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Sanket Joshi: Mastermind Behind A Booming Transcription Business


“With a team of subject matter experts, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we possess, be it of technical terminologies or pop-culture references.”

Sanket Joshi (Founder & MD, EarningsScript)

They say zero-to-hero stories are only real in movies but Sanket Joshi defied the notion and scripted his story of triumph in the real world. His journey dates back to the year 2007 when, after completing his education in Animation from Pune, he returned to his hometown, Aurangabad, to find his first corporate job. Although the initial attempt gave him a chance to work as a Faculty at an animation institute, the low pay prompted him to wait for a better opportunity. As fate would have it, a friend then suggested a position in an English call centre, which Sanket saw as a temporary solution until he could find a role in his field of expertise.

It turned out to be a transcription company, a field entirely unknown to Sanket. He took the opportunity, earning 7,000 per month and focused on learning over immediate financial gains. Within the first year, he earned six promotions. 

In 2011, bit by an entrepreneurial bug, Sanket started his first venture– a food-related website when he was only 24 years old. Although it flourished initially, a partner’s exit due to financial challenges led to its closure in 2013. Undeterred, he launched another business in partnership with two more people, but it too faced setbacks, leading to his exit.

Returning to the corporate world in 2014, Sanket got a breakthrough in one of the top companies in Hyderabad and eventually worked for another Fortune 500 company, marking the beginning of a successful corporate career. However, the pursuit of personal satisfaction led him to strategic career moves. He set up a transcription department for a UK-based bank in Delhi and became a managing editor for an Australia-based IT firm. Further, Sanket returned to his hometown as an Operations Manager for a transcription and translation firm, where he learnt to interact with clients, hire and train people and started a new vertical. 

Sanket was now ready to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit again. Having juggled different balls in 13 years of extensive career, it’s time for him to take the plunge and incept his own transcription company in Feb 2021. Despite scepticism and naysayers labelling his move as foolish, Sanket persevered and never looked back. 

He shares, “Everyone titled my move a stupidity. According to them, I was digging my own grave but I pulled the trigger one more time and finally, as they say, Third Time’s the Charm. The company was up and running with six people. In the third year, the company achieved a major milestone, crossing a mark of 80 employees within 2.8 years. The story continues and thrives,” shares Sanket.

The Power of Looking ‘Within’ In Times of  Crisis 

Life unfolds with its share of good as well as bad days. The key lies in looking deep within ourselves rather than seeking the solutions outside. Sanket’s journey has been a series of rollercoasters, exploring unexplored territories. He never left improvising on himself which made him reach a level wherein the art of letting go comes more naturally. 

Sanket shares the perfect example, “It took 1,000 efforts for Thomas Edison to invent the bulb. Those 1,000 failures taught him the correct way of doing things. One correct way invented the Bulb and changed the future. Each failure is a lesson. I believe in being experimental. In my journey of experimenting time and again, I have taught myself to stay detached from failures.”

With an experimental mindset, critical decision-making, emotional intelligence and psychological thinking, Sanket aspires to make EarningsScript a nationwide renowned transcription company. 

EarningsScript: Every Word Matters

The global transcription market was valued at USD 21.01 Billion in 2022. It is projected to reach USD 35.8 Billion by 2032, with an expected CAGR of 6.1%. Guided by a clear vision, EarningsScript provides business transcription, subtitling & closed captioning, legal transcription and general transcription services. With its core values revolving around inspiring, challenging, and rewarding people, the firm aims to become a rapidly growing leader in the transcription and subtitling arena.

Team EarningsScript

“For us, client satisfaction comes first. We are committed to delivering 99% accurate and error-free transcripts and subtitles with a quick turnaround time to our clients. With a team of subject matter experts, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we possess, be it of technical terminologies or pop-culture references. Our core competencies lie in ‘Transcription’ where we achieve 99% accuracy in converting speech to text, and ‘Subtitling’, a textual representation of a character’s dialogue that appeared in a video,” explains the Founder. 

Rooted in the philosophy that “Every Word Matters”, Team EarningsScript works with utmost precision and clarity. Every team member has the freedom to think and learn, thereby creating an inclusive work environment. 

EarningsScript has served some of the big names in various industries and domains. It has captioned many successful shows like MTV Coke Studio, Science of Stupid, Bleech, Criminal Minds and multiple movies, web series, TV shows and documentaries. On the transcription front, the firm is closely associated with U.S. Law Enforcement. It proudly provides transcription services for NASA as well.

EarningsScript provides 99% accurate transcription solutions, ensures timely and transparent communication, always welcomes feedback and improves on the grey areas, to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the clients. The team always makes sure that it stays true to its commitment and works tirelessly to make ends meet.

As the firm envisions becoming a top player in delivering high-quality, accurate, and affordable transcription and subtitling services, it uses the power of artificial intelligence and human expertise. Its strategic vision lies in empowering clients to create and consume accessible, engaging, and impactful audio and video content. 

Views of Sanket Joshi

In the words of Sanket, “We envision a world where everyone can understand the human voice, regardless of language, accent, or hearing ability. We aim to achieve this vision by continuously innovating our methods and effectively using our artificial intelligence and human expertise to deliver fast, accurate, and affordable solutions that meet the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction. We aspire to expand our services to new domains and markets to reach a wider and diverse audience of content creators and consumers. Our vision is to create a lasting and positive impact on the world via our transcription and subtitling services.”

When Life Itself Becomes A Motivating Factor 

Three years back, for many, he was doing a stupidity, for him it was a wake-up call. Today, he is building EarningsScript which has delivered more than 10 lakh audio minutes to clients. Here he is, with many accolades and appreciation from the local community and authorities. Here he is, creating job opportunities for college pass-outs and those aiming to move to a bigger city to look for job opportunities.

People, places and structures have inspired Sanket but life itself is a significant motivating factor for him. He has learnt a lot from everybody and everything and there’s still a lot to learn and explore. For him, life is a vast source of inspiration. He values the lessons learned from both good and bad leaders. Good leaders guide him on what to do, while bad leaders teach him what to avoid. Inspiration can be drawn from anything and everything.

Sanket’s life is a perfect example to see life as a continuous source of inspiration, learning and growth. With a history of testing different waters, he emerges as a leader contributing to the success of EarningsScript.

Every leader starts their journey as a Situational Leader, learning from different setbacks, challenges and experiences. With time and a huge collection of such moments, you gain the ability to make right and justified decisions, and then, people start calling you a true leader. 

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