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Zaiba Sarang: When Passion Becomes Profession

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“As a startup, we are always agile and iterative, which gives us the advantage of  constantly keep on improving.”

Zaiba Sarang
(Co-Founder, iThink Logistics)

Despite the fact that women have what it takes to face the unique challenges of logistics and supply chain management, the number of women working at the top levels of these companies is far less than the number of men. Fortunately, there has been a paradigm shift in the past couple of years. One prominent personality to look up to in the rapidly advancing logistics industry is Zaiba Sarang who despite facing potholes in the way stood tall with her AI-enabled shipping platform, iThink Logistics. “There were few women in the leadership role that I could look up to in the logistics space and make her my role model. So I had to be my own role model,” puts Zaiba.

While growing up, Zaiba’s life revolved around technology and business. While pursuing Bachelor in Computer Science from Nagindas Khandwala College, she went into the depth of understanding how technology works. As she was also inclined towards strengthening her business acumen, she did a Diploma in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and a Certificate Course from the Indian School of Business after completing the Goldman Sachs 10k Women Ambassador Program.

“Before starting iThink Logistics, I Co-Founded a digital transformation and technology services company which holistically taught me the ins and outs of a tech-enabled business,” says Zaiba. 

With sacks full of confidence, Zaiba Sarang was ready to take the next big move. In 2017,  an end-to-end AI-enabled multiple courier aggregator shipping platform was born under the brand name ‘iThink Logistics.’ In just 6 years of inception, iThinkLogistics has added staggering numbers to its name. “We have 5000+ satisfied customers, an impressive daily volume of 25,000+ shipments, and a comprehensive reach to all parts of the country demonstrated by 26,000+ pin codes served in India,” Zaiba grins. 

Sell, Ship, and Track With Ease

iThink Logistics is a Mumbai-based end-to-end AI-enabled multiple courier aggregator shipping platform. The company’s state-of-the-art online portal can be linked with marketplaces or online stores through APIs (for importing orders) and has a built-in channel that connects with multiple renowned courier partners. Users can also book parcel shipping services and print labels using the service while also enjoying the benefit of real-time shipment tracking updates.

Patented 6-step NDR, an insightful dashboard, and a dedicated key account manager place iThinkLogistics ahead of other market players. In the past few years, iThink has made its model stronger by generating revenue from different paid features of the platform by launching the following:

  • Same-day COD Remittance

Helping the customers make funds available in real-time. 

  • Post Shipping Experience

Helping sellers drive 11% additional orders from the tracking page by using the most curated cross-selling feature.

  • Connect Plus

Helping sellers to reduce COD orders and convert them into prepaid, Curated order confirmations from WhatsApp (Preventing RTO) and order updates in real-time.

Under the stewardship of Zaiba and other Founders, iThink is scaling heights. The company has recently launched 2 new services – International shipping and SND. On one hand, the company is making international shipping convenient and faster than industry benchmarks, while on the other hand, the Same and Next Day delivery (SND) is facilitating e-commerce sellers with the ease of growing their business.

Where The Goal Of Zaiba Sarang & Other Leaders Is To Serve

The Founders Team

“As a Co-Founder of iThink Logistics, I am proud to share that all the Founders share a common philosophy – Servant Leadership,” puts Zaiba while also highlighting the fact that the primary purpose of a leader is to serve those who are being led and that the true leaders are the ones who put their followers’ needs first.

Now that this philosophy holds utmost importance, the company is investing wholly in training programs curated specifically for managers and team leads. As the ultimate objectives is to make employees feel supported, valued, and empowered, this philosophy is being instilled at the ground level. Every business decision in iThink is taken keeping in mind ‘Empathy, Zero doubt, Collaboration, and Iteration.’

iThink Has A Different Way Of Doing Things

When Zaiba understood that the E-commerce brands in India need the right support system, tools, and skills to scale their business, she developed a robust framework for product innovation using a customer obsession behaviour. This helped Zaiba and Team iThink to identify the needs of customers and delight them with solutions.  

NDR (Non Delivery Rate) is a word often heard time and again in the e-commerce world. iThink developed the robust NDR system which is helping customers to reduce shipment RTO to as low as 9%, the lowest in the industry. “We have patented this particular feature,” mentions Zaiba with pride.

iThink’s Dashboard is designed as per the customer’s most critical needs. Even a non-tech person can use it with ease. Besides, the company is equipped with Dedicated Customer Success Managers who stay with the client in every stage. Be it Product adoption, Suggesting necessary business process change, Customising tech solutions, or Training & Hand holding, Improving customer NPS & CSAT Score, the Managers stay ahead of time to support the clients and resolve the queries.   

What’s The Ultimate Plan

iThink Logistics Zaiba Sarang

“We envision revolutionising the e-commerce logistics space by connecting with the right partners. Darkstores, Aggregation, and International logistics will help brands create the best customer delivery experience,” asserts Zaiba. 

iThink also looks forward to creating an open logistics network powered by smart technology which would make it possible for e-commerce companies to get their brands across to every customer on Earth.

“I am proud to say that the well-thought out implementation of different initiatives have helped us to carve a successful journey for 100+ e-commerce brands. The brands that were delivering just 5 orders in a day have now scaled to 10,000+ orders in just a few months after availing the services from iThink Logistics, hence helping us record 2x sales growth every year,” smiles Zaiba. 

Jewels In The Crown

Zaiba’s business acumen coupled with the intelligence and servant leadership of other Founders place iThink under the top-notch logistics firms. The company has bagged many awards to its name. 

  • Tech30 Startup in Tech Sparks 2018 by YourStory
  • TiE Global announced AIRSWEEE Global Fellowships in collaboration with the US Embassy in 2019. Zaiba was one of the top 3 women entrepreneurs to get an opportunity to travel to the USA and get mentorship from a startup in San Francisco.
  • Leaders of Tomorrow by Economic Times in 2020
  • 40 Under 40 by Times Group in 2022

Believe You Can And You Will

“She, who is never afraid to share ideas and is confident can climb the ladder of success. She, who takes calculated risks and makes an effort to establish strong, trustworthy relationships along the road can prove herself.” Zaiba believes wholeheartedly. 

As fascinating as it sounds, establishing and proving herself in a male-dominated logistics sector had never been easy for Zaiba. “Only a few women and girls are encouraged to seek careers in science and technology. As conventional as it may seem, society loves to see men in certain sectors, and women in a distinct set of disciplines. I feel that I have challenged that stagnant notion and changed how we need to see women. If I can, many other women can too!” Zaiba signs off.

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