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“Aim of GirOrganic is to prepare food using ancient traditional methods. We are true to tradition.”

Nitin Ahir (Co-Founder, GirOrganic)

Growing up, we have shared an intricate connection with dairy products, especially with ghee and milk. Watching elders lathering up chappatis in pure ghee used to be a daily affair. Today, however, real concerns are raised about how milk, ghee, and other essential dairy products are produced. There is a well-renowned brand named GirOrganic that began its journey in 2019 with the primary aim of preserving the Gir breed of cows and providing their products to society. Today, GirOrganic is serving 100% organic products to thousands of families in Gujarat and across India. 

GirOrganic is a dairy farm in Gujarat spread across 400 acres of organic certified land. Providing a natural habitat and ecosystem for the cattle, crops, and natural products, GirOrganic farm has over 350+ Gir cows. The fodder for the Gir cows is made using a blend of 10 different varieties of plants that are grown on the farm itself. 

GirOrganic is a family-run business promoted by Nitin Ahir, in collaboration with his uncles and elder brother. Nitin developed a keen interest in farming and cattle rearing at a very young age spending a lot of time with his grandfather who owned huge farmlands. With a B-Tech in dairy technology, Nitin took a plunge into this field and established GirOrganic. Nitin Ahir sets the strategic direction of the company. He is responsible for decision-making and creating strategic business plans for GirOrganic. 


GirOrganic spreads happiness, the organic way. It believes in conserving mother nature through natural practices. Cattle are nourished with love and the first right on the cow milk is given to its calf. Some of the distinctive qualities that set GirOrganic apart from similar players in the market are: 

  • Hormone Free Gir Cows

Cows at GirOrganic are fed with home-grown organic fodder. They aren’t injected with any antibiotics or hormones. 

  • Fresh and Untouched Pure Milk

GirOrganic milk is 100% pure and untouched. To ensure that, the company has imported DeLaval Milking machine from Sweden. After the automated milking process, the milk is collected in the collection center. It is then chilled to 4 degrees centigrade immediately.   

  • Organic Fodder For Cows

Following age-old practices of farming, the company grows its own fodder for cattle. In the daytime, they are allowed to roam freely under the Sun to ensure that milk comes from healthy and stress-free cows. 


GirOrganic delivers certified organic products to the kitchen for the holistic wellbeing of all. It brings pure & organic A2 products directly from the farm to the home. Some of its products are:

  • A2 Pure Ghee

Ghee is Ayurveda’s most treasured food. GirOrganic understands the nutritional benefits of Ghee and thus provides Ghee in its purest form. GirOrganic’s A2 Pure Ghee is obtained from a special species of cow, Gir cows. When compared to other breeds of cows, Gir cows produce more and superior quality of milk, which eventually yields the best Gir cow A2 ghee. GirOrganic uses the Vedic Bilona Method to prepare the ghee. Since the times of Krishna, Bilona is the most natural process of extracting ghee in its purest form. Bilona is a hand-operated method to process ghee with thyme. 

  • A2 Gir Cow Milk

A glass of GirOrganic’s A2 Gir Cow Milk contains 9 essential vitamins and minerals and is no less than an energy drink as it instantly increases the metabolic rate and provides energy, that helps beat morning fatigue, and makes anyone feel fresh and healthy

  • Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Groundnut oil is not just an excellent source of Vitamin E but also helps in improving heart health, and maintaining the ideal blood sugar level. GirOrganic believes in practicing organic and traditional methods such as Kachi Ghani/Kolhu/Chekku to produce the finest quality oils. The groundnut seeds are crushed with a wooden axis and then grounded at a low temperature to retain their nutrients and health benefits. Cold Pressed Groundnut oil is rich in nutrients as it is free from chemicals and obtained through traditional methods and is comparatively healthier than refined groundnut oil. 


GirOrganic follows the “Farm to Tray” principle. It has created a natural ecosystem for the cattle and crops at the farms that allow the production of various products in their organic form. Its core values and beliefs are:

  • Self Sustenance 

Sustaining on its own through its valuable assets like land, cattle, and complete cycle. 

  • Respect For Nature

Keeping nature as first priority by producing non-GMO, chemicals & pesticides free products.

  • Care and Health

Check up of cattle by veterinarians and crops by agriculture experts periodically. 

  • 100% Natural

Preparation of each product from naturally gifted sources. 

  • Scientific & Traditional

Implementing modern techniques with traditional principles. 


The mission of the company is to build health-enriching organic products and maintain the schemes of nature. The company strives to gift better health to all the citizens.

The vision is to contribute in making a healthy and disease-free India. The company wants to spread happiness in an organic way by excelling in providing organic products. It aspires to become a global leader in creating a healthy environment, society, and economics the natural way.

GirOrganic is a Certified Organic Farm-to-Kitchen products company. It is providing one of the finest and purest organic dairy products in India and is on its way to becoming one of the most trusted and leading brands.

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