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Nitu Agarwal: The Visionary in Law

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“I believe in partnering with our clients rather than working just as their legal service provider .”

 Nitu Agarwal (Founder, YNSS Law Offices)

Born into a traditional Marwari business family, Nitu Agarwal took a courageous step by becoming a first-generation lawyer, breaking free from the confines of conventional roles for women. She not only pursued a legal education but also became one of the pioneering women to venture into the professional world. “While my family did focus on educating girls, taking up jobs was not permitted and looked down upon. Therefore, convincing my family to let me work was challenging,” shares Nitu who ultimately not only shattered stereotypes but also proved that women can also become financially independent and build their own businesses. 

As she grew up in a business family, the entrepreneurial spirit was embedded within her. It felt natural, like a part of who she was. However, the real push to start something on her own came after the birth of her daughter, especially during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Corporates facing an unprecedented challenge realized that the old ways of working may not work anymore. They opened up to the idea of working with small firms that think out of the box and provide innovative solutions to clients. Given this, she saw an immense opportunity for herself in this new post-COVID world.  

“By the time I launched my firm, I had gained a wealth of experience and built a strong network. Establishing my own firm was a step towards creating a work environment that would allow me to balance both my professional and personal life. I wanted a workplace where I wouldn’t be expected to make sacrifices as a working mother just to prove my dedication. When I had to choose between working within the system on their terms or outside on my terms at the cost of letting go of a high-paying job, I boldly chose the latter,” shares Nitu. 

Challenges She Faced As A First-Generation Lawyer

Nitu Agarwal The Visionary in Law

As a first-generation lawyer in the family, Nitu faced several challenges in her entrepreneurial journey. Initially, she made substantial investments to set up an office and pay salaries, starting with no established clientele. But as she developed a good network, it helped her, and gradually business started attracting its clients. 

Furthermore, building a strong team with requisite experience was also a challenging task. As Nitu recognised that the success of her practice hinged on the strength of her team, she addressed this challenge by prioritising comprehensive training for her team members.

While emphasising another significant challenge that she faced, Nitu states, “Building a steady clientele was equally difficult. Through persistent efforts, dedication and excellent quality work, we now have a loyal client base that provides repeat instructions. Clients appreciate the hands-on approach that we bring to their work. For most clients, we work like their in-house team with a law firm’s expertise.” Today, the firm advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, business combinations, corporate commercial matters as well as dispute resolution & arbitration.

Behind An Avant-Grade Law Practice

YNSS Law Offices, with its offices in Mumbai and New Delhi, is a full-service corporate law firm. Its clientele includes multinational corporates, funds, small & medium enterprises, public sector units and start-ups globally. The firm has worked in manufacturing, healthcare, information & technology, insurance, hospitality, education, logistics, renewal energy, agriculture and farm equipment, oil and gas, engineering procurement construction and mining sectors. 

As the firm is present in both Mumbai and Delhi, it offers its clients an eclectic mix of legal services. The Mumbai office takes the lead in mergers and acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, business combinations, corporate commercial, and litigation practices. On the other hand, the Delhi office specialises in offering legal advisory services in complex and high-value commercial and corporate disputes. This dual-city setup allows the firm to cater to various legal needs.

“We appear regularly before the Supreme Court of India, Charter and other High Courts, and Tribunals such as the National Company Law Tribunal, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and Debt Recovery Tribunal,” adds the Founder. 

Keeping Up With Evolving Trends

Nitu believes in establishing true partnerships with clients rather than just working as their legal service provider. This client-centric philosophy sets them apart from other law firms. She believes in staying up to date with the evolving legal landscape, be it keeping an eye on new regulations, laws, and court judgments. In her words, she adds, “New business initiatives in the economy bring about changed legal regimes and that is where new work opportunities become available to lawyers. Therefore, keeping abreast of all changes is necessary for anyone practising the law.”

Nitu Agarwal (Founder, YNSS Law Offices)

Nitu follows a democratic leadership style. She focuses on good communication and being available to her team. This helps her work together smoothly and keeps things clear and open. She makes her team feel important, heard, and part of the decision-making. It’s about creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

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