RCH Orthopaedics, Medical Devices Companies To Watch Out in 2024

RCH Orthopaedics: Revolutionising Orthopaedic Care

“RCH Orthopaedics; where compassion meets precision in every device that gets manufactured.” Krutarth Patel (Head of Research and Development, RCH Orthopaedics) By restoring mobility to patients having orthopaedic disorders of joints worldwide, RCH Orthopaedics plays a pivotal role in the medical devices industry. Incepted in 2003, the company focuses on creating meticulous designs and producing […]

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The Future Of Medical Device Industry During The Digital Revolution

Future Of The Medical Device Industry And Technology Trends During The Digital Revolution – 2021   COVID-19 has led us towards a new era for telehealth and remote monitoring. The federal government made telehealth services easier to implement and access during the pandemic, by making optimum use of the technology. The growing trend toward digital […]

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Global Medical Device Market And Impact Of Covid On Market Shares: A Market Overview

There has been a rapid increase in the prevalence of infectious diseases in 2020. The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases has supported the global medical devices market’s growth. The sudden emergence of severe infections such as the novel coronavirus is expected to drive the demand for medical devices globally. The demand for hospital supplies, in-vitro […]

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Enhancements In The Indian Healthcare Industry In The Wake Of Covid-19

The Healthcare industry in India is a broad term, it’s an umbrella term that encompasses various sub-sectors under it. Key sub-sectors under the healthcare industry in India include hospitals which contribute almost 70 percent to the healthcare industry followed by pharmaceuticals which are 13 percent, medical devices 9 percent, medical insurances 3 percent, and diagnostics […]

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