Syed Ali Shiraz, Inspiring Leaders

Syed Ali Shiraz: A Man on a Mission for Fresh Fruit Innovation

“We believe that every bite should be a burst of nature’s goodness.” Syed Ali Shiraz (Group Managing Director, Expodus Group of Companies) In 2021, the global market for fresh fruits stood at a value of USD 551.1 billion, and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2022 to 2028. Despite its […]

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Shivam Ghosh, Inspiring Leaders

Shivam Ghosh: The Young Agro Pioneer From Bengal

“As we continue to scale, our ambitious target is to register patented formulations featuring novel active ingredients.” Shivam Ghosh (Director, Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited) India is emerging as a global force in the agrochemical industry. In this world of agrochemicals, Shivam Ghosh has been leading Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited since 2018. Shivam was only 16 […]

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Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar, Inspiring Leaders

Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar: The Surgical Maestro

“Care CIIGMA Hospitals holds the distinction of being the first in Maharashtra to successfully perform heart transplants, cochlear implants, organ retrievals, and mismatched kidney transplants.” Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar (Chairman & MD, Care CIIGMA Hospitals) “Service to humanity is service to God,” believes Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar who serves as the Chairman and Managing Director […]

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Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri, Inspiring Leaders

Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri: The Journey from Battlefield to Boardroom

“Our mission at Me Casa is to bring quality international products to the doorstep of every style-conscious consumer.”  Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri (Managing Director, Me Casa Group) ‘Entrepreneurship is a different battlefield, but the principles remain the same– adaptability, decision making and ability to lead from the front’, shares Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri, the Managing […]

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Sanket Joshi, Inspiring Leaders

Sanket Joshi: Mastermind Behind A Booming Transcription Business

“With a team of subject matter experts, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we possess, be it of technical terminologies or pop-culture references.” Sanket Joshi (Founder & MD, EarningsScript) They say zero-to-hero stories are only real in movies but Sanket Joshi defied the notion and scripted his story of triumph in the real world. […]

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Mohammed Imran, Inspiring Leaders

Mohammed Imran: The Mastermind of Aesthetics

“For me, each space is a chapter and every detail is a carefully chosen word, weaving a story that unfolds as you move through the space.” Mohammed Imran (Founder & MD, Skyline Spaces) India is becoming a powerhouse with people developing a taste for high-end lifestyles. The economic boom in the country is not only […]

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