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“We’re making it easier than ever for companies to hire whoever they want, wherever they live, making remote permanent roles a reality.”

Sreedevi Gopalakrishnan (Founder, IT Futurista)


Recruiting the right candidate for the right profile can sometimes feel like being stuck on the hamster wheel. Incepted in 2012, IT Futurista is a global IT and Human Resource Management firm that helps in hiring talented and skilled candidates for the required profile. The company doesn’t just source the right candidates but also helps its clients plan their projects and smoothly transition an employee into the team. 


IT Futurista is founded by Sreedevi Gopalakrishnan who is an inspiration to many budding women entrepreneurs. Being a victim of dowry harassment and an abusive marriage, Sreedevi fought the situation like a true warrior. The life of Sreedevi changed after her daughter was born. Sreedevi asserts, “I think my daughter came into my life as a ray of hope to channel my inner strength.” 

Starting her corporate career at HSBC with a zeal to learn and grow professionally, She has proven that everything is possible if a person has true determination to achieve something. She upgraded her skills by learning Project Management while she was associated with AT & T and EMC. Sreedevi Gopalakrishnan is an embodiment of self-confidence, women empowerment, and hard work. Her passion and ability to connect with people socially and emotionally, drive her spirit for the inception of IT Futurista.

With a corporate experience of 5 years, Sreedevi Gopalakrishnan established IT Futurista in 2012 initially working by providing project management services to clients in the USA. Now, IT Futurista is a reputed name in the entire HR industry. The company earns its recognition in the US, UK, and Europe. IT Futurista makes its reputation in the global market with consistent and vigorous growth within 10 years.

Sreedevi affirms that learning is an endless process, though most of her skills were on-the-job practice, any new learning can bring a different dimension to personal and business growth.

IIM Bangalore in 2021 awarded Sreedevi with a fully sponsored scholarship for a holistic management program for Women Entrepreneurs. The program provides business and management education to established women entrepreneurs.

This course has enabled Sreedevi to engage in growth groups to build valuable networks with entrepreneurs from all over the world as well as upskill through shared challenges and experiences in course of peer learning.


IT Futurista provides exceptional services to both candidates and customers. For the company, it is equally important to provide the company with the best candidates. And also, to provide candidates with the job that suit them the best. The company offers HR benefits primarily to countries like the USA, UK, and Europe in a blended method. Here is the list of top 3 services of IT Futurista:

  • Outsourcing Done Right

Often companies find it difficult to hire an IT professional. IT Futurista helps start-up companies with finding the right tech talent for them. IT Futurista, by understanding the needs and requirements of a job role, outsources the right candidate from the talent pool.

  • Recruitment Made Easier

Intending to integrate the right talent into the team, IT Futurista offers its services in recruitment. It helps save the cost and the effort that goes into finding the appropriate candidate. With proper identification and testing, IT Futurista ensures to provide best-in-class recruitment services. 

  • A Quick Fix For All Projects

IT Futurista helps its clients with projects and software development so that they can focus on their core business. It helps out by assessing the internal team of its clients and the work environment to present them with the best options. 

“We believe in work without borders, whether my team wants to work at home with their family or travel the world and work along the way, we’re here to support their choices,” says Sreedevi affirmatively. 


IT Futurista has clients that are based in UK, USA, Netherlands, and Turkey. The company maintains its customer relations by satisfying the needs of the customer. Sreedevi asserts, “I strongly believe that I do not need to go in search of new clients every day, if I keep the existing clients happy, they are going to bring in more business directly or by referring us to their business connections.” Understanding the basic needs, IT Futurista makes it easier for the companies to hire, by making remote jobs a reality. IT Futurista provides the ideal candidate for its client and saves lots of time and effort.


At IT Futurista, every member of the team is equally important. Hence, each member of the team is included in the decision-making process. The company emphasizes team building and ensures that the working environment is livelier and more fun.

Working from home is not a new concept for IT Futurista, since the inception of the company, the team has been working remotely. During the pandemic, while other companies struggled with the hybrid or remote working environment, IT Futurista worked efficiently. 

Sreedevi says proudly, “We believe in work without borders, whether my team wants to work at home with their family or travel the world and work along the way, we’re here to support their choices.”


Retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges that is faced by the companies. IT Futurista helps in reducing the attrition rates so that the companies do not have to keep recruiting the employees and training them for the job role. 

IT Futurista retains its employees by making them feel special on memorable occasions. The company connects with them by sending gifts, cards, and cakes on all special occasions. It believes that the company is successful when it keeps its employees happy. In the words of Sreedevi, “If you share the happiness with your team members, you all grow together. We want our employees to know that we care no matter the distance.”


IT Futurista believes that “As social beings, it is always important that we give a portion back to the society because when we uplift the others, we see growth as a byproduct.” The company is driving a voluntary initiative of Wish-a-cycle for the past 3 years. The CSR drive, Wish-a-cycle is an opportunity to provide bicycles to those children in rural Bangalore who wish for it. The company picks up the preloved cycles, gets them serviced, and delivers them to the indigent child.


The mission of IT Futurista is to improve and fast-track career progress for every job seeker and serve companies by connecting them with top talent. 

The company envisions helping candidates identify job opportunities in varied industries and helping as many people as possible to find their dream job. IT Futurista finds its success when it helps a candidate to get their dream job. “We treat candidates who approach us for jobs as clients too, as we want them to be in a job that best suits them,” reiterates Sreedevi. 

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