Vandana Luthra,The Woman Behind VLCC

Vandana Luthra: The Woman Behind VLCC

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“What I have learnt is that a brand should reflect the core values that the organization stands for and that it takes years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to building a brand. Even then, it just takes one wrong action or misjudgment to cast a cloud on a brand that has been assiduously built over a period of time.”  –  Vandana Luthra (Founder, VLCC)

Various women out here have to face many restrictions before and after marriage because of our judgmental society. But we cannot blame everyone in the society as we are witnessing a gradual change in mindsets. One of such strong and independent women who created a ripple in the world of cosmetics and beauty is a woman entrepreneur whose journey from a young mother to an entrepreneur inspires many. Her name is Vandana Luthra, she is not only a great mother and a wife but also one of the best women entrepreneurs in India. Vandana Luthra has now become a well-known name and is one of the most successful and celebrated Indian entrepreneurs. She holds the position of the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd and also the chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill and Council (B&WSSC). Vandana was initially appointed as the chairperson of this sector in the year 2014. This position undergoes an undertaking of the government of India which provides skills training for the beauty industry. Vandana Luthra founded the company called VLCC as a Wellness center in 1989. Vandana had initially started the company in Safdarjung Development Area New Delhi. VLCC in the current times has become popular not only nationally but globally as well. The company now is offering a plethora of services like slimming, beauty & grooming, laser, hair transplant, and a lot of other trending ones. Vandana has made VLCC reach new heights as it is currently one of the leading Beauty and wellness service brands in India. Vandana Luthra was placed at rank #26 in the Forbes Asia list 2016 of 50 most powerful Businesswomen which was a huge achievement for her. VLCC is one of the biggest beauty and wellness conglomerates in the country. It has its services and operations up and running in 326 locations spread across 153 cities in 13 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC region, and East Africa. VLCC has more than 5000 employees including medical professionals, nutrition counselors, physiotherapists, beauty professionals, and cosmetologists as well. VLCC has set up its manufacturing plants in Haridwar India and also in Singapore in recent years. The company is a mass producer and also sells skincare, body care product, and hair care products. The products launched by Vandana’s brand are also marketed by 100,000 outlets in India and more than 10,000 outlets across the Middle East and Africa. 

Other than this, VLCC is also offering a vocational training course for people interested, it goes by the name, VLCC Institute of Beauty & nutrition. Presently the institute has transformed into one of the renovated vocational education academies in the beauty and nutrition training segment. Talking about the founder, Vandana was elected as chairperson at BWSSC. The organization has a goal to teach the skills to those women who are struggling to become financially independent. BWSSC has opened up various skill centers, so those women who are interested to learn beauty skills, can check out their website and avail the facility. Vandana once said that her journey has taught her a number of lessons that have transformed her life in many ways. One of the most significant things she has learned is to have strong core values for the organization and to stand by it at all times. After all, we all are aware that it takes years of hard work, dedication, and commitment in order to build a brand, and hence, Vandana believes that it is important to keep going and not to look back or quit even after facing a lot of hardships.


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Since childhood, Vandana used to strongly believe in impacting people’s lives and creating a positive change, she reflected this in her actions as she used to tag along with her father in his work trips to Germany, and what she realized was that the health and wellness industry in Germany was doing amazingly well, however, it was still an untouched subject in India. Her fascination and interest led her to pursue Polytechnic for women. Vandana possessed a  vision to start an outlet for health and wellness in India. Vandana ended her advanced studies in cosmetology and nutrition in Germany and then with her experience and knowledge she set up the first VLCC Centre in Safdarjung Enclave in New Delhi in the year 1989. The one aspect that has made VLCC as big of a name as it is today is all due to the sheer dedication and hard work of this one woman behind the brand, Vandana Luthra who started her business back in the 1980s when one could hardly find any women entrepreneurs. Vandana once mentioned that her approach towards her company was always scientific, she worked with many doctors from the first day and did not want VLCC to be all about glamour rather she wanted everything to be clinically proven and to be genuinely effective for people. One of the greatest challenges she faced was from society as people were highly skeptical of women entrepreneurs at that time and she faced a lot of criticism. However, Vandana had immense belief in herself and believed that her concept was unique and innovative and was being introduced in India for the first time so its freshness would be an advantage.

Vandana’s story is a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs out there who are judged and doubted by the people around, her story fills us with hope and the positivity to work towards a better future and to never look back!



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