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Swipelocal: Bridging The Gap Between Work and Personal Life

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“Swipelocal is committed to offering exclusive local offices to bring a harmonious balance between work and personal life.”

Anand Pujari (Managing Director, Swipelocal)                    

To build a successful career, people often embark on journeys to different cities or even foreign countries in pursuit of their professional aspirations. However, as time passes, priorities naturally evolve, with family taking centre stage. The frenetic pace of metropolitan life can present formidable challenges in striking a harmonious work-life balance. In such circumstances, there arises a need for a comfortable local office space that allows one to work zealously while enabling proximity to family.

Talking about his observations, Anand Pujari, Managing Director of Swipelocal, mentions how thousands of  IT employees from the tier 2 city of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, travel every week to Metro Cities to work for MNCs. Following this observation, the idea of building co-working offices for these IT employees came to life. “The idea behind incepting Swipelocal was to create a space where people could work from local offices, thus helping them achieve a work-life balance,” mentions Anand.

Swipelocal offers the best co-working spaces with all the amenities such as comfortable desks, conference rooms, private rooms, private cabins, high-speed Wi-Fi, parking, AC, printing & scanning services, office supplies, a pantry, and a biometric log. The company aims to provide a fully comfortable work environment, allowing employees to work without any worries.

Swipelocal’s Services


Swipelocal believes in offering the best. Under its service portfolio, the firm offers two plans.

  • Dedicated Workspaces For Companies

The firm offers personalised private office spaces complete with all the necessary amenities, along with the provision of a dedicated local office manager.

In Anand’s words, “We also offer specially designed private cabins for small businesses and emerging startups which are not only cost-effective but also motivational to encourage out-of-the-box thinking.”

Swipelocal being familiar with the local environment and people also helps enterprises in finding highly experienced and exceptionally suitable human resources.

  • Shared Workspaces For Individuals

Taking care of freelancers and corporate employees, Swipelocal offers individual, furnished and well-equipped workspaces. These office spaces provide an ideal environment for deliberation, networking, and constructive dialogue with team members. These top-quality, affordable and comfortable workspaces are absolutely ideal. And here’s the icing on the cake! All the local offices are situated at a prime location and are well-connected.

Initial Challenges In The Growth Of The Company

Numerous IT employees expressed a genuine liking for these local offices. As the post-Covid-19 era ushered in a return to normalcy, their employers’ mandates to work exclusively from the main office made these employees lose flexibility to utilise these local workspaces. Their hesitation to voice their desire and request such an option closed the doors further.   

Amid the challenges that exist, there are also tales of triumph. Emerging startups in Kurnool have subscribed to the workspace services by Swipelocal. Furthermore, a handful of determined employees have successfully persuaded their employers to allow them to work from the local offices.

“These success stories serve as inspirations for others seeking flexible and innovative workplaces,” mentions Mr Pujari.

Technology’s Vital Role in Remote Workspaces

In an era where companies are embracing a hybrid work model, the relevance of local offices has increased. These spaces serve as a bridge between employers and the employees. As Anand aptly observes, “Technology assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the viability of these remote workspaces.” Continuous monitoring of CCTV streams via centralised control stations ensures proper tracking of employees’ availability.

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