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Purple Palette Adding Signature Touch: Personalised Gifts, Powerful Brands

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“We work closely with our clients and offer them test products to ensure they observe the quality first-hand before placing the order.”

 Vijay Singh Rana (Founder & CEO, Purple Palette)

Gifting is far more than a simple gesture of kindness, it’s a potent tool that elevates the sense of value among employees. Beyond the confines of tradition, corporate gifting emerges as a powerful means of enriching relationships. In this world of meaningful workplace connections, a leading firm, Purple Palette, has mastered the art of corporate gifting, turning each gift exchange into a canvas of personalised gratitude. 

Vijay Singh Rana, the CEO of Purple Palette highlights, “A recent research reveals that after receiving gifts from their employers, 70% of employees increased their productivity. Furthermore, 53% of employees chose to stay with their employers, motivated by the recognition they received for their work performance.”

But let’s face it! Finding the perfect corporate gift that aligns with employees’ needs can be a challenge. This is where Purple Palette comes into the picture to not only provide top-quality products but also deliver exceptional customer service. Headquartered in Delhi, the firm serves customers from wide industries like automobile, BFSI and Edutech, tech-based organisations, NGOs and government bodies.

“We assist our customers in identifying suitable gift options, offer a diverse product range, and ensure timely delivery, thus, positioning ourselves the go-to choice for corporate gifting solutions,” adds Vijay who carries with him 20+ years of experience in sales and business and 12 years of experience in the core gifting industry with in-depth knowledge of product range and service options.

Quality First- A Promise Delivered Every Day

Team Purple Palette collaborates closely with clients, and offers them test products to ensure they observe the quality first-hand before placing the order. It maintains a tight-knit relationship with the production processes, ensuring that the same high standards are upheld throughout.

The commitment to quality doesn’t end here. A rigorous implementation of a deep quality check process ensures that the products are in the best shape at the time of delivery. 

The Product Portfolio

The firm offers a wide array of products and services, including corporate merchandising, corporate apparel, design, and printing services for customisation. Among these offerings, corporate apparel, which includes items such as t-shirts, hoodies, raincoats, and jerseys, stands out as the best-selling product. 

Purple Palette is also a renowned bulk corporate gift supplier in case of festivals and other occasions and celebrations. As the customised notes and messages are added along with the gift, it adds personalisation to the gifts, thus building a great impact. 

Customisation Is The Key! 

Purple Palette understands that the needs of each client are different, therefore there can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Its approach revolves around understanding the client’s needs and customising the offerings accordingly. 

“We either produce these apparels in-house where we take care of customisable things like colour, size, style or logo print, or we procure branded apparels such as Puma, Adidas, UCB, which then are customised according to client specifications. There are instances where customers expect immediate delivery of good quality products which is difficult for us as a company to commit to. This takes a lot of patience on our part as we work to manage and align our customers’ expectations,” explains the CEO. 

Team Is The Real Strength!

A company is built through a dedicated team. Vijay takes pride in having a  team that works round the clock. He says “Our growth is dedicated to all my employees who give countless hours of their lives to the company to ensure we meet delivery targets while also ensuring the top-notch service.” 

To stay abreast of new demands, the team keeps researching new requirements and constantly keeps itself updated by exploring new markets, vendors, artisans, and more. Following the trends on social media for initial clues helps a lot. 

The production team also has a significant part to play as they handle the packaging process while adhering to a detailed quality checklist to ensure each product reaches pristine condition at the client’s doorstep. 

To fulfil its commitment to timely delivery, Purple Palette collaborates with various trusted logistics partners for its shipping and delivery like DHL, DTDC, and Delhivery to name a few. 

The Initiatives Ahead

Purple Palette has a well-defined plan for the future. It plans to improve its packaging and transportation systems, with the overarching vision of expanding its reach to multiple cities across India. 

The primary goal is to act as a bridge between local artisans and corporate entities, further strengthening the mission to promote the talent of local craftsmen and craftswomen.

Awards and Recognition 

Purple Palette

Purple Palette has recorded significant growth and bagged prestigious awards because of its exceptional work in the corporate gifting industry. The awards include:

  • Recognition under the “10 Most Promising Corporate Gifting Companies in India in 2022”
  • “Emerging Top Brands in India for Corporate Gifting” powered by Brand Empower.

“We continue to build on our successes and set new benchmarks in the corporate gifting industry.”

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