Ronita Sengupta_ The IT Maven with a Pageant Spark

Ronita Sengupta: The IT Maven with a Pageant Spark

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Ronita Sengupta is an outstanding example of leadership in communication and human resources. She is the Global Change Management Lead for a leading IT multi-national company. Ronita has worked in several industries, such as IT, consumables and durables, BPO/ITES, Shipping, Retail, Tea, Real Estate, Insurance, and Hospitality. With over nineteen years of experience in several industries, her career showcases her dedication to bringing positive changes and supporting talent in different organisations.

She started her journey in the IT sector in 2013 with a desire for employee well-being and helping them manage change. Ronita’s career graph reflects her dedication to breaking barriers and addressing challenges women face in leadership positions. Early on, she recognised the need to bridge the gap between technical experts and non-technical stakeholders, fostering an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives thrive.

Ronita’s Journey Into Pageantry

Ronita Sengupta, Nari Shakti

Ronita has always been fascinated by pageantry. She participated in the Jeeo King and Queen’s Mrs India International 2019. Ronita won the 1st Runner-up title and the subtitle of Mrs. Beautiful Hair. Becoming the runner-up in the competition showcased her resilience. It also sheds light on the pressures women face in beauty pageants and emphasises the importance of inner beauty and confidence.

Reflecting on her journey, Ronita shares, “Beauty is a process, and you have to be beautiful inside and out. I always believe in wearing confidence on my sleeves as it helps me sail through all the phases of my life.” Her words echo a broader narrative of empowering women to embrace their authentic selves and challenge societal expectations.

When she interacted with former beauty queen Liza, she made her realise that the crown holds a lot of responsibility. In her own words, Ronita says, “Being beautiful is a journey, and it’s important to be beautiful both on the inside and the outside. I think it’s essential to show confidence because it helps me handle all the ups and downs in my life smoothly.”

When IT Combines Cybersecurity

Ronita’s journey in the IT industry started in 2013 and took shape through a fusion of HR expertise, communication awareness, and dedication to employee upliftment. The IT and cybersecurity sectors are closely related, with IT providing the infrastructure and systems that cybersecurity aims to protect. Being in the IT field, Ronita advises new cybersecurity leaders to recognise the symbiotic relationship between effective leadership and a resilient cybersecurity environment.

Ronita gives three strategies to transform an organisation’s cybersecurity culture. First, foster a culture of security awareness and inclusivity through open communication and regular cybersecurity training. Second, provide continuous education on the latest cyber threats to equip them with the knowledge to recognise and respond to threats effectively. Third, lead by example in championing a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

She also highlights the significance of combating phishing attacks and insider threats and to address these concerns, she advises establishing a culture of cyber awareness through regular training programs, phishing exercises and educating employees about evolving cybercriminal tactics. 

Feathers in Ronita’s Cap

Over the years, Ronita has earned respect and recognition as an exceptional communicator with strong relationship management, organisational, and leadership skills. She can smoothly navigate the most complex organisational landscape and foster collaborations. 

Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Recognition as one of the top 100 women influencers in the country by Fox Story India.
  • Featured in ‘Her Story’ Inspiration and the Indian History of Women’s Museum.
  • Achieved the first runner-up title in the Mrs. India International Pageant.
  • Worked as an English News Anchor with Delhi Doordarshan for ten years.

In this ever-evolving landscape, Ronita Sengupta illuminates new paths and embodies resilience and versatility in every sense.

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