Meet Sand Artist Ajay Rawat The Great Magician Of Sand

Meet Sand Artist Ajay Rawat: The Great Magician Of Sand

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“I believe that an artist always requires a passion or a vision to create something.”

Have you ever played in the sand? Have you ever made sand castles? The grains slipping through your fingers like time itself, forming miniature kingdoms? For Ajay Rawat, those moments weren’t just fun for him; they sparked a lifelong love for working with sand.  The President Awardee Sand Artist Ajay grew up in Ganhera near Pushkar, where playing with sand wasn’t just a game—it was where his passion began. While other children would make simple shapes, Ajay crafted detailed designs, starting his journey into what would become his life’s work. 

Sand Artist Ajay Rawat

He has demonstrated his skills by showcasing his sand art at big events like the Orissa Sand Festival, the Dubai Sand Art Festival, the International Fair held in Pushkar, and many more. In a candid conversation with Ajay Rawat, he shared his love for Sand Art.

1. How did you initially get started in the world of sand art and what drew you to this unique form of expression?

I believe that an artist always requires a passion or a vision to create something. My fascination with sand art began in my childhood when I used to play with it and tried to create shapes with it. It gave me a sense of peace while I created the sand sculptures. When you find peace in creating something, it gives you motivation to create more.

2. What are some of the most memorable or challenging sand art projects you’ve undertaken in your career?

Ajay Rawat

Making art isn’t easy. One of the toughest things I ever did was creating the world’s tallest sand sculpture of Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap. It was 25 feet tall. Working on the sculpture tested my patience and dedication. It was about pushing myself to do something I hadn’t done before.

This is one of the best sculptures I have ever made in my career and I believe this challenge made me a better artist.

3.  What motivated you to create a sand art tribute to Maharana Pratap for his death anniversary?

Since childhood, I have grown up hearing the tales of the bravery and patriotism of Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap. These stories stayed on with me and inspired me to do a lot of things. He was a truly inspiring figure. The stories of Maharana Pratap inspired me to create a massive art piece in his honour.

4.  What kind of impact do you hope your sand art has on those who view it?

When you see an art piece, it will most definitely evoke some emotions and feelings inside of you; it can be love, sadness or pity. Art has the power to speak without words. My art, I believe, carries powerful messages about patriotism and nationalism.

Meet Sand Artist Ajay Rawat

My sand sculptures are not just images but they convey important messages and ideas to people all around the world. I will continue to make meaningful art to inspire and motivate people.

5. Are there any artists, mentors, or influences that have significantly shaped your approach to sand art?

First and Foremost, my mother is my first mentor. During childhood, I used to go to fields with her. While she used to work, I used to play with sand for hours. She never stopped me. I think that playing with sand ignited the passion for sand art inside me. Another person who has influenced and shaped my life is my father. He motivated me and allowed me to focus on my passion. Whatever I  am today is because of my parents.

Ajay Rawat wishes his art to be recognised globally so that he can inspire budding artists worldwide. 

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