Samara Consultants & Developers | Saharudin T | Consultant of the year 2022

Samara Consultants and Developers: The Friendly Professionals Providing Quality Consultation

“We endeavour to build ‘SAMARA’ on a rich legacy of transparency, integrity and professionalism.” Saharudin T (Managing Partner & CEO, Samara Consultants and Developers) All projects related to construction and infrastructure require professional supervision and quality control to ensure the optimal end result. To maintain the quality of infrastructure and engineering Services, Samara Consultants and […]

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Prime Juris, Advocates And Solicitors | Rishabh Gupta | Consultant of the year 2022

Prime Juris, Advocates & Solicitors: Facilitating Reliable and Quality Legal Services

“We, at Prime Juris, have been representing our clients through quality counsel and advocacy to put their interest at the centre of our attention.” Rishabh Gupta & Prateek Goswami (Partners, Prime Juris)   Expert Legal counsel and formal advice are essential to protect the rights and interests of an individual or an organisation. Everyone needs […]

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Green Bark Consulting | Amitabha Gangopadhyay | Consultant of the year 2022

Green Bark Consulting: Offering Excellence With Every Solution

“We, at Green Bark Consulting, specialize in building a Business Excellence Process for clients in the industry.” Amitabha Gangopadhyay (Founder Director, Green Bark Consulting) Excellence is a well-curated ‘Discipline’ and a scientifically structured ‘Process’ that unveils ‘Extraordinary’ results and growth ‘Acceleration’. Accentuating this excellence in boutique consulting, Green Bark Consulting (GBC) is a progressive brand […]

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