solid learner insights and NPS over 70 to obtain Positive Unit Economics.



According to Ujjwal, Success is all about moving on a path of progress. He says, “If your today is better than your yesterday, then you are definitely on the path to success. Set a goal that today you must be better than yesterday.”

He further says that “No matter what field you choose, you need to give your 100 per cent to it. When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts.”



Infinity Learn has achieved many milestones in a very short span of time. Some of the milestones achieved by the company are:

  • It is officially certified under Start-up India, a flagship initiative of the Government of India. Start-up India is intended to build a strong ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of start-up businesses, drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities.
  • It has roped Rohit Sharma as the Brand Ambassador of the company who says “I am impressed by the vision and the compelling story of commitment shown by Infinity Learn. I’m glad to be associated with reputed educational institutions such as Sri Chaitanya with their digital learning venture Infinity Learn.”
  • It has acquired Edtech startup Teacherr, a digital platform for the teaching community where it allows teachers to attend professional development sessions, apply for jobs, exchange notes and best-case practices which facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Infinity Learn looks forward to a more robust and driven growth trajectory with Teacherr.
  • It has also acquired Don’t Memorise, a multilingual YouTube content platform. It brings along 2.5 million users to the family. After this acquisition, Infinity Learn looks forward to bringing more K-10 learning solutions to the learners.
  • Infinity Learn has also been conferred as ‘The Most Promising Edtech Brand’ by Zee Hindustan.

To say that technology has changed the outlook of the education sector wouldn’t be wrong. Edtech companies like Infinity Learn are making it possible for students from remote regions to continue their education without any hindrances. The Guiding Pillars of Infinity Learn i.e. implementation at Scale through data-driven insights, Positive Unit Economics, and demonstrably improved learning outcomes are positioning it differently from other Edtech players in the market. It is indeed playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing education in India.

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