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Suman Chhethnani: Empowering Global Trade

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Modern Solutions for International Procurement Success

“Focused on importers’ needs, we excel in sourcing products at scale from India, particularly emphasizing the home and lifestyle categories.”

Suman Chhethnani (Founder and CEO,
Azoonis International LLP)

Azoonis, a leading sourcing company specialising in home décor and lifestyle products from India, in just five years of its inception, is serving clients from various countries including the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, Australia, and more. How? Suman Chhethnani comes into the picture here, who is leading Azoonis with all her grit and determination. 

An ambitious and result-oriented professional, Suman began her career as a strategic business consultant where she dedicated herself to assisting entrepreneurs in achieving growth and success. Over time, she developed a deep understanding of how a business works and discovered the pivotal role procurement plays in shaping successful business models. Recognizing the need for organizations to continuously integrate global and local intelligence to control their procurement processes, Suman was inspired to found Azoonis. 

“As I witnessed India’s growing popularity among global buyers, I also recognized the numerous sourcing challenges that often go unnoticed. Motivated to address these hurdles, Azoonis was born. Our focus is clear: to provide specialized procurement services and modern sourcing solutions that empower importers to navigate and overcome sourcing challenges, ultimately expanding their procurement from India,” shares Suman. She adds, “With a dedicated team, we are committed to minimizing overheads and operational risks for businesses, paving the way for their journey to global success.”

How Azoonis Overcame All The Challenges

Triumph is born from the crucible of challenges in the business world. Bearing testimony to this statement is Suman who faced the challenges head-on and conquered them all. She saw the potential of India for global buyers but had to deal with many obstacles like navigating the Indian manufacturing landscape, building trust with local manufacturers and global buyers, and making sure products were of high quality and delivered on time in a competitive market. 

To tackle these hurdles, Azoonis focused on providing specialised procurement services. The team at Azoonis used their deep knowledge of the market, built strong relationships with manufacturers using modern solutions, and made sure everything met high-quality international standards. Azoonis worked hard on strategic sourcing and building good relationships with suppliers to help clients reduce risks and costs.

Suman and her team travelled a lot, went to global trade fairs, and engaged with industry peers which enabled them to stay ahead of market trends. In her words, Suman asserts, “This way, we could offer the latest and best solutions to our clients. It wasn’t easy at first, but we kept going, always putting our customers first and aiming for excellence.”

Azoonis: One-Stop Solution for “Sourcing at scale” from India

Established in 2019, Azoonis is a leading sourcing service provider based in India that specialises in home and lifestyle products. The company streamlines the procurement process for businesses by offering services that cover finding reliable suppliers and finalizing orders, ensuring quality control, and timely delivery.

Azoonis stands out from the rest industry players in the market as it possesses a comprehensive understanding of market trends. The team’s extensive product knowledge and strong relationships with manufacturers across India allow Azoonis to offer competitive pricing, quality assurance, and timely delivery. 

Azoonis has built itself in providing top-notch services like client needs assessment, product sourcing, supplier identification & evaluation, factory audit, samples or new product development, negotiation & contract management, product monitoring, quality control & inspections, packing & labelling, documentation & certifications, and shipping and logistics management.

Azoonis is on a mission to make global sourcing easy for businesses worldwide. It aims to be the most preferred link connecting global buyers with India’s diverse manufacturing capabilities while offering sourcing opportunities that balance quality and affordability. Since day one of the company’s inception, Team Azoonis upholds the values of transparency, integrity, innovation, accountability, and pro-active communication, which helps them position the company at the top in this highly competitive procurement outsourcing market.”

Suman’s Visionary Leadership 

Suman Chhethnani Founder and CEO, Azoonis International LLP

Suman leads Azoonis with a clear vision and goals for the company. She builds a culture of trust, self-determination, and accountability for all her team members to encourage them to keep learning and getting better, both in their personal and professional lives.

Suman is a people person who believes in communicating with her team openly. Upholding high ethical standards, she, as the Founder and CEO of Azoonis, ensures integrity in all business dealings to build trust with customers and maintain the company’s reputation.

The motto “Action speaks louder than words, and results speak even louder than action,” serves as a constant source of inspiration for Suman. What really matters at the end is the actual results you are bringing to the table. It’s all about making a real impact.

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