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“By telling stories, we not only carve out success for our clients but also make the public listen.”

Richy D Alexander
(CEO & Founder, Davidson PR & Communications)

Everyone can tell a story but only a good storyteller has the art of disseminating a tale that goes straight to one’s heart. Weaving the craft of compelling narratives, Davidson PR & Communications masters the art of telling stories that are worth listening to. Redefining the industry by imparting storytelling in PR, Davidson PR & Communications is now one of the largest national regional PR firms in India. 

Davidson PR & Communications is an esteemed PR agency that is solely dedicated to offering public relations services to its clients. It provides a complete range of PR services such as Public Relations, Crisis Communication, Political PR and Election Campaigns, Corporate Reputation Management, Image Building, Public Affairs and Advocacy, Content Creation, and Digital Media. 

Richy D Alexander iterates, “What matters the most to me and my agency is the fact that we listen to our clients and we are always there for them. Just like our tagline says, “Positively Possible”, we ensure that this motto is connected to all the activities and practices we do.”

Davidson PR & Communications helps its clients to deliver their dreams to the world effectively and also announce their presence positively to the world loud and clear. 

The Enigmatic Leader

Being the CEO & Founder of Davidson PR & Communications, Richy D Alexander leads the company with his clubbed knowledge of passion and extensive experience of over 15 years in the industry. Along with working as a public relation consultant, Richy has also completed a few stints in Journalism. Along his entire journey from working as a journalist to a PR, Richy understood that the entire PR sector of Kerala was very unorganized. He adds, “I had figured out the potential it holds and the success I could reap from there. So, I decided to start a PR agency that would turn the PR sector in Kerala into an organized one.”

That is how the stellar journey of Davidson PR & Communications began in 2012. What started as a one-man army is now a strong team of enthusiastic and creative professionals who are the biggest asset of the company. Taking pride in his team the CEO of the company says, “We have a group of excellent PR consultants who are the real heroes of the company”.

Telling Your Story To The World

With the firm belief that PR is an art of storytelling, Davidson PR & Communications carves a compelling story for its clients. The highly professional team of the company engages in meaningful and deeper conversations with its clients to understand the basic requirements and needs. After this, the company creates a customized PR plan that suits the needs of the clients in every possible way. 

Along with this, deep-rooted media relations help the company to assist its clients better and stay a step ahead of all of its competitors. “We never behave as an agency with our clients, we function as consultants that are an extended arm of their company,” mentions Richy. 

The Esteemed Clientele

The diverse clientele of Davidson PR & Communications includes reputed names such as Kerala IT Parks, Kerala Blasters FC, Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty, Hyatt Regency Trivandrum, KIMSHEALTH, Tukxi, BuildNext, and O By Tamara. 

To ensure a successful and fruitful client-agency relationship, the company maps the monthly activities for each client religiously, undertakes an internal system for achieving goals, and proactively outreaches to the clients for recommendations and suggestions. They also keep their clients updated to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

The company has served more than 400 clients in the last 10 years from different sectors such as airlines & travel, education, FMCG, agriculture, plantation, hospitality, IT & ITES, sports, oil & gas, and start-ups. 

The Crowning Achievements

In the stellar journey of more than 10 years in the industry, Davidson PR & Communications has received many awards and milestones to its name. Some of the noteworthy achievements are:

  • “IRPRA – 40 Under 40 Award of Excellence” in the category of PSU/Government PR Campaign 2022
  • Exchange 4 Media – “Winner of Top 10 Regional PR Agencies List 2022”
  • IRPRA – 40 Under 40 Certificate of Excellence” in the category of Leading PR Campaigns for Startups 2021
  • Recognised by Silicon India under “10 Most Promising Agencies 2021”
  • “World Marketing Congress Kerala Brand Leadership Award – Best Brand Award 2021”

On A Path To Build Well-Groomed PR Professionals

The mission of Davidson PR & Communications has always been simple and effective, to catapult clients’ brand value by leaps and bounds using its deep-rooted network of media ties across the country. Building its unique identity in the PR industry, the company is looking forward to becoming a preferred PR partner across the world. 

In addition to this, Davidson PR & Communications is planning to open a PR institute, the Davidson Institute of Communications which will aim at offering students who are passionate about PR, a chance to become a part of the PR world. The theoretical and practical curriculum will be framed to ensure that all the angles of PR are covered and that the institute produces well-groomed PR professionals. 

“Our long-term strategic vision is to become storytellers who convey untold stories of brands, become leaders in national regional PR, and finally, extend support to promising Government departments in the country and otherwise,” says Richy D Alexander.

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