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Jubilee: Delivering Goods The Right Way

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“We, at Jubilee Shipping and Forwarding, help customers to navigate successfully in the complex world of logistics.”

Nanda Kumar
(Founder and Director, Jubilee)

Jubilee Shipping and Forwarding, a renowned name in the logistics industry has a reputation for delivering end-to-end solutions for all kinds of logistic needs of the customer. Adding a new dimension to the industry, Jubilee develops a collaborative logistics network to offer flexible and efficient logistics solutions. 

Incepted in 2000, Jubilee offers its exceptional services with an aim to transform the world of Indian logistics. Jubilee is currently operating in more than 50 countries with a close-knit network and therefore stands tall among the industry leaders.

Jubilee offers world-class solutions with in-depth knowledge and a state-of-the-art IT system. Catering integrated door-to-door services, the company also offers tailor-made logistics solutions to meet the needs of every customer. Specialising in end-to-end supply chain management solutions and intercontinental air freight and ocean freight shipments, Jubilee Shipping and Forwarding successfully handles 100+ shipments every month.


With a passion and enthusiasm to solve the complexity of the logistics industry, Jubilee transforms ideas into effective solutions. The passion of the team motivates it to find better and smarter ways of doing things that drive the company to enjoy the desired outcomes. 

Jubilee has the ability to tackle every new challenge with innovative ideas, extensive knowledge and expertise. “Whether your company is a multinational or a smaller enterprise serving international markets, our Jubilee Customer service team understands your needs and is determined to make the seemingly impossible become possible,” says Nanda Kumar. 


Nanda Kumar, the Founder and Director of Jubilee, defines the vision and roadmap of the company. With extensive industry experience, he enriches Jubilee with his industry insights and knowledge. 

As a Director of the company, Nanda ensures that the services of the company align with the industry standard, directions and regulations. With the help of Nanda’s knowledge and expertise in the industry, Jubilee positions itself among the top industry players.


Backed by the support of a highly skilled and professional team, Jubilee ensures the timely delivery of shipments. Rendering a wide array of logistics services across the country, Jubilee proficiently caters to every type of logistic need of the clients. The exceptional services of the company include: 

  • Freight Forwarding 

Jubilee’s wide network of freight and customs clearance around the world makes the process of freight forwarding a lot smoother. Providing optimum quality services within the simulated time and effective costing is what makes the freight forwarding services of the company more prominent and unique than the rest of the companies. 

According to the requirements of the customers, Jubilee offers customised solutions across multiple locations. The matchless services of the company ensure prompt delivery with utmost professionalism and commitment.  

  • Shipping And Forwarding 

Jubilee Shipping and Forwarding

Providing a full array of shipping services, the company offers the best possible solution which is flexible, cost-effective and customer-centric. With the help of local expert teams and shipping partners at any destination worldwide, Jubilee fulfils the demand of ocean freight operations. The best-in-class expertise of local teams spread across the country.

The team of Jubilee is highly professional with knowledge and skilled expertise in the Shipping and Forwarding domain. Jubilee earns the trust and confidence of its customers with excellent capabilities, reasonable prices and integrated sea freight services.

  • Custom Clearing

All the good has to go through a customs clearance process before getting shipped for inspection. To make the process of customs clearance a lot easier and smoother, Jubilee provides a hassle-free custom clearance service. 

The company assist its customers throughout the process of customs clearance, right from the beginning to the end. Jubilee complies with all the rules and regulations of custom clearance and facilitates an effortless and secure clearance process. 

In addition to this, Jubilee also provides its top-notch services in Custom House,  a Shipping agency for international, Console Shipping and Cargo Shipping. 


Jubilee offers round-the-clock service, 24×7 to support every logistic need of the customers. The supportive team of Jubilee is always ready to help its customers at any hour. Jubilee is on a mission to provide on-time, safe and secure delivery of products through its expert services. Perfectly blending efficient operations with effective management, Jubilee is heading on the path of becoming an industry leader with each passing day. 

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