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Mahesh Dharam: The Kandee Connoisseur

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“We are a New-Age Better-for-you Award-winning Confectionery Brand House aspiring to offer today’s global conscious consumer a refreshing portfolio of meaningful and purposefully innovative world-class first-in-category confectionery products.”

(Mahesh Dharam & Anusha M Dharam,
Co-Founders, Kandee Factory)

Candy – an instant way to make people happy and make them relive the moment of carefree days of childhood and nostalgia. But do you know that candies can also cause several allergies and other health risks? The synthetic colouring and artificially sweet ingredients may lead to harmful effects on your health. Don’t worry you don’t have to discard candies from your life. After all, candies make us happy, right? Try Kandee Factory, which brings its wide range of tasty yet healthy candies. 

Identifying the gap in the confectionery industry for healthy candy alternatives, the Co-Founders, Mahesh Dharam and Anusha M Dharam incepted Kandee Factory in 2013. All the candies of Kandee Factory are natural, dye-free, preservative-free and environmentally safe to provide a healthier option to all candy lovers. 

The Genesis

The idea of Kandee Factory came to Mahesh’s mind when he went on a Goa trip with his son, Jishnu. There, he realised that swirl pops and candies are hard to find in local shops and those that are available are imported from China and Europe. Leap up to the opportunity and filling this void in the confectionary landscape, the Co-Founders sown the seed of Kandee Factory. 

Garnering his entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional business mindset, Mahesh is the Founder and CEO of the company. With his deep insights and experience in the business realm, Mahesh creates an extraordinary candy brand that is standing tall in the industry.

Being the Co-Founder & Business Development Head, Anusha looks after the planning and execution of Business Development & Support, Brand Digital Strategy & Content, Customer Experience, Expectations & Engagement. Ensuring the best taste and quality of each product, Anusha tastes each category of candies made by the company.

The World of Healthier Candies

Kandee Factory makes different kinds of confections and candies that are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, and free from any type of artificial preservatives. The company makes natural candies using plant-grown fruits and flowers. The use of real and all-natural ingredients makes candies safe for everyone, be it children or adults. 

“Candies that are made of artificial colours change the colour of the tongue when someone licks a lollipop. It happens because candies contain synthetic dye, which is extracted from coal and petrochemicals. Bringing significant change in the candy-making process, Kandee Factory sports healthy colours of the candies with natural ingredients like beetroot, spinach, turmeric and many more,” mention the Co-Founders.

In addition to this, Kandee Factory launched India’s first Swirl Pops in 100% natural colours. It is also the first Indian Marshmallow brand to launch 100% Veg Marshmelts Marshmallows and Ville Nour Chocomallows which is probably the World’s First Chocolate coated Vegan Marshmallow. 

Serving Delicious And Healthy Candies

The Kandee Factory by Mahesh Dharam

Kandee Factory is attracting customers all over the world with its delicious, healthy, and tasty food. Setting an example that healthy should not necessarily mean boring, the key features of Kandee Factory confectionaries are:

  • Vegan

The candies are 100% vegetarian & vegan and guess what; tasty & delicious too. The ingredients of candies do not include any kind of meat, eggs or dairy products, thus becoming an absolute choice for all vegetarians.

  • Cruelty-Free

During the entire candy-making process at Kandee Factory, no animal is killed or harmed by the company. 

  • No Preservatives

Each and every ingredient of the candy is produced naturally and not created with the process of genetic engineering or GMOs.

  • Environmentally Safe

Since all the products are chemical-free and made without using any pesticides, fertilisers or artificial components, Kandee Factory causes no harm to the environment.

A Brand With Values

Taking every opportunity to make an impactful contribution to society, Kandee Factory opts for every possible way to make the world a better place. 

  • Empowering Women

100% of the company’s products are managed and produced by women. Empowering women from underprivileged communities, Kandee Factory is setting the right example in society. 

  • Sustainability

Standing at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices, Kandee Factory uses innovative technology that extracts water from thin air, which is then used for cooking and manufacturing candies.

  • Social Responsibility

Kandee Factory works in collaboration with local farmers to repurpose their biomass by extracting pigments to make all-natural colours. It provides local farmers with added economic value, maximised crop value and also lessens the environmental burden.

  • Local Yet Global

The company is leading exponentially towards becoming an Indian candy brand that provides high-quality and tasty candies & confectionaries all around the world. 

Feathers To The Cap

For serving the world tasty and healthy candies, Kandee Factory is bestowed with many notable awards. Some of the most promising ones are:

  • Recognition under the ‘Top 5 Startup Of The Nation’ in 2020 by SIDBI
  • 100 Most Powerful D2C Brands in India
  • Semi-Finalist in Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Award 2020-2021

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