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Samira Gupta: India’s Leading Executive Presence Coach & Facilitator

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“We, at AIMC, empower people to feel better, do better and become better by helping them identify their blindspots, build on their strengths, unlearn old & negative patterns, learn new skills, connect with others and connect with self.”

Samira Gupta
(Founder, Executive Presence Coach (MGSCC),
Life Coach (PCC-ICF), Chief Image Consultant & Facilitator,
Auraa Image Management & Consulting)

‘Executive Presence’, A term often enveloped in mystique, that may sound elusive to some, whispered as if it’s something magical, holds profuse gravity in the corporate world. It is a skill which can be learnt and developed. It is the ability to exude gravitas. The concept indeed sounds great but some people struggle to understand its significance. India’s leading Executive Presence Coach, Samira Gupta steps in with her experience to empower individuals with Executive Presence Coaching and Facilitation and deliver tangible results through her dynamic approach.

Samira is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode where she studied Business Administration and Management. She is an Internationally Certified Life & Executive Coach: PCC (ICF), Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Executive Coach, Global Leadership Assessment (GLA-360), Advanced- Level MBTI, Image Consulting (IMPA – National Award Winner), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Advanced – Level Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformation Therapy, Life Coaching (Including Spiritual-Emotional Wellness), Franklin Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Samira is also a Licensed Fire-Walking, Glass-Walking, Arrow-Snapping Instructor from Ireland, these are great team-building activities as well as they work on self-confidence at the deep sub-conscious level helping the participants break their limiting beliefs and barriers. 

Successfully juggling different balls at once, Ms Gupta is an expert Executive Presence Coach, Life Coach, Image Consultant, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & a Firewalking Instructor.

A Desire To Empower People

“Having spent more than two decades in the corporate world, I started questioning what was next for me in career and in life? What am I going to leave behind? What is my purpose? What is my passion? What makes me happy? The usual question, we all ask at some point of time in our lives,” wondered Samira. This introspection made her enrol in Image Consulting Program (ICP). With Samira’s passion for learning and growing, she continued her journey of personal development and over the years studied and learnt to become a coach, consultant and a facilitator. Completing almost a decade of transforming lives, she has coached and trained several individuals to create and achieve success.

In a move that would mark a significant departure from the Corporate World, Samira recognized her impact and incepted Auraa Image Management and Consulting in 2014. 

Samira Gupta Team

Another prominent reason that made her foray into the entrepreneurial journey was her being an Indian Air Force kid. Samira knew the importance of discipline, value addition, service and contribution. She made it her mission to help people through her knowledge, skills, expertise which she had gained over all these years and combined it with her actions.

Since AIMC’s inception, Samira has coached over 500 individuals as well as trained over 2,50,000 mid & senior level business professionals in industries such as manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, medicine, information technology, technology-enabled services, real estate, hospitality, banking, insurance, consulting firms, advertising, education, legal, and airline. Additionally, she has coached and consulted politicians and government of India officials. Samira has significant experience working in multicultural organizations with a diverse range of executives.

Samira builds an open, encouraging and honest learning environment, providing professionals with realistic perceptions about skills and behaviors that deepen their understanding of self and others. Based on personal observations, 360˚ feedback interviews, targeted surveys and self- assessment instruments, Samira designs her one on one coaching, group coaching and training engagements customized to the needs of each client. 

Executive Presence Matters!

As corporate professionals, organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners or independent consultants, we all work in dynamic and fast-paced environments. Amidst high stakes, significant deals and decision-making, we often forget to ‘lead’.

Executive presence is that key that helps you to CONNECT, ENGAGE & INSPIRE. It is your ability to make others feel heard, valued and important in your presence.

Your presence is a reflection of your grace, power, warmth, authenticity, communication, visual self-presentation and overall conduct.

It is an ability to demonstrate the quintessential leadership presence – driving teams to success, influencing internal and external stakeholders, maintaining grace under difficult situations, commanding the boardroom or inspiring others to do their best.

Executive Presence coaching and facilitation has helped many leaders with effective communication, influencing skills, public speaking, strategic planning, leadership skills, powerful appearance and body language, emotional maturity & empathy, gravitas, decision-making ability, and more.

Got Executive Presence?

Samira quotes the words of Sylvia Ann Hewlett to help people comprehend the meaning of Executive Presence. Sylvia writes, “How you act (gravitas), how you speak (communication), and how you look (appearance) count for a lot in determining your leadership presence.”

Whether one wants to emerge as a strong and powerful corporate professional or aspires to become an inspirational leader, executive presence is of utmost value. It not only fills your lungs with courage but also prepares you to stand up and speak up. 

In Samira’s words, “Executive presence is a perfect blend of confidence, clarity, credibility, competence, communication and gravitas. These attributes help executives to inspire trust and influence among their employees.”

Coaching and training can have a significant impact on the way your presence is perceived, the impressions you create on others and in the process become a better leader. Her coaching and training engagements focus on enhancing self-awareness, reflection and introspection that has the power to bring a fundamental transformation. This journey can help you and your leaders:

  • Build Power to make a distinct mark in a highly competitive & ever-evolving business environment 
  • Build Poise to Connect, Inspire and Influence stakeholders in all professional settings 
  • Enhance Emotional Maturity, Grace and Tough Decision Making to become a leader of substance 
  • Build Charisma to lead, give direction and transform the team with Gravitas

Executive Presence Is vital to create success…

Offering elite training, consultancy, and coaching services, AIMC stands tall in the Corporate Training industry as a premium company catering to niche areas and co-creating success with individuals and corporate clients. 

AIMC provides intricate corporate solutions – Image and impression management, business dressing, executive presence, emotional intelligence, body language, strategic planning, leadership skills, stress management, work-life balance, selling skills, self-awareness and management, conflict management, interpersonal relations, time management, and firewalking.

In addition, the company specialises in Executive Presence and leadership coaching for top-level & C-Suite Executives, Senior Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners.

Rolling With The Punches

No entrepreneur has ever got success without facing hindrances along the way. Samira’s journey was no different. Despite facing myriad challenges, she didn’t stop and left no stone unturned that came her way. What kept her going were her mentor’s words – To succeed in any new venture, you must beat a thousand days. Difficult, but she was determined to do it.

Her innermost call motivated her to dedicatedly invest 3 years in building, nourishing, and expanding Auraa Image Management and Consultancy. Now, it’s been almost 9 years and Samira stands with her broad shoulders, making her company strong inside out, transforming lives and organizations. 

Bundle of Accolades & Recognition

Catching sight of Samira’s calibre, one can easily guess that she is a woman of influence. Her indefatigable commitment towards honing the appearance, behaviour, and communication of each individual defies description. Samira is the recipient of many awards and accolades, some of the prestigious ones are:

Samira Gupta

  • “Exceptional Woman of Excellence – 2018” – by Women’s Economic Forum (WEF)
  • “Leadership Award 2017 – Business Excellence” – National Award by Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA)
  • “Female Real Estate Professional of the year – South 2012” – by Realty Plus Excellence Awards


  •  Chairperson Gurgaon Chapter– All Ladies League
  •  Visiting Faculty – RICS, Amity University, Noida
  •  Visiting Faculty – Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI)
  •  Social Responsibility – Patient Support Partner – Fortis & Max Hospitals

Samira has written numerous articles for premium Indian publications Like TOI, ET, HT, Indian Express, India Today, New Indian Express, Entrepreneur, and Telegraph (UK) to name a few. Besides, she is a published Co-Author of an international bestselling book “The Successful Mind”, along with other renowned coaches around the globe.

She is committed to help more and more leaders through her coaching and training services, empowering them to live and lead better.

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