Roshni Devi Sangwan The 68-year-old Gym Enthusiast

Roshni Devi Sangwan: The 68-year-old Gym Enthusiast

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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of silver. While this wisdom is universally acknowledged, how many of us genuinely follow this and take meaningful actions? Unfortunately, not many. While many people struggle to find time amid bustling schedules and demanding lifestyles, to prioritise their health and fitness, there emerges a remarkable figure breaking the mould. Roshni Devi Sangwan, a 68-year-old gym enthusiast, defies the stereotype that age is not a barrier to a healthy lifestyle.

And we are not talking about simple exercises here, she can do planks, squats and even lift weights, setting an example for both the young and the old alike. What makes her journey exceptional is not just her commitment to staying healthy but also the unique bond she shares with her gym trainer and son, Ajay Sangwan.

What Made Roshni Devi Sangwan Choose Gym

Everything was going well but in September 2022, Roshni’s knees began to ache, signalling the onset of health challenges. When Ajay took her to a doctor, it was arthritis. The situation worsened when she fell in the bathroom, leading to a spine injury. In her own words, Roshni shares, “I was on complete bed rest. At that time, I felt that I was burdening my son who managed our family business and now had to attend to my needs.”

That’s when Ajay decided to enroll his mother in the gym, despite Roshni’s initial reluctance. Temporarily setting aside his business, he started taking care of Roshni. Initially, she felt awkward, but gradually, she adapted, and eventually, got relief from her knee and back pain.

Roshni shares, “Lifting weights made me feel scared. However, I tried it and loved doing it. I like all the exercises that Ajay makes me do. I even lift deadlifts. Everyone in the gym loves me, and they often say they feel motivated seeing me do exercises and lifting weights at such an age. And I would say, it’s all because of my son who has been a tremendous source of love and support throughout this journey.”

As Ajay left his job to look after his mother, it led to financial difficulties. However, with determination, the mother-son duo managed to overcome those hurdles. Ajay made a video of his mother capturing different moments of her lifting weights and performing exercises like squats and planks. The video became viral and helped shatter preconceptions. It gave a strong message that age is just a number. Ajay documents Roshni’s journey on their Instagram handle to empower other women to come out and focus on their health. 

Ajay shares, “When my mother started experiencing knee pain and a slight bend in her back and when we came to know that she had arthritis, I prioritised her health over anything else. The decision to enrol her into a gym has been the best move.”

He further adds, “Sacrificing my career for my mother was a conscious decision. Nothing comes over my mother. There was no job which allowed me to take my mother to a physiotherapist for two to three hours. In light of this, I chose to become a gym manager, where I could bring my mother along. Although the salary may not be as lucrative as my previous career, this job allows me to fulfil my professional responsibilities while prioritizing my mother’s well-being.”

Message from Roshni Devi Sangwan

Roshni Devi Sangwan, Nari Shakti

For people who face back pain and other issues at this age, Roshni shares advice for them. “You must do some walking and exercises to stay fit. It not only contributes to your overall well-being but also prevents loneliness and isolation that can set in with prolonged indoor stays. While the initial hesitation may be there and it’s quite natural, stepping into the gym and engaging in regular exercise gradually fades the awkwardness. When you incorporate exercises into your daily routine, it opens the door to improved health and well-being.”

“Elderly women should do light exercises at home or in the park. First, you can start exercising regularly,  and as you build strength, you can start going to the gym. I strongly urge you to take care of yourself given that women are more susceptible to health issues. Praying and solely going to Satsang will not provide you with strength. True strength comes from regular exercise, especially for elderlies,” she further advises while signing off.

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