She: Glorifying Businesses | Nari Shakti

अतुलं तत्र तत्तेजः सर्वदेवशरीरजम् । एकस्थं तदभून्नारी व्याप्तलोकत्रयं त्विषा ॥ That incomparable radiance that was born from all Gods and pervaded the 3 worlds, came to one place and took the form of a Woman. Nari Shakti translates to “Women Power” in English. The phrase epitomises the strength, resilience, and indomitable spirit of women. It […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Jayasree Madhu

Jayasree Madhu: One Woman And Her Vision To Transform Many Rural Lives

“True wellness can come about through empowerment and social change.” Jayasree Madhu (Founder & MD, Aamodini India) It is often said adversities are inevitably carriers of opportunities and Jayasree Madhu, Founder and Managing Director of AAMODINI INDIA-a social entrepreneurship project of Aamodini Insights Private Limited, a company registered under MCA has built her entrepreneurial spirit […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Manjari Sharma

Manjari Sharma: The Design Maestro

“While the art itself has no boundaries, at Wagma, its creation can certainly benefit from an approach that’s scientific and intuitive at once.” Manjari Sharma (Founder & Principal Architect, Wagma Designs) It’s a straight-off ‘Yes’ if we say overnight success is very rare in the design world. The beautifully crafted illustrations, clean lines, and walls […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Samira Gupta

Samira Gupta: India’s Leading Executive Presence Coach & Facilitator

“We, at AIMC, empower people to feel better, do better and become better by helping them identify their blindspots, build on their strengths, unlearn old & negative patterns, learn new skills, connect with others and connect with self.” Samira Gupta (Founder, Executive Presence Coach (MGSCC), Life Coach (PCC-ICF), Chief Image Consultant & Facilitator, Auraa Image […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Zaiba Sarang

Zaiba Sarang: When Passion Becomes Profession

“As a startup, we are always agile and iterative, which gives us the advantage of  constantly keep on improving.” Zaiba Sarang (Co-Founder, iThink Logistics) Despite the fact that women have what it takes to face the unique challenges of logistics and supply chain management, the number of women working at the top levels of these […]

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Ishita Sharma

Ishita Sharma: #DefendNotDepend

“The need is to focus on addressing the deeply entrenched mindsets that cause women to be treated unfairly.” Ishita Sharma (Founder & Managing Trustee, MukkaMaar) “Fight for yourself. You don’t need anyone else to protect yourself. Only YOU can protect yourself,” preaches Ishita Sharma every day while training hundreds of girls. Ishita runs MukkaMaar, a […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Binita Kadam

Binita Kadam: The Corporate Training Magician

“We aim to mark ourselves as change makers to imbibe better performance, personal effectiveness, and personal growth mindfully into individuals we train.” Binita Kadam (Chairperson & Principal Trainer, RGB Training Services)  “Well, I practise before I preach, where I ensure my actions speak for me,” says the unstoppable Binita Kadam for whom entrepreneurship has come […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Aruna Budhiraja

Aruna Budhiraja: The Creativepreneur

“We are here to provide gifts that are not only elegant and desirable but also functional and memorable.” Aruna Budhiraja (Founder, Kreative Konsultants) “Creativity is the foundation on which innovation relies.” This line summarises the entrepreneurial journey of Aruna Budhiraja. Since her childhood days, Aruna has had an extremely creative bent of mind, always visualising […]

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