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Manjari Sharma: The Design Maestro

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“While the art itself has no boundaries, at Wagma, its creation can certainly benefit from an approach that’s scientific and intuitive at once.”

Manjari Sharma (Founder &
Principal Architect, Wagma Designs)

It’s a straight-off ‘Yes’ if we say overnight success is very rare in the design world. The beautifully crafted illustrations, clean lines, and walls with eclectic designs don’t actually portray the real struggle behind the scene. The passion for creativity helps you to keep moving forward even if you have road bumps along the way. The story of Manjari Sharma, an internationally acclaimed interior architect, is not an ordinary one. It is the story of a woman who doesn’t sell designs, but feelings; a woman who seeks to uncover the personification and soul of any ordinary space. 

Other than being a revolutionary woman entrepreneur, Manjari is a joyful person who loves creating joyful and happy spaces. In 2004 when the mere thought of establishing a firm could give goosebumps to any, Manjari laid the establishment of Wagma Designs which under her stewardship has evolved into an epicentre of design excellence.

Her calling fuels her fire to transform how people think and live design. It helps her convert spark-of-the-moment ideas into timeless classics. Successfully running Wagma Designs for over the last 20 years, Manjari is leaving a mark on the industry. Her experience across genres and categories, from mini to mammoth, has stood the test of time. She is adept at orchestrating diverse teams and talents and managing up to 35 projects at once. A maestro in juggling creativity with economics and human values, Manjari’s design ideas can leave you awestruck.

A Roadmap To Creating A Joyful Space

Wagma Designs

Wagma designs luxury spaces that are timeless and yet transcend the gap between modern and traditional Indian design. It is also proficient in making awe-inspiring bespoke high-end luxury, modern, contemporary, colonial and ethnic interior designs.

Manjari’s colossal experience in the interior design industry and distinguished approach make Wagma Designs one of the best Luxury Interior Design Firms in India.

“From the stage of conceptualisation to actualisation, we follow a well-defined process that makes us ‘us’,” asserts Manjari. 

  • Sitting Over A Cup of Coffee

First and foremost, Team Wagma tries to get under the skin of the client’s requirements. Idea-showers, sample-sharing, 3D simulations and strong coffee are standard features in this phase, which ends with a crystal clear visualisation of the deliverables, detailed timelines and an inch-perfect budget.

  • The Design Evolution

The team gets busy developing the spatial strategy, colour palettes, furniture plans, and interior elements like paint, flooring, wall covering, ceiling and window treatments, cabinetry and countertops. After the client’s review, the team sends orders for furnishings, fixtures and equipment. 

  • Now Comes The Detailing

Now that the design has been finalised, Team Wagma provides its client either with an in-house construction team to carry out the construction job, or actively gives assistance in evaluating the bids received from the client’s contractors to ensure that the clients get accurate and fair deals.

  • It’s Construction Time

Finally, the construction starts. During this phase, the team stops by the job site to oversee the work in action, monitor schedules, sync timelines and even meet the client for any queries.

  • All’s Fab When Ends Fab

In this phase, the ordinary place transforms into a joyful living space. Before handing it over to the client, the team does a final walk-through together, going over every little (and big) detail including the care and maintenance.

“We always part with mixed feelings. A certain pain of separation of a creation that’s close to our heart; A certain elation that we have kick-started yet another cherished relationship,” says Manjari while recounting every client relationship she has been nurturing since 2004.

Converting Dreams Into Reality

Designs by Manjari Sharma

This phrase sounds quite fascinating but in actuality, it takes sleepless nights to turn the space of imagination into a reality. Wagma Designs by Manjari is a one-stop destination for creating and delivering exquisite & impressive home and office interiors. 

“High-quality service, state-of-the-art 3D visualisation, and competitive pricing attract the customers towards Wagma Designs. We deliver what we promise and I think that’s what keeps us ahead of others in the interior design industry,” says Manjari quite confidently.

Under the leadership of Manjari, the company also offers bespoke furniture, elevation design, turnkey execution, and decor services.

Wagma Designs is a team of proficient interior designers and skilled hands, mastered in bringing the best interior design solutions that transform creativity into a captivating reality.

A Team That Triumphs

Manjari’s eyes sparkle while she says, “Oh! I have a wonderful team and I am so proud to have them by my side always. They are a true blend of what’s requisite in any interior design business – creativity, innovation, and flexibility.”

Each team member at Wagma Designs is conversant with their domains. Collectively, they work towards the common goal of providing each client with the best returns on every investment and building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Manjari also recounts the days when her life turned upside down while struggling with breast cancer but her team handled Wagma Designs and all its projects with indubitable intellect and precision.

The Uncountable Applauses

Ever since Manjari stepped into the industry, she promised herself better and never looked back. She is living with an absolute vision of creating differences in life and the lifestyles of hundreds of families. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards like the NDTV Grohe Award, National Property Award and Global Excellence Award, to name a few.  

Her dedication towards building Wagma Designs reflects quite well when one sees the accolades that the company has to its name.

  • Interior Design, Creative Minds Next By Foaid, 2021
  • Most Prominent Interior Design Firm, 2021, Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference
  • Best Home Interior Designer Gurugram, 2018, Global Excellence Award
  • National Property Award 2018 – 2019
  • Agent Of Change, 2017, Skc Consulting
  • MSME – Remarkable Women’s Enclave, 2021
  • NDTV Design And Architect Of The Year, 2014, Autodesk
  • Global Business & Leadership Awards, 2015, Prime Time

Interior design is the alchemy of aesthetics, lateral thinking, and science. “I do not want to limit the idea of creativity within myself. Instead, I want this to be fanned out in the industry so that it can inspire and motivate others to explore this field,” says Manjari.

“No one goes on, but what we leave behind keeps us alive for someone else.” Manjari is a design maestro, working day and night to spread the magic of creativity and design all over the industry.

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