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Green Bark Consulting: Offering Excellence With Every Solution

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“We, at Green Bark Consulting, specialize in building a Business Excellence Process for clients in the industry.”

Amitabha Gangopadhyay
(Founder Director, Green Bark Consulting)

Excellence is a well-curated ‘Discipline’ and a scientifically structured ‘Process’ that unveils ‘Extraordinary’ results and growth ‘Acceleration’. Accentuating this excellence in boutique consulting, Green Bark Consulting (GBC) is a progressive brand that provides exceptional services in Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Training, Business Excellence and Data Analytics. Understanding the needs and requirements of clients, Green Bark Consulting has worked extensively with Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical/Health Care & Health OTC Companies.

As the tagline highlights, “Discover Hidden Excellence”, Green Bark Consulting strongly believes that every business/brand can be revived, rebuilt and resurrected and thus aims to create precision and excellence through its strategic, creative & digital services.  


Meet Amitabha Gangopadhyay, the man behind Green Bark Consulting. Holding the position of Founder Director in the company, he is an all-around excellence professional with more than 29 years of rich experience. He received his education in M.Sc. in Human Physiology from Presidency College in Kolkata and gained knowledge through various MDPs from reputed business schools.  He gained experience while working in top MNCs and Indian giants in the Pharma industry. With his rich experience and passion for the science of business in Pharma, Amitabha leads Green Bark Consulting with an aspiration to be a ‘name of confidence’ in the healthcare consulting space.


The stellar journey of Green Bark Consulting began in 2019. Post learning and experiencing industry insights from his intense work experience at the top Management level both in the Indian and Asia Pacific context, Amitabha realised the void of excellence in business process and was convinced that a “Centre of Excellence” was the need of the hour to lay the foundation for his firm Green Bark Consulting.  A Centre of Excellence would comprise end-to-end solutions viz. Strategy, Marketing, SFE, Training, Creative & Digital.  

The Bougainvillea Co. founded by Ms Judy Patange
Ms Judy Patange, Founder & Creative Director The Bougainvillea Co.

Since 2019, Green Bark Consulting along with its strategic partner, the boutique ad agency The Bougainvillea Co. founded by Ms Judy Patange, Creative Director, has been directing the most crucial services of Creative-Communication-Digital-Events that complement the strategic plans of Green Bark Consulting. 

The company was started just a year before the pandemic hit the entire world. Taking the pandemic as a learning opportunity, the professionals of the company gained great insights during all transformations experienced by the industry. Amitabha iterates, “Today, we are formidable with critical projects, that indicate the rising confidence  in our clients and our prospects.”


Understanding the need of the client, Green Bark Consulting stands strong with its unique identity in the making. The highly qualified professionals of Green Bark Consulting & its strategic partner ensure that each and every service that the company provides is rich in excellence. 

As often quoted by Amitabha “Experience is of value if studied & documented for future application. Our endeavour at Green Bark is to create flavours of rich experience of business challenges & complexities, process solutions, product & process innovations & bring the science of excellence to the table.” While according to Judy Patange, Creative Director of The Bougainvillea Co., “We aspire to reach our TG through all communication & digital platforms by effective communication, innovative tech & attractive engaging creatives.”

The key strategies that differentiate Green Bark Consulting from others are:

  • Identifying client challenges/issues at the root level through deep analytical approaches and accordingly offering them the most feasible customised solution. 
  • Integrating the domain knowledge of Pharma/healthcare with holistic solution approaches, thereby not just solving the stated problem but ensuring achievement of excellence.


Catering to the needs and requirements of the client, Green Bark Consulting offers a wide range of services that include:

  • Strategic Projects

Portfolio analysis and re-structuring, Field Force Sizing, Facilitation to M&A, Sales and Marketing Restructuring and Transformation projects, Guidance to OTCization, New Business launches, and Resource Allocation.

  • Marketing (both guidance & end-to-end promotion/advertisement)

Business Unit, Therapy, Brands, Launch Management, and New Product identification.

  • Digital Transformation

Conceptualisation of the digital strategy by leveraging technology to change traditional print media mindsets to digital omnichannel models thereby taking advantage of the best tech available. 

  • Excellence Process (Design/Train/Implementation guidance)

SFE, Business Review and Marketing Excellence.

  • Training

Sales Force Skills, Sales Management (all levels), Marketing (all levels), Business Excellence Team.

  • Corporate Branding & Events (Awards, Launch, Marketing/Sales Budget Roll-out etc)

Strategy, Plan and Execution (end-to-end solutions).


Green Bark Consulting thereby emerges as a trusted name in the industry. Building the trust of its clients, the company offers the best-suited strategy to its clients. The clientele of the company includes top and mid-level MNC & Indian Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceutical companies and a few Pharma start-up companies. 

Amitabha adds, “All of these companies engage us for a spectrum of assignments like business transformation, restructuring, brand assessment, the launch of brands/therapy entry, OTC switch, brand acquisition and many more.  Our intense focus and the initial rigour of analytics to understand and gain critical insight into business challenges always instil confidence in our clients’ minds. We are certain to remain single-minded on the minutest details of every project that we own, and this is our key to ensuring a successful client relationship.” 


Aligning with the objective of “Discover Hidden excellence” – Green Bark Consulting and “The Colour of Business” – The Bougainvillea Co., the company strives to serve precision in all services; thereby looking forward to partnering with its existing clients and exploring winning integral projects for its next set of growth agenda.

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