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Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry is saving lives through effective drug manufacturing. It has been successful in bringing innovative therapies that help patients to live longer. Zydus Cadila, a fast-growing company in the pharmaceutical sector is a fully integrated, and global healthcare provider. It is known for its in-depth expertise in the field of healthcare and the pharmaceutical value chain. Zydus provides comprehensive and complete healthcare solutions ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients and animal healthcare products to wellness products.

Originated in the year 1952 by Ramanbhai B Patel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Zydus continuously innovates with an unfaltering focus to address the unmet needs of the healthcare sector. Sharvil Patel is the Joint Managing Director of the company. Sharvil is a third-generation scientist and entrepreneur and has contributed a lot to the success of the company. Zydus never forgets and rededicates itself each day to its mission of creating a healthier, and happier communities across the world.


Driven by a passion for innovation, Zydus’s innovative program is spearheaded by 1400 researchers across 19 sites. Its major areas of research are:


The team at Zydus conducts drug discovery & development from concept to IND enabling preclinical and clinical studies. In 2013, Zydus was the first to identify develop and launch one of the significant drugs in demand-Lipaglyn, to treat diabetic dyslipidemia. This drug is the first chemical entity that moved from an Indian research lab to the market. This discovery has helped 700,000 patients suffering from diabetic dyslipidemia in India lead healthier lives.


Under biologics research, Zydus has made the world’s first biosimilar of Adalimumab-Exemptia. This drug provides a new lease of life to Indian patients with inflammatory arthritis. Another significant discovery under biologics is Twinrab, the world’s first novel cocktail of rabies monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). It contains Docaravimab and Miromavimab that provide dual protection against rabies.


Zydus has a dedicated Vaccine Technology Centre that has two state-of-the-art R&D centers, one located in Catania, Italy, and the other in Ahmedabad, in the western part of India. The center is developing vaccines for various vaccine programs like Diphtheria, Tetanus, Haemophilus Influenzae type B, Influenza, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Pertussis, and Typhoid fever. Zydus is also credited for developing and manufacturing India’s first Tetravalent Inactivated Influenza vaccine, VaxiFlu – 4. It provides protection from the four influenza viruses- H1N1, H3N2, Type B (Brisbane), and Type B (Phuket).


Zydus Animal Health is India’s leading animal healthcare provider. It leads in many therapeutic segments like anti-bacterial, NSAIDs, Anti-mastitis, tonics, and poultry vaccines amongst others in India. To cater to the increasing demands of the pet community, the division has also launched a basket of products specifically for companion animals.


Zydus group also has manufacturing capabilities including formulations, APIs, vaccines, biosimilars, complex products (transdermals, and topical, etc.), animal health products, and wellness products with more than 30 manufacturing plants across the world including India, Germany, Brazil & USA. Some of the prominent state-of-the-art plants include Finished Dosage Form in Moraiya, Baddi, Brazil and Goa, Formulations plant in Sikkim, Biologicals Active Substances in Ahmedabad, Topical Formulation Manufacturing, Vaccine Technology Center, and Alidac pharmaceuticals limited in Ahmedabad.  


With the purpose of reaching out to the community and finding new expressions for its mission to create a happier and healthier community, it is dedicated to all dimensions and areas of health. 

  • Swasthya: Health, Safety & Environment

Under this program, Zydus organizes rural health awareness camps, deaddiction camps, and personal hygiene campaigns, and promotes preventive health care. It also focuses on Sanitation – making available safe drinking water. It ensures environmental sustainability through the maintenance of soil, air, and water.

  • Shiksha: Education

Zydus gives support to the Zydus School for Excellence, organizes educational programs for farmers in the rural areas around its manufacturing facilities, gives infrastructure support to primary schools, and also gives awards and recognition for school children in the rural areas around its manufacturing facilities.

  • Shodh: Research

The company promotes research in pharmaceuticals and healthcare through the biennial symposium, The Ramanbhai Foundation International, a global knowledge-sharing forum on innovation.


The mission of Zydus Cadila is to create healthier communities. The world of Zydus is shaped by a passion for innovation, commitment to partners, and concern for people in an effort to create happier and healthier communities globally. 

The company’s vision is to open new pathways through innovation and quality excellence. 


Zydus Cadila has been awarded many awards so far. Some of the prominent awards are:

  • The Overall India Pharma Excellence Award and the India Pharma Innovation of the Year Award from the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Government of India.
  • The CII Industrial Innovation Grand Jury Award of being the Most Innovative Company of the Year.
  • Declared the most Innovative Pharmaceutical Company by Thomson Reuters.
  • Declared as the ‘Emerging Company of the Year’ by the Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2010.

At present, its manufacturing sites and research facilities are spread across Sikkim, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and the five states of Gujarat. At the global level, Zydus has a strong presence in regulated markets of the United States, Europe (France & Spain), Latin America, and South Africa. 


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