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Mohammed Imran: The Mastermind of Aesthetics


“For me, each space is a chapter and every detail is a carefully chosen word, weaving a story that unfolds as you move through the space.”

Mohammed Imran (Founder & MD, Skyline Spaces)

India is becoming a powerhouse with people developing a taste for high-end lifestyles. The economic boom in the country is not only redefining skylines and cityscapes but also ushering a renaissance in the world of interior design and architecture. As the nation embraces global influences and contemporary aesthetics, the interior design industry is witnessing transformation, giving rise to a cohort of exceptionally skilled practitioners, with design maestro and interior designer Mohammed Imran leading the way.

Imran lives by the quote “Design is the silent storyteller.” This mantra is the ultimate principle behind his journey into interior design. Seven years ago, this visionary designer incepted a company that would redefine the very essence of interior design– Skyline Spaces. What unfolded was not just a series of projects but rather stories with different meanings attached.

Today, Skyline Spaces under his guardianship is known across India for its reliability and attention to detail. With expertise in designing both modern and traditional spaces, the firm turns any space into an artistic abode with embellished interiors. At the core of its philosophy lies strict adherence to transparency to forge close partnerships with clients. This approach not only helps the firm to gain the clients’ trust but also matches their expectations.

Interior Design In The Eyes of Imran

As the Founder and Managing Director and above all an Interior Designer, Imran leads the direction of all projects and oversees each assignment from inception till completion. His high-level decision-making, creative mindset and collaborative approach while understanding the client’s vision, are shaping Skyline Spaces in the right direction. His deep understanding of both art and science assists him in achieving design excellence in every project.

Steps to Designing a Space

Skyline Spaces believes in designing spaces that feel just right for each person. The firm specialises in various areas, including modular kitchens, foyer design, living room furnishings, wardrobe elements, bedroom decors and more. It follows a well-planned structured process. 

  • Decoding Desires: The ‘Analysing’ Phase

First and foremost, the team thoroughly understands and analyses the preferences and requirements. Through detailed discussion with the client, it ensures a comprehensive grasp of the client’s vision of the space. 

  • Blueprinting: The ‘Design’ Phase

In this phase, the team conceptualises and tailors the requirements to suit the space. It’s like drawing a map of how the space will look like. In this phase, style and preferences are taken care of, to make sure that the space aligns with the client’s vision. 

  • Bringing To Life: The ‘Production’ Phase’

Once the design gets a thumb-up, it’s time for the production. In this phase, the team crafts furniture and decor, turning the plan into tangible products while focusing on quality and precision. 

  • The Final Act: The ‘Installation’ Phase

Finally comes the step when the vision is brought to life. The carefully crafted top-quality products are installed. The team executes the installation process with utmost precision, ensuring that the final result comes out extraordinarily beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Interior Design In The Eyes of Mohammed Imran 

The job of an interior designer is no walk in the park. Mohammed Imran believes that gone are the days when interior design was just a profession. Interior designing, in his opinion, goes beyond the simple design tasks of enhancing the quality of interior spaces. Today, it is about research, methodology, analysis, planning and then the execution. 

Views of Mohammed Imran

“One day, you are picking out colour palettes, the other day you are carrying around tiles. One day, you are deciding on lighting, the other day you are arranging furniture. It is a profession that engages in a myriad of responsibilities, each day presenting before you a puzzle to solve. However, the sense of fulfilment that we achieve once the project is completed and handed over to the client is beyond explanation.

In the end, when we see the visually stunning space where each room tells a unique tale, each colour palette evokes a specific emotion, and each piece of furniture narrates a distinct chapter, it feels like we have not just created a designed space but have given life to a living, breathing story.”

Keeping The Client On Cloud Nine Is No Small Task 

Imran believes ensuring that the client stays happy is a rollercoaster ride in the field of interior design. When asked why he termed it a ‘rollercoaster’, he shares, “We spend a significant amount of time in updating clients on the progress of their projects. While it seems easy, there may arise unexpected issues like extra expenses, sometimes an extension of deadlines or something that clients want but is not practically possible; breaking such news can become very difficult at times. Sometimes, the team may have to deal with an upset client and go out of the box to appease them. Ultimately, irrespective of the challenges, we must make the client happy. As the saying goes, All’s well when end’s well.”

“To me, a great team is like a recipe for success. I encourage everyone in my team to bring their unique ideas to the table as it adds a special touch to the designs. My team is well-coordinated. Therefore, whenever any unexpected challenges arise, they analyse the problem, brainstorm solutions and overcome the hurdle collectively. I see my team as a group where each team member’s strengths contribute to collective success both at professional and personal levels. When they work together, it encourages an atmosphere where everyone can improve in their respective roles. I encourage team-building exercises to bring team members closer to each other. This leads to the creation of a safe work environment in which employees believe they can seek aid as and when required.” 

Interior Design Solutions by Skyline Spaces

Interior Design Solutions by Skyline Spaces

The Bangalore headquartered firm, established in 2017, is a go-to solution for a wide range of interior design needs. 

  • Modular Kitchen

Whether the space is small, medium or large, Skyline Spaces transforms client’s modular kitchen dreams into reality, considering different aspects like colours, textures, and functionality in mind. With its design solutions, it aims to make the cooking experience exciting and interesting. From smart storage solutions to modern designs, its designs match exactly with functionality. 

  • Foyer Design

The entrance sets the tone of the entire home and we all know that first impression is the last impression. Hence, the foyer design must be extra special and appealing. Skyline Spaces pays extra attention to lighting choices and furniture arrangements to ensure that the foyer designs make a lasting impact. The foyer designed by the firm becomes more than a passage. 

  • Living Room Furnishings 

The living room is the heart of any home. Living room furniture designs by Skyline Spaces create an environment where every element contributes to a cohesive and stylish whole. From furniture selections to choosing the right colour and style, it makes a living room as welcoming as it can be– A perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

  • Wardrobe Elements 

Skyline Spaces does not just design a storage unit but an aesthetically appealing wardrobe. The wardrobe elements perfectly blend with the overall design of the space. Here, functionality meets beauty in all aspects.

  • Bedroom Decors

A bedroom is a place of comfort, hence it should have all the essentials that make it a restful and comfortable space. From cosy and intimate settings to spacious designs, Skyline Spaces designs a dreamy personal space. Each element like lighting selections, bedding choices, curtains, furniture and more is carefully curated, to make it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Why Skyline Spaces?

Skyline Spaces stands out for several compelling reasons, making it the preferred choice in the realm of interior design:

  • 45 Days Delivery 

Time is of the essence. Understanding the value of time, the company delivers the project within just 45 days because of its streamlined processes and efficient project management. This quick turnaround time reflects on the company’s commitment to timeliness, while also keeping quality intact.

  • 10 Years Warranty

Skyline Spaces ensures its clients the durability and longevity of its designs. It gives a 10-year warranty that reflects on the confidence it has in the materials used and the craftsmanship employed in creating spaces. 

  • Promising Quality

The company takes pride in its ability to deliver a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also customised to the client’s preferences. Quality holds paramount importance and the designs stand out from the ordinary. 

  • Ingenious Architects

Skyline Spaces has a skilled team of architects who infuse their innovation and creativity into each project. Their fresh perspectives, cutting-edge ideas, and a touch of ingenuity bring out the best in every space. 

Skyline Spaces, under Mohammed Imran’s visionary leadership, continues to shape the interior design landscape in India. Imran’s passion for creating spaces that transcend the ordinary and blend functionality, aesthetics, and individuality together is contributing towards the multifaceted growth of the company.

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