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Shivam Ghosh: The Young Agro Pioneer From Bengal


“As we continue to scale, our ambitious target is to register patented formulations featuring novel active ingredients.”

Shivam Ghosh (Director, Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited)

India is emerging as a global force in the agrochemical industry. In this world of agrochemicals, Shivam Ghosh has been leading Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited since 2018. Shivam was only 16 years old when he entered into the entrepreneurial world. For the past six years, he has spent countless days and nights in intensive market research, competitor analysis and trend identification, all in his plan to expand the scope of Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited. 

Taking inspiration from his father’s unfulfilled dream to contribute to the field of agrochemicals, this agro-prodigy incepted Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited. As he drew immense support from his mother Amrita Chaudhuri Ghosh and grandfather Bijay Banerjee, it pushed him to take risks and critical business decisions. 

Shivam Ghosh with his mother Amrita Chaudhuri Ghosh and grandfather Bijay Banerjee
Shivam Ghosh with his mother Amrita Chaudhuri Ghosh and grandfather Bijay Banerjee

Shivam while reminiscing the inception days shares, “While I was preparing for my class 10 board exams, I got really interested in Chemistry. Although I studied science in the 11th and 12th grades, I pivoted to Finance for my undergraduate studies at the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute, University of Mumbai.” Currently, Shivam is pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration in Finance from the Swiss School of Business and Management.

His inclination towards the agrochemical domain is not just because of his interest in Chemistry but also his vision to provide farmers with high-quality products at competitive prices. As he believes that farmers are the unsung heroes as they make sure we have safe food to eat, he wants to ensure that they receive the utmost support they deserve.

From A Garage To Big Manufacturing Units

Starting with almost nothing and building a successful business may sound very easy in a book but the reality is far from magical. During the early days of Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited, there was nothing in terms of infrastructure or resources. Building everything from the ground up required a clear vision and a collaborative effort, involving Shivam, his mother and grandfather. Slowly and steadily, the business grew from zero to having over 120 employees and introducing 40+ brands to the agrochemical market. 

Views of Shivam Ghosh

“Today, we have two manufacturing plants and an office having 10,000 sqft and 5 floors. We have our manufacturing, Research and Development, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, and Account and Finance departments. Although we faced one challenge after another we faced them wholeheartedly, shaping us into a stronger and more dynamic organisation,” shares Shivam. 

As a leader, Shivam focuses on employee well-being, teamwork, and independent departmental operations. He advocates for teamwork and encourages each team member to stay motivated & fulfil their responsibilities for personal & professional growth. With a calculative mindset from a finance background, he evaluates the financial consequences before making business decisions. 

Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited

It is a leading manufacturer of agrochemicals in India. The company operates in the agrochemical and biostimulants market, with a strong portfolio of over 130 active CIB&RC manufacturing registrations. Its wide range includes formulations of Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators, and Bio-Stimulants.

Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited

“What makes our strategy unique is our focus on new-generation active ingredients rather than conventional ones. Despite the challenges faced by newcomers in obtaining registrations for these new-gen formulations, we remain committed to providing them. As we continue to scale, our goal is to register patented formulations featuring novel active ingredients. With our forward-thinking approach, we want to ensure that our products meet market needs and evolving consumer demands, thereby placing  Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited at the forefront of innovation in the agrochemical and biostimulants sector,” mentions the Director. 

The company has a diverse clientele including 200 authorised distributors and approximately 6,000 retail stores that deal with agri inputs. It provides dedicated field and trade assistants to larger distributors. Its commitment extends to end-users, with field assistants addressing farmer concerns directly. This two-tier approach helps the firm understand and address the needs and requirements of clients.   

Shivam quotes the wisdom shared by Confucius over 2000 years ago: ‘Despite many accomplishments of mankind, we owe our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.’ Amid challenges like growing uncertainties from climate change, depleting water resources, and soil degradation, the company’s vision is to build a business that ensures continuous development of user-friendly production technology. Guided by the principles of the renowned agricultural scientist and Bharat Ratna Awardee Dr. M. S Swaminathan (famously known as ‘Kisanan da Masiha’), it aspires to enhance productivity without causing ecological harm.

In the Footsteps of Sir Ratan Tata

What keeps Shivam going is turning ideas into real achievements, as he draws his inspiration from the visionary leader, Sir Ratan Tata. Following in his footsteps, he also desires to bring a positive change in society. Like Sir Ratan Tata, Shivam also believes in fostering an organisational culture that values integrity, excellence, and social responsibility.

Shivam says, “For me, every challenge is an opportunity for transformation. As I look up to leaders like Ratan Tata, I stay optimistic about the challenges life throws at me. I  see every problem as a chance to explore new avenues, think out of the box and make a positive difference in the society.” 

As Shivam Ghosh keeps going, his positive way of thinking helps both him and  Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited to thrive in this highly competitive business industry.  

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