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Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri: The Journey from Battlefield to Boardroom


“Our mission at Me Casa is to bring quality international products to the doorstep of every style-conscious consumer.”

 Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri (Managing Director, Me Casa Group)

‘Entrepreneurship is a different battlefield, but the principles remain the same– adaptability, decision making and ability to lead from the front’, shares Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri, the Managing Director at Me Casa Group while reminiscing his days in the army.  

Capt. Sanket’s journey began with a childhood dream fueled by the sight of his father in the military uniform. Although he wanted to follow in those revered footsteps, achieving this dream required rigorous hard work, from cracking the UPSC to getting selected for SSB. Four demanding years of combined training at NDA, Khadakwasla, and IMA, Dehradun, tested his mettle. During his third term at NDA, he fractured his spine due to which he was advised to quit but his resolve to serve the nation could not be deterred.

While he was serving in Siachen, the weight of leading men into battle, managing the logistics and handling the responsibility of all men in extreme weather conditions tested his abilities from all angles. Yet, it was through these rigorous management activities that he emerged stronger. 

The year was 1998 when Capt. Sanket decided to quit the services. The winds of change were whispering a different tale. As he bid farewell to the life he had known, he carried with him a desire to create something extraordinary. Something that would echo his passion. He went to Chandigarh where he ventured into the furnishings industry. He was associated with a prestigious brand. When they offered him an opportunity to oversee operations in Western India, he grabbed it with open arms and moved to Mumbai. However, a sudden shift left him without work.

After five months of uncertainty, another opportunity knocked on his door and he finally got a break with Shopper’s Stop where he played a key role in establishing the first-ever large-format home store in Bangalore. Yet, he discovered a misfit in the corporate structure and returned to Mumbai after the store’s launch. 

Finally, in 2009, Capt. Sanket felt the calling to start his own business. Thus, Me Casa was born as a furnishings brand. Fate introduced him to Mr. Luigi Sparacello who became his mentor and taught him the ins and outs of the wall and floor decoration business. In this new venture, Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri found his ikigai. Fast forward to the present day, Capt. Sanket finds himself at the helm of Me Casa Group which specialises in Italian wall textures, seamless surfaces and flooring solutions. 

“Little did I know that the winds of change would soon sweep through my life, altering its course in ways I could never have imagined,” he laughs.

Life Is All About Crests And Troughs

Six years in any service is a long time and when you come to know that the time was spent serving the nation as an army officer, then the respect for that person elevates. The ex-army Captain worked in the corporate sector for nearly a decade before deciding to delve deeply into India’s burgeoning furnishings sector by establishing a business, but the journey to where he stands today wasn’t as simple as it seems.

The entrepreneur shares, “Personal misunderstanding, losing a well-paying stable job, struggling with cash flows as an early business owner, have all significantly impacted me. But I believe life is all about crests and troughs. I once read somewhere that a flatline on an ECG machine means you are dead, therefore, experiencing highs and lows is important. It keeps one grounded, alive, and excited. The only thing that can keep anyone going during a low phase is their ability to be persistent. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! You never know when success comes around, so instead of giving up when faced with challenges, the right thing to do is to learn from the situation and maintain a level head.” 

Capt. Sanket is a goal-oriented and compassionate leader who stays persistent and focused in all situations. He follows an inclusive or democratic style of leadership as he believes in creating a work environment that honours the ideas of the entire team. He encourages his team to put forth their opinions on the table so that they feel valued. Additionally, different viewpoints on one subject not only broaden the understanding of complex situations but also encourage critical thinking and decision-making. 

While attrition and retention challenges are everywhere, 95% of employees who have moved on still maintain a connection with Me Casa. During their time in the firm, they contributed wholeheartedly, giving their absolute best. Me Casa is like one big, happy family where everyone enjoys moments together, eats together and grieves together.  

In his own words, Captain shares, “I take care of three stakeholders– The consumer, The company/business entity and The Team. I believe that any decision I take should benefit all my stakeholders. We do walk an extra mile to make a consumer happy but not at the cost of my team’s interest or that of our business entity.”

Me Casa Furnishings: Bring Dream Design To Your Home

Me Casa Furnishings Bring Dream Design To Your Home

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Capt. Sanket’s Me Casa offers a diverse range of services. Specialising in the art of transforming living spaces, the company excels in  Italian Wall Textures, Flooring Solutions, Decorative Paints and Plasters, and Primers & Sealants. 

The essence of Me Casa lies in encouraging people to dream about beautiful spaces and make a sincere effort to bring those dreams to life. Whether it’s an architect, an interior designer, or a client, they have a certain artistic vision when it comes to their space. Me Casa methodologically understands that vision and comes as close as it can. 

While Capt. Sanket could easily mention renowned names like the Ambanis, Mittals, Goenkas, and various celebrities, along with many 5-star and 3-star Indian hotels, but he chose not to. When asked about the company’s clientele, he described an ideal customer for Me Casa as “Anyone with a desire to enhance the beauty of their space and a willingness to invest some money.” 

As the saying goes, “It takes months to find a customer and seconds  to lose one.” Team Me Casa keeps the client updated, right from the selection process to the final project handover. The end result should bring satisfaction to the client. Capt. Sanket takes pride when he mentions that the clients who avail of its services for the first time come back for more projects. This reflects the company’s readiness to move mountains for its clients. 

Views of Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri

Capt. Sanket explains, “Our line of work introduces us to two types of customers – ones who are well-travelled, exposed and know the nitty-gritty of our line of work, the others who are aspirational. Working with both has its distinct flavours.”

To Bring Quality International Products To The Doorsteps

There has always been a belief that Italian products are expensive and only for the ‘haves’ of society. Me Casa is here to dispel the notion and bring quality international products to the doorstep of every style-conscious consumer. Currently, the firm is expanding its reach by establishing associates across the country. It is growing rapidly and has multiple offices and representatives in over 10 Indian cities. The expansion is made possible by its unique business model in which the firm doesn’t charge franchise fees or deposits; associates only invest a small seed amount. Capt. Sanket believes in a mutually beneficial and exciting partnership, making the business profitable for both parties involved. 

Strong Pillars Behind The Leader

Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri with his wife Rajita Suri

Capt. Sanket’s wife – Rajita Suri is his biggest motivator. She is not just his wife but a pillar of support. Through all the ups and downs, she has always supported him. He has also learnt a lot from his father who was a true risk-taker. His father’s positivity has always pushed him. Now, as his son and daughter join the business, he finds an even greater sense of support. His colleagues Anant Oak and Kashmira Vaid have also been sources of strength.

It is their collective support which has made Capt. Sanket who he is today. “You are where you are because of what you have done. If you want to be somewhere else, do something else,” says the MD while signing off.

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