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Bonee Sharma: The Designer With A Magic Wand

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“The artistic passion to create extraordinary spaces with detailed craftsmanship reflects in the intricate sophistication of each project.”

(Bonee Sharma,
Founder & MD,  Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd.)

As captivating as it looks, the blood, sweat and toil behind converting an ordinary space into shrines of design and excellence can’t be described in words. Interior Designers have an eye for turning every personal castle into a model space to the envy of neighbours and such. One such design master is Bonee Sharma, the Founder and MD of a renowned interior design firm. 

Infusing ageless charm into the designs, Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. is an interior designing company that provides highly professional and phenomenal service to discerning clients. Incepted in 2008, Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. is growing in the hearts and minds of Indian urbanites and professionals. Renowned for an innovative fusion of art and technology, the company carefully consider customers’ feeling for the space they want to exude and how that feeling must be consistent with the room’s intended function. 

Bonee loves this profession and that is quite evident when we look at his design creations. In his words, “When Louis Sullivan coined the term “Form Follow Function” and Frank Lloyd Wright popularized it, they would have had no idea of the impact it could have on the generations of designers to come. The most basic of all the design principles, it puts functionality way ahead of aesthetics. This is the basis of ‘modernism’ in architecture, art and design.”

Simplicity Is The Key To An Elegant Space

Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. is a one-stop solution for Interiors Fit Outs matching global standards. The company offers high-end designs for a wide variety of projects including Commerical, Residential and Hospitality. The designs are not only timeless but also unique, luxurious, and functional at the same time. The furniture used by Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. is made in-house, using only the finest materials. Skilled designers at Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. master in providing a place to call your own, where you can relax and enjoy being surrounded by the comforts of home.

“With the evolution of interior design, we have understood that simplicity is the key to an elegant space. We see it in the way a room is organized, and we see it in the way a space is decorated,” says Bonee while also highlighting that the utmost goal is to create spaces that touch emotions and evoke an emotional response from the guests.

Team Makespace ensures that each project it handles meets the requisite standards by following a well-defined process which includes design-quality management reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, daily and weekly reporting, task scheduling and boq (bill of quantity) verification at regular intervals.

There typically isn’t a one size fits all approach to how much a designer is engaged through design and construction, but team Makespace is equipped with the skills to manage everything quite well and be responsible for all facets of the process. 

Interior Design Makespace Design

“At a minimum, a designer looks after designing, documentation, and the permitting of a project. From helping the client select an appropriate site and interviewing builders, to being involved through construction closeout, a designer does it all. 

The most rewarding experience in the interior design industry is to exceed the dreams and expectations of the clients. Running on this mantra, Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. has maintained positive client relationships. The top priority for the firm has always been to listen and engage with the clients right from the beginning to make sure that the project is reflective of the client’s vision.

When Creativity and Technical Knowledge Go Together

The interior design industry is evolving like never before and market players are putting their best foot forward to increase their market share,  thus making it challenging for many firms to stay competitive. Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. stays ahead of the competition as its creative designers consistently come up with innovative ideas. They stay up to date on upcoming trends and love to customize their work for each client.

Interior Design by Bonee Sharma

In Sharma’s words, “Our ability to stay abreast of the latest interior design industry coupled with the ingenuity & imagination of our experienced professionals have made us a dominant player in the market.”

The Expansion Plan

While Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. has already earned reputability and waved the flags in the residential sector, the company now plans to offer commercial and hospitality designs as well. 

“This division of us will deliver strategic interior design planning and environmental branding to transform hotels, restaurants, retail, commercial spaces, luxury multi-family properties, and more. We’re prepared to bring our firm’s renowned experience, creativity, and design principles to this new sector,” says Sharma. 

Makespace Design and Build Pvt. Ltd. running under the guardianship of the ardent leader is committed to designing a space in such a way that it expresses the interrelationships between architecture and place, space and form, colour and materials, and economy and integrity. 

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