These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs’ Productivity

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Every entrepreneur wants to be successful and that can only happen when you juggle many tasks without ever dropping the ball. Well, it may sound fascinating but is frustrating at times. Managing a growing business is a tedious job but don’t worry. To every problem, there is a solution. There are tons of applications that can make your life easier. 

From work management and financial management to payroll management, each app has its benefits. Let’s quickly take a look at apps that can enhance your productivity. 

  • Manage Projects With Trello

Manage Projects With Trello | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

Managing different projects at the same time can be too tiring at times but Trello solves this problem. Trusted by millions around the globe, Trello is a web-based tool that uses a system of boards, lists, and cards to help you manage projects. 

What’s the best part? You can collaborate with other team members as it allows you to share boards and cards with others. Its interface is so user-friendly that you don’t require any technical expertise to use this app. 

Trello has four pricing plans. You can try the free version and then switch to premium options as per your needs. 

  • Attend and Host Events With Zoom

Attend and Host Events With Zoom | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

People no longer prefer to do face-to-face meetings. Doing virtual meetings and conferences is the new normal. Zoom is an easy-to-use and user-friendly app that allows you to host and attend virtual meetings and other online events. Its screen sharing, recording, breakout rooms, chat options and virtual backgrounds make it the perfect choice. 

What’s the best part? You can host conferences with up to 1,000 participants in one go, depending on the plan you choose. You can also record the meeting which can be helpful for those who couldn’t attend the event. 

Zoom offers basic, pro, business and enterprise plans. You can sign up for free allowing you 100 attendees per meeting. To enjoy more features and functionality, you can choose the paid options. 

  • Grow Business With LinkedIn

Grow Business With LinkedIn | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

As per recent statistics, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking app, with over 610 million users in over 200 countries and territories. You can use LinkedIn for multiple purposes. It becomes very convenient for you to connect with people, which means better opportunities for business deals. You can also use this platform to increase and develop brand awareness by connecting with the customer base. 

What’s the Best Part? LinkedIn helps you to stay updated with related industry trends and important happenings in the business world. 

The app offers free and premium options. While a free account comes with many features, a premium account has many advanced features, including a Sales Navigator that helps you generate leads and build clientele. 

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  • Manage Attendance & Payroll Management with Pagarbook

Manage Attendance & Payroll Management with Pagarbook | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

If you are tired of managing your employee’s attendance and tracking their salaries, advances and incentives, it’s time to switch to Pagarbook. From managing your staff attendance to recording salary payments, business expenses, cash-in and cash-out, Pagarbook can do it for you. 

What’s the best part? You can keep your staff updated by sending notifications for attendance, late fines, and payments. You can also record deductions and generate payslips for your staff members. 

You can access the premium features of this app by buying a premium subscription. You can also access it on your desktop using its web app. 

  • Note-Making With Evernote

Note-Making With Evernote | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

Known as one of the best note-taking apps, Evernote allows you to capture and organise information in various formats like images, text, and audio recordings. If you want to stay productive, informed, and organised, Evernote can be a perfect option. 

What’s the best part? The app automatically syncs notes across all devices, allowing editing and accessing notes from anywhere. So, it’s a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to keep track of a large amount of information. 

It’s available free but with limited options. For advanced features, it offers a personal premium plan, professional premium plan and teams plan. You can choose as per your needs and requirements. 

  • Store Your Files With Dropbox

Store Your Files With Dropbox | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

Used by many around the world, Dropbox is a popular cloud-based file storage and sharing service that allows you to upload and save files. You can access the file from any device with an internet connection making it convenient if you work remotely or travel frequently. 

What’s the best part? As the application uses industry-standard security measures, your data stays protected. It is integrated with many other applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Slack. 

Dropbox offers standard plans for growing teams, advanced plans for all teams and enterprise plans for complex teams. 

  • Protect Your Passwords With 1Password

Protect Your Passwords With 1Password | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

If you want to store and manage your login credentials securely, you should consider using 1Password. Using this app, you can access your passwords anywhere on any device. It’s so much more than a password manager. It can safely secure your medical records, SSH keys, sensitive documents and many other secrets. 

What’s the best part? It automatically fills your login credentials on mobile apps and websites, thus saving time. It ensures an extra layer of security due to two-factor authentication. 

It offers four different plans- Individual, Families, Teams Starter Pack, and Business plans. Although, you can try it for free for 14 days.

  • Manage Your Finances With FreshBooks

Manage Your Finances With FreshBooks | These Apps Can Enhance Entrepreneurs' Productivity

If you find it hard to manage your finances and check your payment status, here’s an accounting software for you. It is a cloud-based platform that lets you manage your payments, estimates, expenses, receipts, invoicing and more.

What’s the best part? FreshBooks keeps a track of payments collected, expense reports, time entry details, accounts aging reports and sales tax summaries. 

FreshBooks offers four different pricing options: ‘Lite’ for professionals with basic needs, ‘Plus’ for owners looking for more automation and insights, ‘Premium’ for growing businesses that want to empower employees and ‘Select’ for businesses with more complex needs.

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