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Oftog Global: Creating a sense of Inclusion and Belonging

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“One price no surprise.”

Deepak Goel & Shilpa Goel
(Co-Founders, Oftog Global)

Nobody had ever thought of Hybrid-work culture until it became a buzzword a decade ago. When businesses realised its advantages, coworking spaces started coming to the fore, in the middle of the change in demand and inclination for flexible workspaces. Businesspeople are now investing in coworking spaces, thereby putting the limelight on top-notch coworking services providers like Oftog Business Solutions which provides flexible spaces and solutions to startups, budding entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

The company is currently run by a business enthusiast Ridhi Vatnani, an entrepreneur with 12 years of experience. She envisions Oftog to be present in B-tier cities by the end of 2024 and across 5 Metros by 2025.

Oftog is one of the largest providers of flexible and hassle-free workspace stations in Hyderabad, with clients ranging from individual-owned businesses to multinational corporations. Your search for PlugNPlay, Business Centers, Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Conference Rooms, Hot Seats, Dedicated Seats, Manager Cabins, and Convention Centres, ends at Oftog as the firm delivers it all. 

“In 2017, Oftog was incepted as a platform that would help and serve people in business. We came up with the name ‘OFTOG’- an acronym for OF (often) TOG (Together) as we feel that people always stay together in a business and work towards a common purpose,” explains Deepak Goel.

The technologically advanced and cost-effective coworking space solutions by Oftog adapt to evolving business necessities; all this is possible because of the fervent leadership of Deepak Goel and Ridhi Vatnani. 

Why Oftog?

  • Oftog’s current capacity is around a total area of 8000+ Sq. Ft having 160 Workstations, 10 Cabins, 2 Conference rooms, and Meeting rooms.
  • Amenities include high-speed internet, front desk reception, beverages, biometric access, cleaning services, free print, restroom, cafeteria, and personal booth.
  • The pricing and plans are as affordable as they can be. 
  • One can concentrate solely on their work as beverages and snacks arrangements are handled entirely by team Oftog. 

Our ‘one price no surprise concept’ is the most sought-after aspect that allures the clients towards us as it guarantees them a fixed operating cost. We are always in demand because of the clients’ word-of-mouth reference and satisfaction level that they experience,” mentions Deepak. 

The Clientele

Oftog’s clientele includes companies from different domains like finance, software handling, travel, recruitment, & digital marketing, NGOs and budding businesses. 

Ridhi mentions, “Our focus has always been start-ups run by struggling entrepreneurs who have a vision in life. We cater to them in our best possible manner and ensure that they feel in place at any time.”

“Since the very beginning, we have made sure that we deliver what we promise which in turn helps us in building a strong relationship with all our clients. We also provide 24*7 assistance to encourage a relaxed and comfortable business environment designed for innovation and productivity,” mentions the CEO. 

What’s The Next Step

Since 2017, Oftog has grown for all intents and purposes. The company has presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. For better business growth, Oftog is also looking for Franchisees all over the world. 

Like any business, Oftog has also faced its fair share of challenges over the years. One of the biggest challenges was managing and maintaining multiple locations when the pandemic hit the world. Oftog had to shut down its operations in Bangalore and Chennai but ‘there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and your struggles only make you better in the end.’

The company kept moving forward. Thanks to the unfaltering energy and determination of Team Oftog that it stood the test of time and bounced back with a bang. Oftog has now expanded to multiple floors in a 5-storey building with a vision to help businesses grow in the collaborative environment. 

The Honours

Some of the coveted honours received by the company include:

  • Best Coworking Space & Best CEO of the Year Award by Indian Achievers Award in 2020
  • Best CFO of the Year Award by SuperCFO

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