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TalentWeavers: A Perfect Choice To Find The Right Talent In The Industry

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“At TalentWeavers, our success is a result of the mix of our own talent, company culture, and technical sophistication.”

Marlene Rohini Sequeira
(Founder and Director, TalentWeavers) 

Ask any businessperson or entrepreneur and they will tell you that skilled employees are the most important component of an organisation. It is employees who drive the success of any business with their innovative skills and strategies. Catering to the needs of finding the right talent for the organisation, TalentWeavers provides customised and unmatched talent placement solutions. High-tech companies across the world trust TalentWeavers for its high-quality, fast and reliable recruitment solutions

The highly skilled team of TalentWeavers identify and attract the right candidate for the job and help bring on-board Senior Leaders who culturally fit the needs of the organisation and avoid hiring just anyone. With the right mix of talent, passion and innovation, TalentWeavers is standing proudly among India’s top recruitment consulting companies. 

TalentWeavers is a dream of Marlene Rohini Sequeira. The company’s name is a metaphor for a firm that partners with innovative tech organisations and helps them to hire people who weave the fabric of that organisation. 


Marlene Rohini Sequeira is the brain behind TalentWeavers who defines the vision and the roadmap of the company. With an extensive experience of 15 years in the Recruitment, Talent Management and Organisational Development domain, Marlene drives the growth of TalentWeavers. In her career journey, Marlene was associated with many reputed organisations and one of the biggest unicorn startups, Flipkart. Working at startups inspired her to start something of her own. And that’s when leveraging her strengths and experiences as an HR professional, Marlene laid the foundation of TalentWeavers in 2017. 

With the immense support and cheerleading of her brother, Mark Sequeira, Marlene built TalentWeavers. Being the Founder and Director of the company, Marlene ensures the healthy culture of the company and inspires the professional team of TalentWeavers to provide every possible support to the clients.

“My belief system is that we, at TalentWeavers, must match the best talent to the most rewarding careers – and partner with the organisations as they create and evolve,” mentions Marlene, the Founder of the company.


In 2017, India was witnessing the birth of many startups that changed the entire dynamics of the market with their innovative and unique ideas. Inspired by the bold and visionary ideas of these entrepreneurs, Marlene decided to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. And that’s how the idea of TalentWeavers was born. 

TalentWeavers was started with a couple of employees, a few spreadsheets, and a massive amount of determination. Currently, the company has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. In addition to this, the company has also built its own talent management technology platform and expanded into tier 2 city, Mangalore, to tap the tremendous talent pool available there.

Marlene iterates proudly, “We’re one of the organisations which is part of the incubation hub run by the Government of Karnataka at the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Opportunities and Learning (CEOL). The support and encouragement we’re receiving from them are exemplary.”


Integrating exceptional expertise and its own talent management technology platform, the team of TalentWeavers pick the best candidate according to the needs and requirements of the clients. TalentWeavers hires employees who are skilled and also culturally fit for the organisation. The talent management technology platform of the company ensures that a candidate is a perfect fit for the client’s organisation. Marlene adds further, “We use technology to improve candidate management and evaluation, thus reducing the cost of hiring, and reducing the time to hire.” 

TalentWeavers works with the mission to upscale the business of its clients by offering the best Human Resource consulting services. Today, TalentWeavers is a preferred choice in the recruitment industry. The company’s strength lies in its talented and professional team who is moving the company closer to becoming an industry leader. 

“Our employees have a significant learning curve to understand the technical nuances of roles, the constantly morphing market situation, and the candidate psychology, ” says the Founder & Director.


Building the trust and confidence of the clients, TalentWeavers has a wide client base across the globe. The prominent clientele of the company includes some of the most exciting tech organisations based in India, Asia and the US. The company offers its services in different domains such as Commerce, Fintech, Food, Logistics, AI/ML and many more.

The company caters to the recruitment needs of every business, be it early-stage startups, maturing organisations which are in their growth phase or those businesses that are expanding their verticals. TalentWeavers has the perfect recruitment solutions for all.


The outstanding recruitment solutions of TalentWeavers integrated with technological expertise and unmatched support helps the company to stand out from the crowd. The company is planning to expand its wings in the next 5 years. The growth plans of the company are:

  • To grow deeper into the talent acquisition industry by working with a larger set of organisations with a more diverse demand for talent.
  • The company accelerates its Career Counselling services by partnering with Educational Institutions to improve the talent pipeline flowing into entry-level organisations. 
  • TalentWeavers aspires to productise its technology platform.

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