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Binita Kadam: The Corporate Training Magician

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“We aim to mark ourselves as change makers to imbibe better performance, personal effectiveness, and personal growth mindfully into individuals we train.”

Binita Kadam (Chairperson & Principal Trainer,
RGB Training Services) 

“Well, I practise before I preach, where I ensure my actions speak for me,” says the unstoppable Binita Kadam for whom entrepreneurship has come hereditarily. Binita’s grandfather has a renowned name in the elevator industry in Gujarat and her parents are self-employed doctors, hence the eagle vision to drive people for an intended objective has been a part of Binita’s behavioural make.

In 2011, Binita stepped into the Industrial Organisational Psychology field and incepted RGB Training Services with an aim to help people learn better workplace dynamics scientifically and develop a higher degree of the humanfactor as morale. While describing the core essence of her company, Binita puts it quite beautifully, “RGB stands for Renaissance, Gain and Bee, which when combined together remind me and all those associated with RGB to keep thriving to gain the nectar of knowledge like a busy bee amidst the reforms that occur throughout our lives.”

Many hurdles came Binita’s way but could never affect her ability to always look at the brighter side of life. When she was struck with cancer, Binita witnessed a sudden jerk. “The way people around me and specifically my clients perceived me & my ability to serve them were too lethal,” recounts Binita. As she continued to persevere, she passed that hurdle too.  

Binita: The Hardcore Training & Development Practitioner

Binita proudly carries with herself 15+ years of experience as a Behavioral Coach, having worked with Corporates, Industries and Academic institutions. That is the reason behind the trajectory growth of RGB Training Services. Via RGB-TS, Binita along with her team provides Psychological Skill Development for Workplaces and Universities. Under the brand name, RGB Study Abroad, Binita offers Immigration Services & Coaching for International English Tests.

Binita puts her firm differently from the rest of the market players. This is quite evident from the fact that RGB caters to Organisational Development Interventions scientifically entrenched in I-O Psychology.

No human or unit can behave or perceive things similarly, therefore each client in RGB, under the strict guidance of Binita, is served with customisable services with the ultimate objective of improving Organisation Behaviour (OB) and Organisational Development (OD).

Bridging Skills To Success

In order to stay competitive in the business world, organisations need to manage their human resources. One of the effectual factors that can help achieve this, is by the use of behavioural and psychological training.

“By understanding various industry trends, analysing the changing work cultures, we try to understand their OD and OB requirements, create effective OD intervention schedules, and identify individual potentials to uplift their existing human resources,” says Binita while explaining the process that RGB strictly adheres to. 

RGB offers top-notch behavioural and psychological training. While Behavioural Training helps businesses understand how people think, feel, and act in different situations, Psychological Training helps to identify consumer needs that can be used to create an effective behavioural transition.

The Healthy Networking

RGB has the potential to work with firms of any size: small, medium or big. The company has and is continuing to prove itself in Manufacturing Sector, Hotel management, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, Marketing, Real Estate, BPOs, EdTech firms, Colleges and Universities.

Since the company’s establishment, Binita has been cultivating the human aspect in addition to strategic psychological abilities for effective professional and social identities for everyone’s personal advancement. “Since our success is solely based on the recommendations of our clients, we are able to maintain good client relationships through personalised solutions and by keeping the secrecy of discussions, thereby leading to healthy networking.”

Binita understands the importance of digital platforms, therefore RGB networks on digital platforms organically to create awareness about the importance of Psychology for Workplaces. She takes pride in mentioning that RGB services have brought transitional developments at workplaces.

Binita envisions providing customised solutions to ensure beneficial transitions which would help people achieve personal growth. She aims to mark RGB as a changemaker to imbibe better performance, personal effectiveness, and personal growth mindfully into individuals the company trains. “We will mark our presence in the Asia Pacific and North American demographics soon,” says an optimistic Binita.

The Honours

It’s been just a decade since the company’s inception and Binita’s RGB is outshining everywhere. Out of numerous recognitions, some of the prominent ones to count include:

  • Recognition under ‘Top 10 Corporate Trainers’ by ‘Women Entrepreneur India’ in 2022
  • Honoured with ‘ABP Asmita Shikshan Parishad 2022’ by ABP Network under ‘Exceptional Efforts & Support during the Covid -19 Pandemic in Education Sector in Gujarat’
  • Recognition under ‘Top 10 Prominent Women Business Leaders in Asia 2023’ by CEO Insights Magazine

Binita believes “Women are self-driven personalities. Every woman should follow their heart and focus on accomplishing her goals.” While sharing a piece of advice for women, she says, “Let your actions speak louder than your words. You should practice before you preach, only then you can fight with any challenge that comes your way.”

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