Top Ways to Improve Air Quality in Cities

Top Ways to Improve Air Quality in Cities


Air pollution is a primary environmental concern that is troubling people and governments all over the world. So, the question is- How to control air pollution?

You need to realize that air pollution is an environmental concern that is affecting the lives of everybody. Air pollution is severely impacting the respiratory functioning of people leading to respiratory disorders. Efforts need to be taken to reduce the impact of air pollution.

Everybody wants to live in the fresh air, but you must take various steps to ensure the air remains clean and free from pathogens and multiple kinds of fuel emissions. Find out about healthiest US cities 2022

Listed below are ways people can contribute to reducing air pollution.

Using public transport

If you use public transport such as buses, subways or metros, you are in a way reducing congestion on the road and thereby contributing towards lesser air pollution.

Travelling by public transport will also reduce your monthly expenses because oftentimes there are student and employee discounts available. To minimize paper waste, many cities are also providing the option of e-tickets on their respective apps.

Prefer cycling and walking

You must know that cycling and walking not only produce nil emissions but are also good for your health. By walking, you are working out.

Do you have a cycle? If not, you can always rent one. Various rental platforms can help you procure one at a minimum rent, allowing you to save and simultaneously helping you work out while travelling for work.

Use electric vehicles

Do you love driving your vehicle? Many people love to drive their vehicles, so you should invest in an electric car. All the best brands have an option for electric vehicles in the market. Electric cars are not only cost-effective, but their maintenance fees are also low. A petrol or diesel car is more costly when you compare it with a low-cost electric car. There are a lot of other benefits of using an electric vehicle because it is convenient in terms of home charging and has zero emissions. There are even certain vehicles that come with multiple options. You can use it as a petrol or diesel car along with an electrical motor to enjoy the benefits of both and switch as per your convenience. Even hybrid vehicles are known to consume less amount of fuel, and the emissions that they produce are also relatively low if you compare them with a regular car.

Take part in gardening initiatives

People in urban areas take part in gardening in a variety of forms, which includes rooftop gardens in backyards and also gardening in local farms. Working together as a community is important here to ensure you enjoy the benefits of community gardening. This has other benefits like food security, positive social interactions, best use of spaces and better access to healthy and fresh food.

Moreover, it also reduces carbon emissions because of planting trees. It also lessens the strain on the environment because the food does not have to travel as you are producing the food wherever you are. 

Better air means a better life! 

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