Major Nithi The Mindful Guardian of Holistic Well-Being

Major Nithi CJ: The Mindful Guardian of Holistic Well-Being

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Holistic well-being is the compass guiding us through the journey of life, ensuring we navigate with balance and purpose. Major Nithi CJ, an Army Veteran, Govt of India certified Yoga Instructor, FIT India Ambassador, Career and Wellbeing Guide is blending her love for the country into her life’s purpose through Nira Wellbeing. As the Founder, she is on a journey beyond just the body, exploring the deep connection between the mind and body through Yogic practices carefully blended with present-day lifestyle.

With a passion for helping her country grow, she has adorned the responsibilities of a Purposepreneur and Yogapreneur. Major Nithi shares, “I knew I was destined to serve my country. It didn’t matter if I did it with or without wearing a uniform or if I was an IAS officer or a teacher. I will contribute to the growth and development of my country. So here I am, with Nira Wellbeing. We are a team of Govt of India certified Yoga  Instructors and Ayurveda Experts to facilitate you with the tools of Yogic Management.”

Major Nithi’s Holistic Vision: Affordability with a Purpose

As comes from her military experience, she gave great emphasis to the necessary training herself in the nuances of Yoga. She underwent 200 hours of basic training as a Protocol Instructor and 400 hours of Advanced certification in Yogic Wellness. Major Nithi CJ thereafter became a dedicated yoga instructor. 

She passionately runs her venture, Nira Wellbeing not just as a fitness option but as a lifestyle support tool that makes our whole selves feel good. Through her venture, her goal is to bust the myth that Yoga is for the super fit or the rich; instead, it is for everyone. In her experience, Yoga nurtures our minds, bodies, and hearts, preparing us to be resilient in all situations of life. Major Nithi feels everyone should be able to afford Yoga because the world today really needs it. She emphasizes that Yoga should not be perceived as unattainable or expensive, especially considering the challenges of the modern world and the prevalence of generational trauma.

Focusing on Yoga management and overall well-being, Major Nithi suggests a sustainable approach. She shares that if people understand how Yoga can prevent and address the root causes of health issues, it can lead to a long-lasting Well-being medium. Started in 2024, Nira Wellbeing is yet a baby in the Health and Wellness industry, yet Major Nithi is proud to have touched more than 200 lives including her regular clients through workshops and regular classes along with individual sessions being their constant encouragement to make Yoga as a sustainable well-being tool in their life.

“Most of my sessions take place online, making it accessible for people from different backgrounds like working professionals, students, and senior citizens. I don’t want both these segments of our society to extinguish all their savings and thus, they have a special consideration. Since Yoga is essential for them, keeping the prices reasonable is important. I’ve also conducted thorough market research to understand who our audience is and how each needs to be approached. The beauty of Yoga is that it is highly customisable and not ‘one size fits all’. This makes Yoga easier to adapt if one is willing to,” shares Nithi. 

The Military Sojourn

Major Nithi CJ with Sir APJ Abdul Kalam
Major Nithi CJ with Sir APJ Abdul Kalam

Major Nithi hails from a family deeply rooted in the military legacy, and the aspiration to join the army was woven into her upbringing. With several family members donning the uniform, the military way of life became a constant and integral part of her existence. Growing up, the inevitability of wearing the uniform felt like a seed destined to sprout.

Being a multifaceted individual she took part in NCC during her college life. Irrespective of being academically average, she pursued with clarity and prepared herself to manifest her dream of joining the Army. She finally joined the Indian Army after two failed attempts and served the country for 10 years. 

“I owe it to my entire academy training, as I believe it is the core foundation of who I am today. If you haven’t invested in yourselves during the preparation and training, I think you haven’t justified your responsibilities in the Army. Your constant self-introspection plays a crucial role in this journey because you are shaping yourselves into a personality who will be looked up to by the workforce in all situations.

She recounts an incident when her commanding officer asked her, “What is the biggest challenge for you as an officer…? He continued and said, “The biggest challenge is to stay inspired.” If you want to be an Army Officer, you have to keep yourself inspired and focus on your responsibilities as an officer,” shares Major Nithi while reminiscing about her army days.

Message from Major Nithi CJ

“As an ex-army officer, I want to advise the youth who aspire to join the Army that it is not a job but a way of life. As an aspirant, you should introspect if you have what it takes to be an Army officer. You should think of ways to contribute to the army that brings personal satisfaction. Once you wear the uniform, every day will be different as you commit to serving your country selflessly. The aspirants shouldn’t focus much on coaching, but the focus should be on being a good officer. You should focus on responsibility rather than pay.”

“As a citizen of our great Nation, I wish everyone goes through the Service Selection Board interview as it serves as a mirror reflecting what and who you are. The training that follows will develop the innate quality of serving the country. I wish youngsters do the Army training for at least a year as it brings in the opportunity to inculcate leadership qualities and a deep sense of responsibility towards nation-building. This will help them become more purposeful and make goal-oriented decisions.”

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