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“We do more, we show more, we talk less.” – (Sudhir Singh, Leader, PwC Digital Services)


PwC Digital Services is a sincere part of PwC, a global giant with roots across 155 countries and an international workforce of 2,84,000 members. With the rising number of businesses going Digital, PwC’s Digital Services aims to make Digital transformation easy through inspiring workforce transformation. As per Sudhir, 70% of all business transformations fail due to new complexities, especially the rigid behavior of employees. PwC guides true Digital transformations by helping their clientele’s employees grasp impactful ways to learn, think, interact and solve problems. PwC’s traditional approach pooled with new-age thinking delivers experiences that transform & inspire change through the power of perspective. The diverse & diligent workforce at PwC stitches creative ideas and converts them into practical solutions for the clients. 



The diverse team at PwC Digital Services aims to inspire human-centered change across the enterprise through these unique offerings:


  • Digital products: Mobile & website strategy and design

Create robust websites, mobile apps, and new products designed to drive high ROI for the clients.


  • Customer Acquisition: CX Strategy & design

Help clients acquire new customers, product ideas, ventures, and revenue streams that help them stand out amidst the crowd.


  • Customer retention: Loyalty experience & personalization

Designing a personalized approach to cultivate loyalty & close relationships with customers.


  • Employee experience: Learn, collaborate & change campaigns

Deliver exceptional employee programs and campaigns to get them ready for Digital Transformation.


  • Enterprise platforms: A design for business application

Employ a human-centered approach to transformation with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, and many more to help clients achieve their goals.


  • Digital marketing: Technology & transformation

Implement robust Digital Marketing solutions with a 5-point marketing and design-first approach to the personalization for a memorable Customer Experience. 



The clientele shifts amongst different industries such as healthcare & lifestyle, IT, Technology, and many more. PwC has helped global leaders dominate their industries, easing their process with their remarkable BXT approach. They’ve helped clients like Chipotle, a food delivery platform with an aim to deliver real food, real fast. With their BXT (Business Experience Technology) way of working, they created a model to build an unbreakable bond with their customers. 

Similarly, they helped a travel booking platform, Wyndham Destinations create a digitized platform, armed with Salesforce and a tech-driven approach to creating better guest experiences. 

Their collaboration with AXS Labs helped 1.3 billion disabled people navigate with ease, again with the robust BXT approach. 




  • Chipotle: A commendable Digital transformation includes the journey of Chipotle, a food delivery app, now serving millions of customers. Experts at PwC helped discover the shortcomings causing the rift between customers & Chipotle and developed a prominent solution driving remarkable relationships with consumers. 


  • Wyndham Destinations, a robust vacation booking platform maintained the same sales process since 1984, i.e. using lots of paper. PwC understood the customers, studied the competitors, and developed an impactful solution that eliminated paper process fiction to make tours user-friendly. 


  • Axsmap, a crowdfund application built for 1.3 Billion disabled people across the globe found that many visitors left the site, unknowing of its utility & functioning. Experts at PwC Digital put end-users at the heart of design to re-design & launch a user-friendly mobile application, with comfortable navigation capability. 




Throughout this article, the word BXT has been used quite many times. BXT or as they like to say, Business Experience Technology (BXT) is a model, developed by experts at PwC Digital Services that ensure growth & immediate results with the discovery of new ways to solve problems. 


It’s a method that layers diversity of skills and perspectives to drive Digital Transformation. The B in BXT stands for the knowledge to transform Businesses by piping in a transformation roadmap. The research, risk management, operating model, process, and capability strategy are conducted first-hand by experts. 


The X stands for robust Experiences nurtured in the experience centers. This process is focused on layering & devising customer persona, experience strategy & design, and testing out the usability of the prepared model. The experience centers are a physical manifestation of the BXT model where experts breathe ideas into reality. 


The T for Technology is all about PwC Digital Services’ commitment to delivering robust tech experiences with tight security, privacy plans, and much more. 



Company’s Mission

“At PwC, our mission is to build trust in the society by solving important problems. We do this by combining traditional approach with different minded team members in a collaborative environment”, said Sudhir Singh. 



Challenges & views on Success

“While we give our best to create inspiring & successful Digital transformations for our clients, we still face threats in form of data privacy and cybersecurity”, Sudhir Singh.


Talking about their secret sauce of success, Sudhir mentions, “We put our people at the center of Digital Transformation Journey. Your people are it factor! They can make or break your digital transformation. Knowing this, we fostered innovative ways to help our people understand the value of Digital Transformation and deliver an interactive experience that speaks volumes.”

Their Canadian deployment for Salesforce was the biggest & most successful deployment, hosting 2500 conversations in Chatter, achieving 1891 unique Logins. 



Notable Achievements and Milestones

PwC Digital services’ community of solvers has achieved notable milestones in its period of functioning. They’ve served global leaders across different industries and by building their route to success. Some of the prominent names include Chipotle, AXS Labs, and Wyndham Destinations. For their notable BXT model, they’ve been appreciated by Forrester, CNBC, Gartner, and IDC who consider it as an ideal process of developing & executing a successful transformation journey in the Digital World. 

PwC Digital Services drives true digital transformation with the power of perspective. What makes it unique is its power to bring together elements of the client’s business to drive results across the whole organization.





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