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“We aspire to revolutionize the user experience, improve productivity, simplify decision making & help our clients be the market leaders in their respective manufacturing space.”

Rajeswaran C Sababathy (CEO & Digital Manufacturing Solution Practice Head, Shoubii)

In the present-day era businesses are transforming rapidly, so is the need for trusted advisory companies that help in making strategic decisions and solving business problems. To help businesses build trust and deliver sustained outcomes, a well-renowned consulting firm Shoubii (Systematic Harmonization in Optimizing & Upgrading of Business Information & Intelligence) was incorporated in India in 2010 and in the US in 2013. It provides professional services in the areas of Digital Manufacturing Solutions, SAP® Solutions, Oracle® Solutions, Genesys® Solutions along with Data & Analytics for a broad range of manufacturing industries. 

Initially, it was all about identifying the right talents, building in-house capabilities, developing templates, fine-tuning methodologies, enhancing rapid deployment abilities among other services. Today, the company has expanded itself to deliver a wide range of world-class services. It has several satisfied customers in the US, Canada, and the Gulf countries in the manufacturing space, who are market leaders in their respective areas of expertise. 

The purpose of the company is to build trust with the clients, solve their business problems and help organizations to bring a range of capabilities to solve faster and realize more value.


CEO, Rajeswaran C Sababathy has over 25+ years of experience in a variety of Manufacturing Industries including Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Textiles, Steel, Hi-Tech, Security devices, Energy, Automobiles, Contract Manufacturing & Packaging materials.

Rajesaran is well supported by his wife Narmada to manage the US operations. Their son, Shoubith Rajeswaran is aspiring to do a business degree in a leading business school in the US. 

Talking about the initiation of the company, he says, “The idea was to create a world-class consulting firm in the manufacturing space with the help of strong, dedicated & highly motivated team of individuals. Shoubii aspires to revolutionize the user experience, improve productivity, simplify decision making & help the clients become the market leaders in their respective manufacturing space.” 


Over the years, Shoubii has mastered the art of exceeding client expectations, by delivering customized manufacturing solutions to the clients. Its resources are spread in different geographical locations to conveniently work in the required time zones. It deploys the traditional offshore/onshore delivery models with the majority of the developments being carried out in its own offshore delivery center. The company provides various services to the manufacturing industry. Some of them are briefly described below:

  1. Digital Manufacturing Solutions


Shoubii helps businesses unleash the power of factory intelligence by offering: 

  • SAP® MES:

    To improve manufacturing reliability and product traceability with centralized processes and automated data collection.

  • SAP® DMC:

    To provide the link between production and business in the supply chain management.

  • GE Proficy®:

    To collect industrial time-series, alarms & event data for the research of assets.

  • Apriso®:

    To oversee and execute manufacturing operations activities across the company, including operations related to the warehouse, production, maintenance, quality, labor, and the supply chain.


    A leader in medical diagnosis and a pioneer in infrastructure, automation, energy solutions, and software for the industry.

  1. SAP® Solutions 

Shoubii helps its clients unlock the value of their SAP® solutions with the power of Harmonization, Intelligence & Optimization. Some of the SAP® solutions provided by Shoubii are: 

  • IS Retail: A completely integrated ERP solution to fully integrate all departments of a retail organization. These can be supply chain, marketing, and logistics departments. SAP® IS Retail offers functions such as pricing & promotion, assortment management, markdown planning & management, master data, store allocation, and resource planning methods.
  • SAP® Fiori: An easier & more intuitive way to run SAP® applications. With a focus on an intelligent, consistent, and integrated user experience, SAP® Fiori can help redefine how the organizations work in the age of digital transformation.
  • SAP® HANA: Serves as the digital core for connecting different enterprises with people, business networks, the Internet of things, and big data.
  • SAP® IBP: A cloud-based planning software for supply chain management that uses real-time information to assist businesses to respond to business volatility quickly.
  • SAP® TM: Manages all aspects of transportation processes like transportation planning, and optimization, freight tendering, charge management, and other related services.
  • SAP® EWM: Manages inventory in the warehouse and supports the processing of goods movement.
  1. Oracle® Cloud Solutions

Shoubii helps businesses unlock the value of Oracle® Cloud solutions with these offerings: 

  • ERP Cloud:

    A comprehensive and scalable Oracle® ERP Cloud system to help a business transform itself.

  • HCM Cloud:

    A cloud-based application that helps HR to deliver excellent solutions to manage every stage of an employee’s lifecycle. Oracle® HCM Cloud implementation helps enterprises make smarter, faster, and more strategic decisions.

  • SCM Cloud:

    A comprehensive SCM suite that links the digital supply chain with a variety of other capabilities, including strategic material procurement, integrated logistics, product innovation, omnichannel fulfillment, outsourced manufacturing, and integrated demand and supply planning, to name a few.

  • Analytics Cloud:

A solution that helps business analysts and consumers put their data to use with its AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities.

  • IoT Cloud:

    Company’s IoT solutions provide actionable data insights that help predict complex and critical business factors thereby helping businesses to function in a more cost-effective way.

