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Syed Ali Shiraz: A Man on a Mission for Fresh Fruit Innovation


“We believe that every bite should be a burst of nature’s goodness.”

Syed Ali Shiraz (Group Managing Director,
Expodus Group of Companies)

In 2021, the global market for fresh fruits stood at a value of USD 551.1 billion, and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2022 to 2028. Despite its significant size, the market stays unorganised. Recognising the untapped potential and the need for organisational structure, Syed Ali Shiraz incepted Expodus Group of Companies in 2017 which has today become a market leader in the trading and distribution of fresh fruits. 

Through Expodus, Syed envisions bringing order and efficiency to an otherwise fragmented market. As the market continues to scale, he aspires to transform the industry and leave a lasting impact on the global logistics and supply chain management for fresh fruits. Syed, in his role as the Managing Director, spearheads a group of companies that specialises in delivering innovative and customised end-to-end global logistics and supply chain management solutions. He facilitates the seamless import and export of fresh fruits.

Syed holds a Master of Science degree in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Cardiff University. He also holds a PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification. He has recently completed the Entrepreneurship Essentials, specialising in Business Administration and Management, General, from Harvard Business School Online. Syed also has a Diploma/Certification in MG-300 Personal Mastery in the Art of Negotiation from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Beyond academic achievements, he possesses advanced skills in new business development, sales strategy, bargaining and negotiation, and analytical thinking. With over a decade of industry-rich experience, he has developed and executed effective business strategies that align with the firm’s mission, vision, and values. He has a proven history of achieving positive outcomes by enhancing efficiency, boosting profits, and ensuring customer satisfaction, all while adhering to legal and ethical standards. 

“I believe in fostering a positive work environment and a culture where excellence, innovation and collaboration are valued. In my career, I have always maintained deep connections with my business partners, shareholders and authorities,” shares Syed.  

Expodus: Picking, Packing and Delivering The Best of Nature

Expodus is a leading supplier of a wide range of fresh fruits across the globe. The company has an expert technical and sales team that works closely with food technologists, chemists, R&D professionals and food processing plants to identify market needs and explore new product opportunities that align with market demands. It is currently present in three countries – India, UAE and Turkey. The company handles over 10,000 MT volume of fresh fruit on an annual basis. It has offices in India as well as UAE. Its commitment to quality, sustainability and unmatched natural taste has made it one of the prominent global leaders in the fruit industry. 

Views of Syed Ali Shiraz

“We make our customers experience the pure essence of nature with our carefully handpicked range of fruits, delivered to their doorstep with utmost care. From the refreshing tang of Kiwi to the sun-kissed succulence of Mango, and even the alluring nuances of Dragon fruit, we serve them authentic flavours straight from nature’s lap. We are not just selling fruits,  we are serving delight in every bite,” explains Syed.

Biting an Expodus fruit means getting a burst of flavours, fully loaded with essential nutrients. As freshness is the forte, Expodus picks fruits at their peak and delivers them to the customer’s doorsteps in the shortest time possible which not only makes the fruit taste amazing but also keeps all their natural goodness intact. But it’s not just about the fruit, it’s about making choices that matter.

The company teams up with growers who believe in eco-friendly farming practices, thereby helping to preserve the planet for future generations. Be it everyday fruits like Apples and Oranges or exotic delights like Dragon fruit and Lichi, Expodus has it all. 

In the Director’s words, “For us, nothing comes over customer satisfaction. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with an order or advise customers on the perfect fruits for different occasions. It’s not just a business for us; it’s our passion. We are here to promote a healthier, tastier and sustainable future. When we bring the freshest, juiciest, and most delicious fruits to the table, it brings an unmatched sense of satisfaction.”

Sustainability: A Pledge To The Planet 

Expodus Group of Companies

Expodus teams up with local farmers who believe in sustainable agriculture. It focuses on keeping the soil healthy, reducing water usage, and minimising chemicals to ensure that fruits grow in harmony with nature. Wasting good fruit is a big no at Expodus. That’s why the team strictly follows stringent measures in place to cut down on food waste across the supply chain. Furthermore, it uses environmentally friendly packaging material and consistently keeps exploring innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

Inspired by Ratan Tata’s Legacy

Syed draws inspiration from the great business icon and philanthropist Sir Ratan Tata. His leadership lessons and values of honesty, innovation and selfless service inspire Syed. Sir Ratan Tata is known for selflessly giving back to the community through various initiatives. This aligns with Syed Ali’s goal of making a positive difference in the world through the Expodus Group of Companies.

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