This ONE Copywriting Secret Will Drastically Improve Your Conversions

This ONE Copywriting Secret Will Drastically Improve Your Conversions


There is an art and a science to copywriting, there’s no doubt about it. When any writer starts out, they try to consume as much information as possible and practise their wordsmithery with all manner of artistic flare. However, until you learn this one copywriting secret, you’ll never actualise your true potential.

Want to know what it’s all about? Read on and we’ll reveal all…

What is the ONE copywriting secret you’ll wish you knew sooner?

Change your approach from “Me, me, me” to “You, you, you.”

You could be the most gifted writer in the world, but unless you know how to present your message properly, you’ll lose a lot of potential business.

It is easy: Change your message from “Me, me, me” and start saying “You, you, you,” instead.

Put it this way…You visit a website and all of the copy reads like this: “We are the best. We do this. We do that. We can help with this. WE, WE, WE.”

Yes, a business being able to provide you with sustainable engineering solutions is impressive and all, but if it isn’t put into a context that you can relate to, well, you’re not going to be all that excited or engaged by it… are you?

However, imagine the copy reads a little something like this instead: “You have this problem. We understand how frustrating it is. You want this outcome. You need this support. We have the solution.”

Yes, there’s going to be an element of “We/Me” in there, however, the primary focus of the message is on “YOU” – and that’s what matters.

Why does the “You, you, you” message work so well?

People are inherently selfish. We love hearing our name in other people’s mouths and we love talking about ourselves.

It’s simple psychology.

If you go to a party to meet new people and you want to make a good first impression, you should only talk about yourself when asked a question. Otherwise, be the one asking all the questions. If you address people by their name and get them talking about themselves all night and appear to be genuinely interested in what they have to say, they’re going to remember you – and they’re going to like you.

Of course, if you spend the whole night hogging the limelight, talking only about yourself, and waiting for someone to finish speaking only to turn the conversation back towards you, they’re not going to be all that impressed.

This principle translates into copywriting beautifully.

You have to turn the message around and make your copy all about the customer.

Remember. You want them to spend their money with you – so it is all about them.


There are many copywriting tips and tricks for you to pick up as you progress as a writer, but this one secret will truly transform the way you work and you will notice a huge boost in your conversions if you put it into practice.

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