Mukta Singh_ Breaking Stereotypes Of Modeling At The Age Of 58

Mukta Singh: Breaking Stereotypes Of Modeling At The Age Of 58


Adoring her grey hair, Mukta says proudly, “I’ll make grey look glamourous.”

There is a famous saying that passion has no age limit. And when it comes to following your dreams, age is just a number. You can be in your 30s and still pursue graduation or you can start your own business at the age of 40. You should not allow your age to limit the opportunities to make your dreams come true. Bearing testimony to this statement, Mukta Singh broke all the stereotypes of the glamour world and became a model at the age of 58. 

Mukta Singh

Mukta pursued a Master’s in English Literature and is married to a fighter pilot. The frequent transfers of her husband and the job of resettling in new places took precedence over Mukta’s career. Then she got busy taking care of her children and ailing mother. Along with all these, Mukta worked as a freelance writer and wrote for magazines and corporate training programs. 

After her mother’s health worsened, Mukta realised that her visits to salons and parlours to colour her hair were taking too much of her time and energy, so she decided to go natural and grey. Today, Mukta embraces her grey hair elegantly and conveys the message that grey is also beautiful. 


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After having shared an image of herself in a designer’s saree, she was approached by the same designer to model for him, and thus began Mukta’s journey in modelling. Her family plays a very important part in her entire journey by wholeheartedly supporting her dreams. “I feel encouraged by my family”, mentions Mukta Singh.

Mukta never thought of pursuing a career in modelling. Although, while growing up she used to admire fashion models. Mukta says it was her vague dream to become a model but she never thought of it as something that she would ever pursue seriously. 

Mukta’s Love For Arts 

Besides being a fabulous model, Mukta is also a brilliant artist. While taking care of her children and mother, Mukta felt the need to do something. After her sister’s suggestions, She resumed her love for painting and arts. In fact, Mukta’s Instagram page was originally created by her daughter to post pictures of her paintings.

Now, if you look at the Instagram account of Mukta Singh, you will find astonishing pictures of Mukta and her beautiful paintings. 

Painting by Mukta Singh

But, unfortunately, Social media is a place full of all kinds of people. Therefore, along with lots of positive comments, she has to deal with negative comments as well. But ignoring these comments, Mukta looks at the brighter side of the picture. She believes that “we should have so much self-belief and faith in ourselves that we should not get affected by negative comments”. Mukta says she feels proud when a lot of young women admire her saying “when we look at you we are not afraid of ageing anymore”. 

Today, Mukta is an inspiration to millions of people. She is the true embodiment of ‘it’s never too late to pursue your passion’.

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