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Gone are the days when outsourcing used to be a word with a fairly negative connotation. Outsourcing is becoming the norm for several industries today. Businesses are adopting outsourcing services to cut costs, improve productivity and focus on core business processes. 

Outsourcing companies leave no stone unturned to help a business move forward and reach heights. Undoubtedly, outsourcing has always helped organizations to grow through their growth stages.

Take a look at the 10 most promising global outsourcing companies of 2021.


Founded in 2002, Ciklum is a renowned international software development and IT outsourcing company. It is a global Digital Solutions and fast-growing company for Fortune 500. Headquartered in London, Ciklum has different software development centers and branch offices in the United Kingdom, UAE, Ukraine, Denmark, United States, and many other countries. Currently, the company has 21 offices, 1200+ clients, 200+ client teams, and 3500+ developers across the globe. It builds tailored digital solutions that leverage emerging technologies for clients like Flixbus, Metro Markets, Just Eat, Lottoland, Zurich Insurance, EFG International to name a few.


Headquartered in Mumbai, Datastraw is a modern outsourcing house that helps its clients outsource their day-to-day data requirements by identifying the key challenges and guiding them in the process of executing the right outbound strategy. The company works with fast-growing businesses around the globe to provide them with growth-hacking solutions to increase revenue and achieve scale. A PaaS (People-as-a-service) organization, its services are focused on outbound growth strategies via B2B lead generation and email marketing. Datastraw also provides customized data solutions based on client requirements, such as data mining, data cleansing, content moderation, to name a few. 


Established in 2001, Firstsource is a leading provider of business process solutions to more than 100 global businesses in the banking and financial services, communications, media, and technology sectors, healthcare, private equity, and other varied industries. Firstsource’s tech-based solutions help several businesses simplify complex business processes, thereby elevating customer satisfaction & experience, and creating value across the business. Today, the company employs more than 28,000 employees across the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. 


Founded in 1990, Hexaware is an information technology and business process outsourcing service provider based in Navi Mumbai, India. The company has its offices across the US, Mexico, and Canada in North America, Brazil in South America, Sydney in Australia, Singapore, Japan, India, China, and UAE in Asia and UK, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands in Europe. Hexaware’s three-pronged strategy- Automate Everything, Cloudify Everything, and Transform Customer Experiences endeavors to power human-machine collaboration. The company leverages the power of data and strategic cloud computing to facilitate business transformation for the customers. 

  • KPIT

Founded in 1990, KPIT is among India’s leading independent software development and integration partners serving mobility to attain a clean, smart, and safe future. It is a global technology company specializing in providing IT consulting and product engineering solutions to Automotive, Manufacturing, and Energy & Utility companies. It is the only embedded software company with deep domain expertise across CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) domains. With 7000 automobelievers across the globe specializing in the embedded software package, AI, and digital solutions, KPIT accelerates clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the long-term quality roadmap. 


Incorporated in 1982 as Management and Software Technology Private Limited, Mastek is an Indian multinational technology company that provides digital and cloud transformation services,  and software for large private and public enterprises across 41 countries including the UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and India. Mastek enables business outcomes for clients through its differentiated cloud and digital services like Cloud Native & Application Development, Digital Experience & Commerce, Oracle Suite & Cloud Implementations, Next-generation managed services, Digital Computing, and Automation & AI.


QX Global Group is a global Business Process Management (BPM) company providing business transformation in the fields of finance, accounting, and recruitment operations. Comprising a perfect combination of specialized skills and deep industry knowledge with technology and automation, it uses a 3P approach, of PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PLATFORM to deliver strategic outsourcing solutions for clients across 15 industries. It is the first BSI-certified GDPR compliant outsourcing provider in India and has adequate safety control measures to safeguard clients’ information and intellectual property. 


TatvaSoft is a Consummate Custom Software Development company delivering excellent business IT solutions and related services to customers at the global level. It has emerged and marked its presence in different continents by providing top-notch bespoke software development services to all major industry domains. It signs a Non-disclosure agreement before initiating any project to eliminate the chances of any unethical data breaches and safeguard IPs and vital information of organizations. TatvaSoft offers businesses the flexibility to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world with their advanced software outsourcing services. 


Teleperformance is an omnichannel company that provides top-notch services like customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, debt collection, social media, and other services across the world. Today’s businesses need a digitally-powered partner to establish success in the longer run. Therefore, a trusted company like Teleperformance comes into the picture to deliver intelligent and integrated customer experiences balanced with human understanding and empathy. 

  • WNS

WNS is a leading and top Business Process Management (BPM) company combining deep industry expertise with technology and analytics expertise for the co-creation of innovation and digital-led transformational solutions. It enables businesses in many different industries like Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Packaged Goods, Travel, Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services, Shipping and Logistics, Healthcare, and Energy & Utilities.

The brand has expanded its footprints in 16 countries with 57 delivery centers across the globe including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Spain, Turkey, China, the Philippines, Romania, Poland, Spain, and the United States. 

“All the names have been arranged in an alphabetical order, and it is not a ranking”.