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RCH Orthopaedics: Revolutionising Orthopaedic Care


“RCH Orthopaedics; where compassion meets precision in every device that gets manufactured.”

Krutarth Patel
(Head of Research and Development, RCH Orthopaedics)

By restoring mobility to patients having orthopaedic disorders of joints worldwide, RCH Orthopaedics plays a pivotal role in the medical devices industry. Incepted in 2003, the company focuses on creating meticulous designs and producing state-of-the-art joint replacement implants such as advanced hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder joint implants.

RCH Orthopaedics consists of a team of skilled professionals, such as engineers, researchers, and medical experts. They collaborate seamlessly to push the boundaries of orthopaedic solutions,” mentions Krutarth Patel, the head of research and development. He further explains, “By integrating cutting-edge technology and the latest advancements in the medical devices field, we aim to set new standards in patient care.”

RCH Orthopaedics aims to create a positive impact on the lives of patients globally. Choosing RCH Orthopaedics means choosing a partner dedicated to innovation, quality, and healthcare betterment.

Journey Since The Inception

RCH Orthopaedics started its journey in 2003 under Hemkumar Patel (Founder & CEO), who envisioned to revolutionize Orthopaedic care by creating innovative and high-quality medical devices. According to Krutarth, “Initially, the company prioritised research and development setting the foundation of its first line of Orthopaedic implants.”

Subsequently, many Orthopaedic surgeons praised RCH for its high-quality products. Additionally, the company started entering new markets and developed alliances with other medical facilities, which led to its growth and increased visibility in the medical devices sector. Today, the company is at the forefront of Orthopaedic care with its extensive range of products and stellar reputation for quality.

Services Provided

Under the profound guidance of well-known orthopaedic surgeons, qualified engineers, and a dedicated team of marketing experts, RCH Orthopaedics specialises in creating, producing, and delivering joint replacement implants. These implants are known for their durability and prolonged life.

The research and development team at RCH works closely with well-known orthopaedic surgeons. With the help of their guidance, the team continuously innovates and improves upon the existing products. It ensures that its products are the newest innovative solutions in the field of orthopaedics.

RCH Orthopaedics

Why Choose RCH Orthopaedics?

RCH Orthopaedics stands out in the orthopaedic manufacturing market by combining cutting-edge technology and customising to create an extensive product line. The company has a track record of producing high-quality implants that demonstrate the company’s dedication to quality. Furthermore, it helps in building confidence among the medical professionals. Krutarth emphasises, “The business follows a customer-centric mindset that directs innovation and personalisation towards improving patient outcomes.”    

Informing the company’s plans for the future, Krutarth says, “Our objective is to continuously improve patient’s lives by providing state-of-the-art orthopaedic solutions. We plan on expanding and continue shaping the future of orthopaedic care.”

The Diverse Clientele

RCH Orthopaedics serves patients globally and provides services to orthopaedic surgeons, hospitals and distributors. Hospitals and Orthopaedic dealers rely on the company to provide premium-quality implants. The company believes in open communication and customising solutions according to the patient’s needs. It believes in creating long-lasting collaborations because of its customer-centric nature, strict quality control, and adherence to the norms in its R&D projects. To improve the quality of the products, the company seeks out and value inputs through efficient procedures.

What Lies Next?

RCH Orthopaedics aims to advance healthcare through innovation, excellence and accessibility. Furthermore, the company provides medical solutions to healthcare professionals so they can improve patient outcomes. “We aspire to make people’s lives healthier and happier by combining innovation, global outreach, sustainability, digital integration, and steadfast support for healthcare professionals,” shares Krutarth with pride.

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