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Samudragupta Talukdar: A Contemporary Techpreneur

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“With Relata, we have accelerated real estate conversions by 42% on an average and the response has been amazing.”

Samudragupta Talukdar
(Founder & CEO, Relata)

Driving the purpose with passion, Samudragupta Talukdar is a new-age techpreneur who is an explorer and a problem solver. A passion-driven engineer who entered the corporate space to learn the ways of this world. After honing his skills as an engineer, he has set foot in the business landscape to gain industry experience.

Associated with many reputed companies, Samudragupta learnt a lot about sales and relationships and how it all comes together to build a successful business. Reaping these learning experiences, the entrepreneur in him came to the surface. He adds, “I liked the idea of understanding the intricacies of a problem, applying critical thinking and coming up with solutions”. 

“The first startup I incepted failed. At that very moment, I had two options- either to go back and start doing a job or pursue your dreams for the second time. I bounced back and started my second startup with just 5000 bucks in my pocket,” Talukdar says while recalling the struggling days. 

Harnessing his passion for problem-solving and the deep experience of running a business, Samudragupta laid the foundation of Relata (Cognilements Pvt. Ltd.) in 2019. His amazing learning curve and the in-hand experience of running a business help the company to stand among the top proptech startups.


With a vision to solve the major gaps that exist in the sales pipelines in the real estate industry, Relata is a SaaS-based platform that accelerates sales. The highly qualified professionals of the company conduct in-depth research on the real estate market in India, and the company has been able to seek out the core problems that lie in the sales process in the real estate sector. “With the help of exceptional intelligence on the product and tech verticals, we have been able to drive solution ideas from conception through delivery for the problems identified by our research team,” mentions the Founder.

The company offers the best in class services with multiple problem-tackling components such as visualisation, analytical insights, lead management and optimisation, CP management and digital booking process. Within just three years of inception, Relata has successfully completed more than 157+ projects and is associated with some of the top developers in India. Taking pride in the capabilities and efficiency of the professional team of Relata, Samudragupta adds, “We have delivered more than 300K hours of guided walkthroughs, onboarded $3.2B of inventory and accelerated conversions by 42% while reducing the marketing budget by a whopping 40% on an average”.

Talukdar follows a simple leadership philosophy. He trusts the people he works with and informs them how they are going to contribute towards the vision. “I focus on whether my decision is adding value to the ecosystem, if it is not then I relook into my thought process. I always try to make sure that my decision benefits the ecosystem,” asserts the CEO. 


Samudragupta Talukdar

The strength of Relata lies in its ability to optimise and accelerate each step of the home buying and selling experience. Relata offers its expertise with the help of these five components:

  • Virtual Sales Gallery (also called VSG) helps customers visualise the space, experience projects remotely as well as go through each and every detail of the house, all on the tip of their fingers. 
  • The Behavioural and Business Analytics engine of the company generates insights that help sales managers understand the lead and pitch them better for their needs and at the same time provide loads of insights to the developer team to optimise the business to drive success for the organisation. 
  • Relata’s simplified lead management system offers a more intuitive way of managing leads through the sales funnel. 
  • The expert team of the company created a Booking Engine that digitises the booking system and also the agreement generation in the sales process. 
  • It also has a dedicated application for supporting and managing channel partners as they are the most crucial stakeholder who brings in more than 70% of customers into the pipeline.

In addition to this, Relata has its own ChatBot support that interacts with the customers and takes them on a home tour and solves customers’ queries in the absence of salespersons. Samudragupta iterates, “We are solving the major issues from the CP side like lead stealing, brokerage disbursal, and lead tracking with the help of this application”.


Samudragupta believes that the key to maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with clients is developing a holistic understanding with them. After understanding the needs and requirements of the clients, the highly professional team of Relata ideates custom-fit solutions and delivers a premium product that not just talks the talk but also walks the walk.

Relata onboards many reputed names in the industry to its clientele including some of the top real estate development firms like DLF, Embassy Group, Unity Group, Hiranandani and Merusri. 


For providing top-notch services and augmenting the sales journey, Relata has added many feathers to its cap. Some of the most noteworthy are:

  • Positioned at the top among 537+ Proptech startups at the HDFC Real Estate Tech Innovators 2022 Challenge
  • Top finalist of Amazon Smbhav Entrepreneurship Challenge
  • Honoured amongst the top 50 startups recognised by MSINS – Govt of Maharashtra 
  • Recognised as Best Start-Up in Pune by Silicon India. 

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