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The Real Agenda Of Media Maniacs Is Different From The Rest

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“We focus to garner consistent brand impact by delivering qualitative outreach.”

Surabhi Trivedi (Co-Founder, Media Maniacs)

“We are not in the race of being one of the best PR agencies in India instead our mission is to be the best one to work with,” says Surabhi Trivedi and that’s what places Media Maniacs different from the rest market players in the Public Relations Industry. 

Media Maniacs is a renowned PR & Digital Marketing Agency that provides a full suite of services starting from PR, Digital Marketing, and Influencer Marketing to Web Development, Graphic Designing & Content Marketing services. And what’s the real agenda? Understanding the need of each client, giving the right amount of attention they deserve and disseminating the story of each client using the art of storytelling, followed by ultimately sending it across the right market, falls under the main agenda of Media Maniacs. The company wins it by making the right commitments. “Committing less and delivering more is better than making fake commitments,” says Surabhi.

The Inventor & Her Dream Project

Surabhi Trivedi is an enthusiastic marketing and PR professional with 12+ years of rich experience in the industry. She is a PR & Digital Specialist, focused on e-commerce, Retail & Brand Transformation. Surabhi knew that her intellect and a PR agency would make a perfect match. It was her dream project to incept her own agency from the very beginning, as in Surabhi’s words, “it has always been the most rewarding career in terms of matching my intellect.”  Right since the company’s inception, she is putting her heart and soul into Media Maniacs.

After gaining an overall experience from multiple agencies, Surabhi started a PR agency with a few friends in a partnership. Everything went smoothly in the initial days but as the company progressed, clashes started between partners which eventually led to separation. Surabhi was quite adamant about turning her dream of incepting a renowned PR agency into a reality. On one fine day in 2016, Surabhi incepted Media Maniacs. 

“Since I was already working as an entrepreneur for 3 years, I started pitching clients from scratch. I also worked with a few brands as well as their consultants to gain experience,” says Surabhi. Although it has been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows for her, she kept moving in the right direction and accepted every challenge that came her way. 

The Clientele

Media Maniacs has served clients from all domains. The forte lies in Education, Lifestyle & Startups. Without limiting the company to an already existing extensive portfolio, Surabhi has started focusing on offering PR and Digital Marketing to e-commerce businesses as well. 

“Not only National but we have done multiple projects for the International market as well,”  says Surabhi which speaks a lot about the company’s commitment to reaching sky heights. While emphasising the importance of listening to the client’s requirements, she further adds, “Once you are on the same boat as that of your client, you manage to build a good relationship with them.”

An Agency That Lives By Its Creativity

Media Maniacs Team

Media Maniacs has Google Certified digital marketing experts and experienced PR experts who know how to build stories. “I believe that ideas do not appear from fresh air. There is a science and magic to creating PR & Digital campaigns,” mentions Surabhi. She along with her dedicated team involve in a lot of brainstorming sessions before initiating work on a project. Another important factor that the company considers is ‘Creativity’. The entire team focuses on doing the research before going ahead with any campaign. 

Surabhi is proud of her team. This reflects pretty well when she says, “A Team is the backbone of any brand. One-man army can survive but can’t grow, so Media Maniacs Group is what its team made it. I always try my best to motivate my team to work harder each day.” She makes sure that every team member of the company feels a sense of ownership of the work being done and works together towards an optimistic and realistic goal.

Unlike other top-down-driven companies, Media Maniacs is a company where all team members at all levels are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas on different projects. Letting the team involve in discussions gives them a sense of ownership in the services they deliver, which further encourages them to provide top-notch services and maintain an ever-lasting relationship with the clients.  

Media Maniacs thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative environment with a focus on innovation and creating something new and different every day. 

Aiming High

Flourishing in the PR & Digital Marketing space, Media Maniacs is serving 360-degree clientele from art & culture, beauty, travel, and hospitality to automobile, startups and health & wellness. 

Along with expanding its portfolio, the company is digging deeper into becoming a reliable and trustworthy agency in all the sectors it is serving. “We envision delivering beyond commitment. Our ultimate focus lies in garnering a consistent brand impact by delivering qualitative outreach. We are Media Maniacs, driven by passion, enchanted by the idea,” Surabhi signs off. 

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