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We go over and above to understand what a client wants. We don’t just treat this as a job and that is what ensures that the client sticks with us.  – Malavika Pai (Co-Founder, LWYD Interactive)

The Global Hues got the opportunity to interview Malavika Pai, Co-Founder of Look-what-you’ve done (LWYD INTERACTIVE), a new media marketing agency that uses strategy, creative storytelling, and digital distribution to drive exponential business results for brands. The services provided by LWYD INTERACTIVE are broadly in the spectrum of digital media, from social media to SEO, to working on websites, to mobile apps to anything and everything that requires a creative perspective. 

Malavika mentioned that LWYD INTERACTIVE is a design agency, that serves clients who need to have design requirements in the form of posters, ads, online, offline, creative, and similar requirements. The agency specializes in key inflection points—from helping companies take a thoughtful next step, to a total strategic reinvention.


  • Always asking, “what if?”
  • Accepting great ideas from any source.
  • Striving to learn and improve, every day.
  • Being direct and transparent with each other, their clients, and their vendors.
  • Making sure smiles and laughter are the rules, not the exception.


LWYD INTERACTIVE leverages its years of experience to create the correct strategy and plans for business which helps to grow the brand and revenue of their clients. It offers services like:

  • Digital strategy and planning
  • Creative strategy and graphics design
  • Social media marketing
  • Videos, Gifs, and content marketing
  • Website design, development, and analytics
  • SEO and Search Engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Media planning and buying
  • Influencer marketing
  • Videography and photography
  • Bespoke events and experiences
  • Print and production

LWYD INTERACTIVE focuses on building creative strategies for brand communication. The aim of the company is to curate creative content that is engaging and inspiring, such content is integral to any business and is a key part of any integrated marketing strategy. The company also provides the service of social media marketing wherein they make communication simple through all platforms. According to them, one size does not fit all which is why their social media service focuses on what matters most to their clients and their businesses. LWYD INTERACTIVE also assists in website design and development and analytics, it helps in building the face of a brand’s digital self. 


LWYD INTERACTIVE has worked with popular brands like Arrow, Decathlon, Hewlett Pack enterprise, Ogilvy, and many more. LWYD INTERACTIVE has worked with Yahoo, which is one of the leading web service providers in the field of entertainment, news, and sports content. As a part of Yahoo’s social media management mandate, LWYD INTERACTIVE was provided with the task of making content more interesting and attractive and increase DAU’s. LWYD INTERACTIVE has been working with Yahoo since December 2018 on its social media management and performance campaigns. 

The company’s approach towards the task to make the content interesting has been taken up through the following steps:

  • Client on-boarding 
  • Client brief 
  • Initial audit
  • Media planning
  • Creative concepts
  • Client approvals
  • Execution/Shift
  • Measure (Periodic performance reports)
  • Adaptive learning 

LWYD INTERACTIVE has also worked with Arrow for their digital campaign: My best is yet to come! And assisted to draw up a cross-platform campaign celebrating an achiever, OP Khanna, they promoted the videos widely via social profiles of other achievers which resulted in a successful campaign. LWYD INTERACTIVE has also worked with various big companies like Fincare, Glenfiddich, Hewlett Pack Enterprise, Clear Tax, and Star Sports. It has also worked on various campaign shoots and is popular on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and almost all other social media platforms. 


Malavika stated that LWYD INTERACTIVE stands out from most companies as what makes LWYD INTERACTIVE unique in the digital marketing spectrum and industry what she believes, is quick to adapt attitude according to what the client wants. The company keeps on evolving and does not get stuck on one thing at a time. So if a client quickly needs something done, or needs them to adapt to a particular situation, LWYD INTERACTIVE is flexible in its approach to doing so. Malavika further explained that they try to make the best of the situation, and even in difficult times like that of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the company faced many challenges in engaging with the clients but they were quick to adapt to all the online features available. When talking about which strategies LWYD INTERACTIVE has followed in the past, Malavika mentioned that understanding what a client needs and comprehending the consumer-facing front needs, and merging both of these together has worked quite well for them. She also stated that they build strong relationships with the client and treat them as friends, also as they are a creative digital agency they are well updated and informed about the changing social media trends and other digital changes. 


Malavika mentioned that there was one website that they built that was really exciting. One influencer marketing campaign that they conducted proved to be a fascinating digital campaign for LWYD INTERACTIVE. There are multiple clients and multiple offerings that they have worked on. Too many campaigns have got them quite excited and in the rush of getting something completed, to Malavika is what is really satisfying. She also stated that when they actually see driven results is what makes her work really exciting and hence she did not point out any particular project.

“It always fascinated us about how the digital spectrum works, about how results are driven through the digital spectrum, and that is why we chose to get into this line of work.”, added Malavika.


Malavika stated that in the next five years, she wants to witness the company grow, and consistently growing is what she sees as the future of LWYD INTERACTIVE. She said that she wouldn’t say that they don’t really want to be a market leader in the industry but also, she is currently happy with the growth rate of her company and wants to execute various different things than what they are already working on.

When asked about the challenges the LWYD INTERACTIVE team has faced, Malavika responded that the pandemic was very challenging because everybody had to work remotely and they had to figure out how to do it but adaptability to changes helped them to get a hang of it.

Look What You’ve Done is inspiring many organizations. By practicing agile methodologies and iterating in design sprints, the company is growing at an amazing pace.



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