So a Truck Hit You. Now What

So a Truck Hit You. Now What?


Being involved in a truck accident can be a horrifying and traumatic experience. After a crash, there is no precedent or manual to fall back on. Each experience is unique, and being well-informed will help you get through it. A seasoned personal injury attorney from a reputable law firm, such as The Levin Firm, can help you to a great extent in a truck accident case. 

Read on for comprehensive guidelines on what you should do after being hit by a truck to protect your rights and obtain your compensation.

If You Get Injured, Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If a truck has hit you, getting medical attention should be your top priority. Not getting medical assistance could compromise your safety and hinder the chances of getting legal compensation. This is if it is determined to be someone else’s fault.

In most cases, after getting into a truck accident, physical trauma may vary from minor cuts and bruises to more serious ones like broken bones or head injuries. Seek medical attention so that any possible internal damage or invisible injury can be assessed and treated accordingly.

Gather Evidence at the Accident Scene 

Obtaining evidence at the accident scene is an invaluable part of the investigative process. Take as many photographs as possible, not just of the truck but also of the surrounding area. This can include anything from skid marks on the road to street signs and environmental obstacles such as trees or parked cars.

This evidence can provide valuable insight to determine who was responsible for the accident. It will help you build a successful case should it go to court.

Contact an Attorney to Discuss Your Legal Options

It is essential to consult an experienced attorney after getting hit by a truck. A lawyer experienced in this field can provide invaluable guidance and advice on obtaining fair compensation for any medical bills and damages incurred.

An attorney can also help you safeguard your legal rights should the case go to court. They will ensure that the other party takes responsibility for their actions and that you receive appropriate remedies or damages.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact an attorney if you get involved in such an accident as soon as possible.

Keep Track of All Expenses Related to the Accident

Store all documents related to the incident, as they may be necessary for the future. Keep track of any medical bills, car repairs, and any time missed from work due to appointments or treatments pertaining to the accident. This includes the following:

  • Insurance statements
  • Mortgage statements
  • Pay stubs for the day of the accident or any period of absence from work due to your injuries

Additionally, create one easy-to-access master file that contains copies of all documents related to your expenses regarding the accident. By organizing these records now, you can limit confusion and help back your argument as the victim.

Wrapping Up

Nobody ever plans to get into a car accident, but unfortunately, they happen daily. If you get involved in one, seek medical attention immediately and gather evidence at the scene. You should also contact an attorney to discuss your legal options and keep track of all expenses related to the accident.

Truck accidents can be complex, so it’s vital to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Therefore, get a truck accident lawyer today and obtain the justice you deserve.

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