  1. Contact Center Solution 

Shoubii has expertise in improving customer experience, retention, and revenue. It builds world-class contact center solutions and offers services like: 

  • Voice Self Service:

    Designing and developing voice application solutions that meet and surpass the clients’ expectations.

  • Customer Relationship Management:

    Deploying CRM systems that increase customer lifetime value and profitability. „„ Analytics: Providing a data warehousing and contact center analytics solution that helps customers make difficult business decisions.

  • Genesys® Implementation:

    Genesys® Voice Platform (GVP), Genesys® Routing Solution (ERS and NRS), Genesys® Outbound Solution (OCS), Genesys® Upgrade Services, Genesys® SIP Solution, Performance Tuning, and Health Checks, Genesys® eServices and Enterprise Workload Management, Genesys® Reporting Solution (Pulse/ CCPulse and Info Mart) to name a few, are some of the Genesys® Consulting Solutions offered.


shoubii team

  • Selvan SP: Advisory partner providing insights to market trends, go-to-market strategies 
  • Ramkumar Thangarajan: Practice Lead, Master Data Governance 
  • Kaalai Raaja: Practice Lead, IS Retail Solutions 
  • Marcel Lewis: Practice Lead, Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence 
  • Nicholas Gavin: Practice Lead, Manufacturing Execution 
  • Vignesh Ramakrishnan: Practice Lead, GE Proficy® Solutions 
  • Tamizharasu Jothilingam: Practice Lead, Apriso® Solutions 
  • Maheshwari Shaker: Practice Lead, Fiori Solutions 
  • Santhi Tiyyagura: Practice Lead, SIEMENS® Solutions 
  • Smith Samraj: Practice Lead, Web technologies & Front-End Development 
  • Rajan: HR & Finance Executive


Shoubii builds trust through the quality of solutions it provides. On-time delivery is the guaranteed outcome. Understanding the importance of adapting solutions to the dynamic business situations of its clients, Shoubii has made some significant client relationships. Some of its recent success stories are with the below-mentioned clients: 

  • Market leader in Floor covering products in North America 
  • Major steel manufacturer in the Gulf 
  • Rapidly growing security camera manufacturer in North America 
  • Major Infrastructure manufacturer in North America 
  • Major consulting firms across the globe 

“We work hand in hand with our clients, right from conceptualizing to modernizing the manufacturing operations and help them all the way until we achieve the goals together. We provide 24/7 support for the solutions with the ability to deliver at a pace that continues to improve our high benchmarks,” explains Rajeswaran. 


With the endless possibility of automation & improving user experience, Shoubii understands that the solution it develops along with the customers will continue to mature during the different project phases until it stabilizes for the business. Shoubii works hand in hand as partners to achieve the common goal and this understanding makes it stand out in the market. 


The world was shut down for a brief period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Resources that were never used to work from home, were compelled to work remotely. The pandemic turned the world of work upside down. The impact on Shoubii was no different. It presented the company with a whole new set of challenges and complexities. Initially, the coordination between the team members of the company was disrupted. Fortunately, effective and optimal use of Videoconferencing and ticketing systems for internal development activities, helped the company to ensure on-time service delivery to the clients. 


Shoubii commits to following some deeply ingrained principles and values to build strong, trusting relationships with its clients as well as employees. Its core values are: 

  • Honesty 

Shoubii follows Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity in every step of its business dealings right from introductory meetings until project closure.

  • Trust 

Its definition of trust is to give priority, to real openness towards other people, and the widest possible sharing of ideas and information to enable taking the right and informed decisions.

  • Team Spirit 

The stronger the team, the stronger the company. At Shoubii, employees feel invested in reaching an objective together and are there to support and encourage each other. 


Shoubii believes that Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Considering the complex nature of the manufacturing industries, strong teamwork is required to deliver the solution successfully.

We offer satisfaction to our employees by exposing them to emerging technologies in the market and empowering them to be change agents for our customers.” says Rajeswaran who believes that good teamwork can easily solve difficult problems at any workplace. 

Furthermore, the team at Shoubii uses talent and resources to be a voice of change. United by strong and definite purpose and values, Shoubii builds a culture of belonging- one where it moves from awareness to empathy and exhibits inclusive leadership. 

Employees are the true assets of any organization. Shoubii values the notable contribution of each employee and therefore provides access to programs that can be tailored to meet the personal health and financial well-being of employees and their families. 


The mission of the company is to win the trust of clients by delivering sustained outcomes, with professional services in the areas of Digital Manufacturing Solutions, along with Data & Analytics for a broad range of manufacturing industries. The company wants to recognize itself as the world’s leading solution provider for manufacturing industries. 


According to Rajeswaran, Success in the manufacturing industry is making life easy for the shop floor operator and at the same time, automating the system to capture all information required to make a well-informed decision, at the right time. He believes that it is Shoubii’s responsibility to deliver top-notch services to all the customers. This has been the core of all the success stories for Shoubii. 

The ability to consistently deliver quality solutions on the planned time frame has been the key success factor for this company. All its resources go through a comprehensive training program, aimed at upgrading the skills to deliver World-class solutions to the clients.

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